How to Auto Sync ShipRocket with Magento

ShipRocket is a service specifically designed for customers that are running their shopping cart on another platform and want to use features bundled with ShipRocket such as automatic AWB assignment, integration with multiple courier partners, service delivery to a wide range of pin codes, COD aggregation and automatic tracking.

We also offer features such as eBay and Amazon sync, manual order import and single order entry.  Using the bulk order import system, you can also import your order exports from several marketplaces such as Tradus, Snapdeal, Flipkart, ShopClues, etc. We can help you ship your orders from ShipRocket no matter where you receive them !


This guide is more to help you with understanding how to synch your Magento shop with ShipRocket.

1. You need to first sign up with ShipRocket by filling out the contact form at http://www.shiprocket.in/shiprocket (at the bottom of the page).
2. Once you have an active ShipRocket account, visit the Settings > Web API section of your ShipRocket Panel.
3. You can either retain the existing key, or enter a new key for allowing third-party access to your ShipRocket account.

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4. Copy your Web API Key safely, you will need it later when you enable the Magento extension.

5. Download ShipRocket Connect Extension for Magento (from here)

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6. Once you download the extension, you need to upload the extension files to your Magento installation folder and follow the standard procedure for installing an extension on Magento.

7. Once you’re done, please enter the Web API Key and your Store SUB DOMAIN (i.e. merchantname.shiprocket.in) into the extension so the extension can link up with your Magento store.


Watch a detailed video to understand how the process works and to also watch a demo for ShipRocket and Magento integration.

Saahil Goel

CEO and Co-Founder, shiprocket.in


  1. Puneet DhimanPuneet Dhiman Reply

    magento or gomagento?

    • Saahil Goel Reply

      Hi Puneet,
      This is only for Magento (hosted) and not gomagento.. But we’re working on that 😉

  2. Suraj Nair Reply

    Any Plugin for woocommerce yet?

  3. Saif Ali Z Khan Reply

    what about woocommerce ?

  4. nishithgupta Reply

    Hi Sahil,

    I have a Magento store and I need shipping and logistic services that you are offering.

    I got a list of key features that I need. Please verify if you have them in Shiprocket.

    1. Multi-Pick Up Facility

    2. Multiple Courier Companies

    3. Print Shipping Label

    4. No Minimum Shipping Commitment

    5. Automatic & Smart AWB Management

    6. One Click Pick-Up Generation

    7. Single Tracking Interface for all Couriers

    8. Easy Accounts & Billing Management

    9. COD Aggregation

    • KartRocket Reply

      Hi Nishith,

      Thank you for showing interest in Shiprocket. Though we have answered all your queries below, I would suggest you to visit quick demo video for shiprocket here (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s-EO1vHrY-8). Hope it will be helpful.

      1. Multi-Pick Up Facility:
      Comments: We are hating to begin with a No! Unfortunately, we are no providing multi-pick up facility right now. To use Shiprocket, there has to be single pick-up location.

      2. Multiple Courier Companies:
      Comments: Yes, Shiprocket comes pre-integrated with courier companies like Fedex, Aramex, FirstFlight, Ecom Express, GoJavas etc.

      3. Print Shipping Label
      Comments: You can easily print your Shipping labels with your own brand name on it, with just 1 click.

      4. No Minimum Shipping Commitment
      Comments: Absolutely no minimum commitment. You ship 1 order a month or 100 orders a month, you will enjoy the same negotiated shipping rates.

      5. Automatic & Smart AWB Management
      Comments: Assigning an AWB number is an automated process. Decide the courier company you want to ship with and let Shiprocket assign you the AWB number ‘automatically’.

      6. One Click Pick-Up Generation
      Comments: Once you have assigned an AWB number to your shiprocket, scheduling a pick-up is a click away.

      7. Single Tracking Interface for all Couriers. This tracking mechanism should be available for the users on the merchant site.
      Comments: The tracking status of all your orders will be shown on your shiprocket order screen. You do not need to visit various courier

      8. Easy Accounts & Billing Management
      Comments: Shiprocket has an easy and transparent billing system. Merchants receive a detailed bill at the month end.

      9. COD Aggregation
      Comments: All your COD payments are remitted to you once or twice a month based on the remittance cycle of the courier company.

      If you have any more queries, please feel free to call our Shiprocket executive on 011-30018133.

      • nishithgupta Reply

        Hi Sahil,

        Thanks a lot for explaining everything so beautifully. More questions follow

        1) In the video there was an option which checked in advance if the COD is available at the PIN code fed into the form. Is it available for other Ecomm platforms like Magento?

        2) About tracking interface. I understood your point that we need not to visit various courier site because the option is available in the Shiprocket panel.

        3) What is your provision for Return and Exchange? How these two things are facilitated when the payment is made either by COD or Creditcard/Netbank/DebitCard?

        You see on myntra.com or jabong.com there is a small section on their pages where customer puts the tracking code and he/she gets to know about it by hitting submit.

        Is this option available to be configured for customers so that they can do it on my site rather than going to courier service website?

        Nishith G.

  5. dixonkc91 Reply

    Hi Sahil,

    Please share latest Shiprocket magento extension link. I have searched for this, but didn’t find anywhere.

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