How Does Shiprocket Work?

Shiprocket as everyone presumes is not just a post order fulfillment management system, it comes into action even before the customer checks out and supports till the order finally gets delivered. Follow our sequence of events that would help understand the functionality and the services of Shiprocket.

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Shiprocket for COD orders:

Location based COD: At the time of placing a COD order when the customer puts her delivery pincode, Shiprocket runs a check through its 12000 pre-paid and over 6500 COD pincodes to check whether the same is serviceable via any courier company or not. It accordingly hides or revels the COD as payment option. In case, the selected pincode is not serviceable for COD orders by any of eight empanelled courier companies, only pre-paid payment options are allowed to be selected by the client.

Verification of COD order: When a customer places a COD order, a verification code is generated and sent as an SMS to the mobile number provided by the customer for verifying her mobile number. This functionality largely helps segregating the unwanted or fake COD orders the store gets- Do not worry even if the COD verification fails due to any reason the order does not get cancelled or lost- it come to your order panel with a pending verification status.

Shiprocket for processing COD/Prepaid orders:

Choosing shipping company: This were the real magic starts. When you get the order in your order panel you simply need to click on the order, mark it shipped. The system automatically spits out the weight of the shipment- and if volumetric weight is applicable give the volumetric weight and accordingly suggest the cheapest courier company providing shipping services COD or non- COD to that location. If one wishes, they can also manually overwrite in the shiprocket system and select other option courier company or also manually enter the carriers name and the Air Way Bill number if any.

Generating AWB number: Once a courier company is selected, Shiprocket automatically generates the AWB number and show it on the screen. At the same time the AWB number gets allocated to the respective order, gets populated as barcode on the Shipping label and the invoice. The merchant can then take a print bulk or one at a time- stick the shipping label on the box and insert the invoice inside the box.

Scheduling Pick up: Ensuring the pick up by the selected courier company happens the same day, we have built a unique functionality of automatic pick up generation in Shiprocket for Fedex, First Fligh, Bluedart, Quantium & Aramex by which on a click of a button the information about the order, location of pick up, value of the order, weight and size of the shipment goes to the courier provide and intimates them to come for a pick up.

Getting Shipping Manifest: Manifest- it is the last and important step of shipping your orders, when the pick up executive from the courier company comes to your warehouse to pick up the order, you can generate a copy of the shipping manifest which contains all the details including the order numbers, AWB numbers, product details etc- which then you can get it signed from the executive who has come to collect the orders. This is your physical proof of shipment handover to the courier company.

Order Status: Post the hand over to the courier company the order statuses automatically change from “Ready to ship” to “Shipped” to finally “Delivered” in your Kartrocket or Shiprocket panel. At every status update a system generated SMS and Email is sent to customer- keeping ordering experience WOW for the end customer and giving that professional sense to the customer.

Shiprocket Salient Features:

  1. Start shipping the day you go live.
  2. No minimum slab on the number of shipments.
  3. Invoice and Shipping formats as per the courier company and government agencies standard.
  4. Integrated with over 8 domestic courier companies, several local and ecommerce specific logistics partners soon to get empanelled.
  5. Also manage your Ebay and Amazon order.
  6. Certified logistics serve by Amazon India.
  7. Integrated with Fedex and DHL international to support your international orders.
  8. Largest network -Serving over 12000 pre-paid and over 6500 COD pincodes.
  9. Ship your COD orders too, we will collect your COD and reimburse the same to you.
  10. International Ready: IP based pricing, Fixed or dynamic currency conversions.
  11. Transactional SMS and email integrated.
  12. One panel to view all order statuses by the customer.
  13. Bulk Order export.
  14. All the shipping history remains saved on your panel for future reference.

Interested? Visit Shiprocket page here.

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Amazon Sellers: Frequently Asked Questions for KartRocket

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS for Amazon Sellers on KartRocket

Q. How shipment works for Amazon orders.


A. We provide online panel to Amazon seller to manage their shipment which is fully automated. Which means the merchant does not need to go to the courier companies panel to get the AWB number or to get the tracking details, all the process like the AWB number allocation, Printing of the Shipping Label, tracking of the order and the pick-up notification happen on the panel (only FedEx and Aramex pick-up is automated).

Over and above this Amazon sellers on a click of a button Import all orders from their Amazon panel to their ShipRocket platform and from there process shipping of the orders, also once the orders a processed they shipping information can be sent to the Amazon panel in a bulk Fashion.


Q. How does automatic shipping work?

A. ShipRocket is one of its kind shipping platform which offers features, services and competitive pricing to all. The system is envisioned to be as automatic and as easy to use as possible. Following are some key features:

It’s Smart:

When you receive an order the system provides you with several shipping options based on the pincode serviceability of the courier companies. And then simply from the list select the courier company that is either the cheapest or most trustworthy..or may be both.

It Automatic:

We provide an online shipping platform to merchant to manage their shipmentsin a fully automated fashion. Which means the merchant does not need to go to the courier companies panel to get the AWB number or to get the tracking details, all the process like the AWB number allocation, Printing of the Shipping Label, tracking of the order and the pick-up notification happen on the panel (only FedEx and Aramex pick-up is automated).

Especially for Amazon:

Over and above the automated shipping, Amazon sellers on a click of a button can Import all their orders from their Amazon panel to their ShipRocket platform and from there process shipping of the orders, also once the orders a processed they shipping information can be sent to the Amazon panel in a bulk Fashion.

Lower Rates

Shiprocket offers its merchants the best rates in the market form the best courier companies and logistics providers in the country and International. No more worries of huge shipping costs and minimum billing.


Maximum Reach
Shiprocket with it conglomerate of impanelled courier providers offer more than 12000 pre-paid and over 6500 COD pincodes all across the country, which is more than most of the best know ecommerce companies in the country.


Seamless Integration
Since we have API based real-time integration with all courier companies on our panel, you will be able to see a list of couriers that provide service to an order. Pick one, and a Way Bill number is generated automatically. A shipping label is also generated on the fly. Then you select the orders you want to dispatch, and generate a pick-up.It’s really that simple.


Payments and COD
We also collect and reconcile Cash On Delivery on your behalf and remit the same in fixed batches.

Q. Do we provide multi-point pickup?
A. Currently this feature is not available in our platform, but it is on the roadmap and will be available very soon.


Q. Who will do the packaging?

A. Its merchant responsibility to pack his article after assigning order.


Q. What about the pickup?

A. There is a button “Generate pickup” to assign pickup. So, after assigning order,merchant need to click on generate pickup and he will get the confirmation message with token no. and pickup boy will come at merchant registered address for pick up. The process may vary from provider to provider.


Q. Can merchant ship there orders other then Amazon.

A. We have a product “Shiprocket” through which you can ship all your orders including Amazon, e-bay, etc…To get the shiprocket plan click on www.shiprocket.co / Download proposal here.


Q. How is customer notified?

A. Systems comes inbuilt with SMS and Transactional Email, which are sent to the customer at different important intervals during the delivery process.


Q. What are the point merchants should keep in mind while processing order.

A. Following are the points merchants should take care off.

  • Cut off time to generate pickup is before 15:00hr Mon-Sat. No pickup is generatedon Sunday.
  • Always take signature and Mobile no. of pickup boy on manifest for record.
  • Update shipping information on Amazon panel after assigning order.



Q.What are the process to ship Amazon order.

A. Following are the step by step process to assign your order for pick-up and delivery.(Click on the link to download files)

Step1. Import order from Amazon (Click here to download PPT ) (Click Here to watch Video)

Step2. Process order for shipment (Click here to download PPT) (Click Here to watch Video)

Step3. Generate Pickup (Click here to download PPT) (Click Here to watch Video )

Step4. Print Shipping Label, Invoice & Manifest. (Click Here to Watch Video )

Step4. Update shipping info on Amazon(Click here to download PPT).( Click Here to watch Video )




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How to Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID for Listing on KartRocket

Follow the mentioned steps to Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID

Amazon India Logo How to Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID for Listing on KartRocket % category

Video Demonstration

Step by Step Instructions to obtain Amazon India merchant ID

  1. Login developer.amazonservices.in with your Amazon credentials

  2. Click on “Sign up for MWS”

  3. Select third option as “I want to give a developer access to my Amazon seller account with MWS.” and fill up following details.

  • Developer’s Name : Kartrocket

  • Developer Account Number : 1469-7463-9584

    3.  Click on “Next”

    4.  Accept the “Terms & conditions” and click on “Next”

    5.  Copy the “MERCHANT ID” and paste it back in the sign up form.

Let us know if our article Obtain Amazon India Merchant ID was helpful or not.

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How to Auto Sync ShipRocket with Magento

ShipRocket is a service specifically designed for customers that are running their shopping cart on another platform and want to use features bundled with ShipRocket such as automatic AWB assignment, integration with multiple courier partners, service delivery to a wide range of pin codes, COD aggregation and automatic tracking.

We also offer features such as eBay and Amazon sync, manual order import and single order entry.  Using the bulk order import system, you can also import your order exports from several marketplaces such as Tradus, Snapdeal, Flipkart, ShopClues, etc. We can help you ship your orders from ShipRocket no matter where you receive them !


This guide is more to help you with understanding how to synch your Magento shop with ShipRocket.

1. You need to first sign up with ShipRocket by filling out the contact form at http://www.shiprocket.in/shiprocket (at the bottom of the page).
2. Once you have an active ShipRocket account, visit the Settings > Web API section of your ShipRocket Panel.
3. You can either retain the existing key, or enter a new key for allowing third-party access to your ShipRocket account.

7hmUr How to Auto Sync ShipRocket with Magento % category

4. Copy your Web API Key safely, you will need it later when you enable the Magento extension.

5. Download ShipRocket Connect Extension for Magento (from here)

7hn2C How to Auto Sync ShipRocket with Magento % category


6. Once you download the extension, you need to upload the extension files to your Magento installation folder and follow the standard procedure for installing an extension on Magento.

7. Once you’re done, please enter the Web API Key and your Store SUB DOMAIN (i.e. merchantname.shiprocket.in) into the extension so the extension can link up with your Magento store.


Watch a detailed video to understand how the process works and to also watch a demo for ShipRocket and Magento integration.

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How To Reduce Shipping Costs With ShipRocket?

reduced cost How To Reduce Shipping Costs With ShipRocket?  % category

With the ever-increasing and unforgiving competition in e-commerce business, there is certainly a huge tiff among them to provide the best shopping experience to its users. Today, users have a large number of options to choose for a single product. This makes it extremely necessary for any e-commerce business offer something unique and monetarily beneficial for the users. Among many factors that are responsible for a successful and profitable online business are reduce shipping costs.

If you are among those online entrepreneurs who have setup their online store with all the needed elements and also offering great discounts of the product’s price, still it is unable to attract potential customers, then you need to review your shipping charges. Many times, it has been found that even after offering 10-15% discount, the final cost is more than the MRP due to huge shipping charges. Of course, no user would want to proceed with this deal and hence, the sales conversion rate declines gradually. To maintain your sales conversion, you need an effective e-commerce shipping solution.

How To Offer Reduce Shipping Costs To Clients?

Do you know that 80% of shoppers choose an e-commerce website based on its shipping charges? Also, it has been found that more than 49% customers have stopped purchasing online from a certain website due to huge shipping cost. These statistics surely define the mind makeup of today’s e-commerce customers regarding the shipping charges. As a merchant, it is necessary to keep these stats in mind, especially if you are a newbie in this business.

Free shipping or low cost shipping charges surely attract more customers. Free shipping can also help you retain your customers, even if you don’t have huge discounts to offer. For free shipping, you may adjust this cost into your basic product price, but make sure that the price is competitive.

If you are using a renowned courier company like FedEx, Bluedart, FirstFlight, Delhivery, Ecom Express or any other, then it is difficult to adjust the shipping charges as their price plans are huge. But, there are many e-commerce shipping solutions available that can offer low cost shipping through these companies, then it will be an added advantage for your e-commerce business. One such tool is ShipRocket.

What ShipRocket Shipping Tool Offers?

ShipRocket is one of the cost-effective e-commerce tools that will help you ship your products anywhere across India in the most reasonable price plans. It is pre-integrated with eBay, Amazon, Shopify, Magento and OpenCart. Render your shipments with ShipRocket and experience the best shipping solution for e-commerce website at affordable prices. Other that this, you can explore the following features that will help you resolve shipping troubles and retain your customer’s trust.

  • • With ShipRocket, you can create your own shipping labels for any leading courier brands
  • • Deliver your products securely through your favorite courier company at discounted rates.
  • • Shipping through ShipRocket will render you the same discount on any number of shipments. This means whether you are shipping a single product or thousands of products, you can render the same discounts.
  • • The facility of Cash-on-delivery is available for every shipment, which will help you transform more visitors into clients.
  • • Customer and technical support to solve any of your shipping queries and information.

To stand out among your competitors, you need to offer something profitable for your customers. With effective shipping solution, you can empower your small e-commerce business by offering bulk of benefits like low or no shipping charges, secured delivery of products, customized tracking information, discounted shipping integrations and many more. This all and more can be made possible through ShipRocket.

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Zepost And Shiprocket: A Fair Comparison Of India’s Two Best Logistics Services

In the race of offering the best services, both KartRocket and Zepo come up with new features that will help their clients to setup and manage their online store quite easily. One such was logistic services Shiprocket and Zepost offered by Kartrocket and Zepo respectively. While Shiprocket was started in mid 2013, Zepo tied up with AVN logistics in January 2014 to come up with Zepost. If you are still unsure about which logistic company to choose, check out the below infographic to have a sneak peak about the two services. This will help you take a better and profitable decision.

Infographic zepost vs shiprocket1 Zepost And Shiprocket: A Fair Comparison Of India’s Two Best Logistics Services % category

1. http://www.zepo.in/automatedshipping.html
2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/99389987/ZePOST%20PinCode%20Coverage%20List.xlsx
3. http://www.shiprocket.in/shiprocket-shipping-rates/
4. http://www.shiprocket.in/resources/Shiprocket-Pincodes.xlsx

DISCLAIMER: The above information is accurate to our knowledge as on 19th Sept, 2014. The information provided above may vary in future.

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To End Shipment Weight Issues, Shiprocket Brings In Applied Weight Concept

shipment weight issues To End Shipment Weight Issues, Shiprocket Brings In Applied Weight Concept % category

Since the time we have introduced Shiprocket, there have been a lot of shipment weight issues faced by our clients. We have found that many users are unable to upload the accurate weight of their shipments. Due to this, there have been huge discrepancies between the actual weight and the weight applied by the courier companies. This creates issues during the final billing and causes inconvenience to our customers as well as us.

To avoid any such issue in future, we have introduced the concept of Applied Weight in our Shiprocket panel. Applied Weight is basically the weight on which your courier companies charges freight rates on your shipment. It can be equivalent to the actual weight or the volumetric weight, whichever is higher. To calculate the volumetric weight of your Shipment, simply multiply the length(cm) X height (cm) X width (cm) and divide the result by 5000. You can calculate the volumetric weight of your shipment for maximum accuracy.

Applied Weight Concept for Shiprocket Clients

Starting immediately, we would update the Applied Weight of clients’ respective shipments once in every 3 days both via mail and on the panel. Going forward, we would be updating the Applied Weight report every day. This way, you can proactively rectify any kind of weight difference issue immediately, instead of solving it at the end of the billing cycle. Also, you can easily calculate your shipment bills as per the final weight so that the final bill won’t be a surprise for you.

We request you to start checking the same on the panel. To check the Applied Weight of your shipment, please follow these steps on the order panel:

· Select the order number for which you wish to view the Applied Weight. Your order details will appear. Click on the Applied Weight tab.

step 1 To End Shipment Weight Issues, Shiprocket Brings In Applied Weight Concept % category

· After clicking, the applied weight of that particular shipment will be displayed.

step 2 1024x722 To End Shipment Weight Issues, Shiprocket Brings In Applied Weight Concept % category

In case of any queries, you can easily raise a support ticket at srs@kartrocket.com by providing the following details:

1) AWB No.

2) Order No.

3) Applied Weight (as per the courier company)

4) Weight (as per you)

5) Product

6) Delivery Address

7) Pin code

8) Payment Method

9) Courier Company

10) Volumetric Weight

11) No. of Products

12) Remarks (if any)

Please note that any queries will not be entertained at the time of billing. You have to raise a ticket  within 48 hours of updating the Applied Weight report on your panel and emails.

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Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues

facing billing Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category

We, at Shiprocket, strive continuously to find solutions of the issues faced by our customers regularly. We wish to improve our processes and introduce new features that aid in the resolution of these shipping dilemmas.

“My Freight bill is a huge surprise! How did I get charged so much for a particular shipment! How do I estimate the accurate weight of a particular parcel? ” Each customer could relate to these queries. This article would throw light on how you can easily avoid these problems from arising.

Process of Weight applied to Final Shipment

weight calculation Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category

Calculation Of Weight By Customer

Courier companies charge freight rates for your shipment based on the higher of actual weight or volumetric weight.

What is the difference between actual and volumetric weight?
Actual weight is the dead weight of your parcel. However, the cost of transporting a shipment can be affected by the amount of space it occupies rather than its actual weight. A less dense item generally occupies more volume of space, when compared to its actual weight.

This is where volumetric weight plays a role. Volumetric weight reflects the density of the package. Volumetric Weight of the shipment can be calculated in the following manner:

Multiply the length(cm)*height(cm)*width(cm) and divide the result by 5000.

shiprocket weight image Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category

For Example: You are sending a package with weight 8kg, but the dimensions are 40cm x 30cm x 50cm. 40x30x50/5000 = 12Kg

As per the example the chargeable weight will be 12kg (volumetric weight) as the Volumetric weight is higher than the Dead weight (actual weight i.e. 8 kg in this example)

Feeding Accurate Weight On The Panel

Discrepancies crop up between the inputted weight by customers and the final weight applied by courier companies in these two cases:
• Weight of order is not inputted on the panel (Order weight would be 0.5 kgs by default for order processing)
• Weight of order is not accurately inputted on the panel

To avoid the above issues, do the following:
a) When you are importing an order in the Shiprocket panel, kindly input the higher of the actual or the volumetric weight of the packaged parcel accurately in the Weight Field provided on the panel. To do this, follow these steps
• Click on the Quick Add Option in the Order Tab

quick add order 1 Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category
• In the Add Totals and Confirm section, Input the accurate weight in the Shipment Weight Field at the bottom

quick orders 2 Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category

b) In order to maintain accuracy periodically, you can also edit the order once imported on the panel and modify the weight before shipment of the same.
• Select any particular order and click on the Edit Address Field present in the order details.

edit address click 1 300x169 Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category

• Edit the weight of your shipment in the Weight Field at the bottom.

edit shipping details 300x271 Resolution of Shiprocket Freight Bill Issues % category

Actual Weight Charged By Courier Companies

The courier companies charge freight rates based on the weight calculated using the above formula itself. Thus, if correctly inputted by the customer in the first instance only, there will not be any difference in weight.

Sometimes, courier companies conduct selective physical verification of the parcels and input the weight in the system. For example, if the actual weight of the shipment is 12 kg and the courier company has made a mistake and charged you 0.5 kg(Default) the first time, the next time the same product is shipped, the correct weight(higher of the actual and volumetric) would be applied. That explains the difference in the freight rates of the same product shipped.

Applied Weight

The difference in the applied weight and the inputted weight causes a lot of issues during the final billing, causing inconvenience to both our customers and us. To avoid this issue from arising and to bring in more transparency, we have introduced the concept of applied weight that is finally charged by the courier companies. The applied weights of shipments would be updated daily on the panel and via email. Thus, the differences can be resolved immediately instead of waiting for the final billing. To learn more about Applied Weight, click here.

Raising of Freight Bill

The final freight bill is raised by courier companies on the applied weights. There are times the courier companies take a longer TAT to raise the freight invoice. For example, for whatsoever reasons, the courier companies raise the invoice of an order shipped on 10th Sept on 25th Oct, we will be able to raise the freight bill only after receipt from the courier companies. Thus, the delay in raising the freight invoice.

The client is required to check and revert for any queries or issues within 3 days of receiving the invoice. If the payment is not made within 7 days of the Date of Invoice generation, the shipping account will be put on hold.

By simply following these simple tips, customers can avoid any issues that arise in their final billing. In case you still persist to have any queries, you can always raise a ticket at srs@kartrocket.com

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ShipRocket Revises Its Fair Use Policy; Introduces Security Deposit on All Plans

security shipment ShipRocket Revises Its Fair Use Policy; Introduces Security Deposit on All Plans % category

For the past 18 months, Shiprocket has been trying to provide you the best shipping services. Today, we have reached a customer base of 6000 merchants and still counting. In order to make our shipping system more secure against payment default and restrict unfair use of our services, Shiprocket has revised its shipping policy by introducing security deposit and shipping limit across all plans.

What Exactly Is Shiprocket’s Fair Use Policy?

Since, the customer base of the Shiprocket has increased at a fast pace, it had become really important to make our business more viable for such large merchants. This is the reason that we have introduced security deposit on all our plans.

As per this new shipping policy, every new merchant of Shiprocket will have to make a security deposit of Rs. 3000 against a shipping limit of 25 kgs. For every additional 25kg limit, you can make another security deposit of Rs. 3000. However, there is no upper limit set for shipments. Please note that this security deposit is 100% REFUNDABLE and will be credited to merchant’s account as soon as he/she leaves the platform.

For existing clients, we have tried to cover this policy in a very liberal manner. We have fixed a shipping limit, as per your previous credit history, which is much higher than your current usage. For this limit, you don’t need to pay any security deposit. For any further clarification on your shipping limit, contact Shiprocket support.

How Can I Recharge My Shiprocket Account To Increase Shipping Limit?

With Shiprocket, you can either setup your shipping limit beforehand by making the desired amount of security deposit. For example, if you ship 80 kg in a month and want 100 kg limit, you need to pay Rs. 12000 as the security deposit (For 25 kg, the security deposit amount is Rs. 3000).

In case, you have exhausted your shipping limit and want to increase it, then you can easily do it from your Shiprocket admin panel. Just follow these steps:
• Login to your Shiprocket admin panel. Click on order. You will see “Buy Shipping Credit.”

buy shipping credit 1024x473 ShipRocket Revises Its Fair Use Policy; Introduces Security Deposit on All Plans % category
• Choose the security deposit amount and click on Pay Now.

pay now 1024x487 ShipRocket Revises Its Fair Use Policy; Introduces Security Deposit on All Plans % category
• Once, you click on Pay Now, you will be directed to EBS payment gateway and pay online. As soon as you made the payment, your account will be recharged to the corresponding shipping limit.

• You can easily check the remaining shipment limit on your Shiprocket admin panel after clicking on Orders.

check remaining limit ShipRocket Revises Its Fair Use Policy; Introduces Security Deposit on All Plans % category

Important Information About Our Security Deposit

Please note the following:

• Whatever amount you deposit as security is completely refundable. It will be credited to your account after 6 months, given that you haven’t used it against order shipped and have paid all the pending bills in full.

• Whatever amount of security deposit you pay, its corresponding shipping limit gets renewed for every following month.

• This is just a security deposit amount and will not be adjusted in your monthly freight bill. They will be raised separately as per that month’s shipments and has to be paid by the merchant as per terms of service.

• Also, this security amount is not an advance payment and will not be deducted against your shipping bill. It will only be deducted, if the merchant fails to pay the amount as per the terms of payment.

Still have some unanswered questions? Feel free to contact our support by writing an email at srs@kartrocket.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel?

shipment pick up How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

As you must already know, ShipRocket is a shipping solution that bridges the gap between the merchant and the courier company. After you have processed your order on the ShipRocket panel, the next step is the Pickup Generation on ShipRocket panel. In this post, you will get easy to understand steps and tips for Pickup Generation as well as the Reverse Pickup for better understanding. Lets’ start with the process of the Pickup Generation on ShipRocket.

Steps for Pickup Generation on ShipRocket

1pickup generation process 1024x365 How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

1. Log in to ShipRocket panel. Process all your orders on ShipRocket panel. After you have allocated the AWB number, print shipping label and invoices, you need to generate pickup for your order/s.

2. Now, select the order/s from the list. After you have selected all the desired order/s, click on ‘Generate Pickup’ on the top right corner.

2generate pickup How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

3. After clicking on ‘Generate Pickup,’ choose the courier company through which you want to generate the pickup for.

3choose courier company How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

4. Remember that the pickup generation window shuts down at 12 pm every day. Therefore, make sure that you generate pickup before 12 pm or max 1pm, in some cases to avoid any delay in shipping.

5. In case, you have generated pickup after the pickup window is closed, then you will get the following message. And, you need to try generating pickup the next day.

4failed pickup How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

6. In case you have a successful pickup, you will get the following message with the token ID.

5pickup successful How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

7. Generate manifest sheet. To do this, select your order/s and click on ‘Print Manifest.

5print manifest How to Process Pickup Generation on ShipRocket Panel? % category

8. The courier company boy usually comes to your warehouse between 2 pm to 8 pm. As soon as he comes, give all your shipments. Get the two copies of the manifest signed from the pickup boy, one for the courier company and another for you, for future reference.

9. After the shipment has been dispatched from your warehouse, you can easily track your order from ShipRocket panel.

Things to Remember Before and During Pickup Generation

Here are some of the important points that you should be aware of before you process pickup generation on ShipRocket. This will help you avoid or resolve any issues.

• In case, you face any problem like pickup is not done on time or in case of any urgent situation, contact your courier company or raise a ticket at srs@kartrocket.com

• The cutoff time of pickup generation is before 12 pm or 1 pm (in some case) Monday-Saturday. No pickup is generated on Sunday.

• Don’t forget to take the signature of the pickup boy every time on the manifest for future record, no matter how many times he comes to get shipments. It is an important document. In case of any lost or damaged claims at later stage, this is an important proof to raise a claim ticket.

• Always use the automated, system generated shipping label for shipments. Never use manual Docket or shipping label.

• Make sure that you properly pack your shipment to avoid any damage. You can refer to this blog and learn packaging tips for your shipments.

• Make sure that you don’t send any shipment whose pickup is not generated or has been generated after the pickup window is closed for the day. This is because, the courier companies check your shipment from their soft data as well. In case, they don’t find relevant pickup generated for a particular shipment, then it might get stuck in their warehouse. This will cause issues to your customers as well as you.

• Also, please note that pick up generated for a day is valid for that day. In case the pickup is not done, due to any reason, the merchant has to regenerate the pickup for the next day, before the cut off time so that soft data can also be sent.

• Sometimes, especially during the festive season, the courier companies shut their pickup windows before the cut off time, i.e. 12 pm. Make sure that you generate pickups even before 12 pm and not wait for the last minute.

Reverse Pickup Process

Sometimes, many merchants offer returns or exchange or products as a strategic advantage to their brand. With ShipRocket, you can easily generate reverse pickup by following these steps.
1. Firstly, you need to send a mail at gopal.mishra@kartrocket.com with few details like Consignee-AWB Number, Order Id, Courier Company Name, Address, Contact No, City and State.

2. The Shiprocket team will contact the courier company on the basis of the detail provided. A reference number is generated for reverse pickup.

3. Now, this mail will be sent to the merchant with the pickup date and other details. You can send the pickup date to your customer for more convenience.

4. The pickup will be initiated on the set date and sent to your warehouse.

Things To Remember For Shiprocket Reverse Pickup Process

• Please note that we charge Rs. 20 extra over and above the shipping charges for reverse pickup.

• The possibility of reverse pickup has to be checked by the team prior pickup (WHICH TEAM)

• In case the pickup is not done of the set ate, please contact our support at srs@kartrocket.com

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How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel?

shiprocket panel How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel? % category

To start using ShipRocket, the first step towards shipping your products is to process orders. ShipRocket offers automatic order sync with KartRocket, various marketplaces like Amazon, EBay and coming soon are other marketplaces like Snapdeal, Shopclues and Flipkart. Also, ShipRocket offers order sync to ecommerce platforms like Shopify, Prestashop, Woocommerce, Magento and Opencart.

Add Order

ShipRocket offers automatic order sync to the above mentioned integrated marketplaces and other ecommerce platforms. But, this does not mean that you can use ShipRocket for other ecommerce platforms as well. Before you process orders on ShipRocket panel, click on ‘Add Order’ to quickly add order on ShipRocket. Type in the shipping details, product details, payment method, shipping method and other detail and Save it. Make sure that you enter a unique reference ID for every order you import.

Import Order

In case, you have numerous orders, then use Bulk Import Order and easily import orders in the form of .csv file. You can download the sample file to note down the exact format for easy import of orders. After the file has been imported, click on Process Order and use ShipRocket for shipping.

Steps to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel

After you have imported all the order in your Shiprocket panel, follow these steps:
• Click on Process Orders, or you can click on the Orders.

Process Order11 1024x437 How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel? % category

• Choose the order/s which you want to process. On clicking, you will get all the details. Click on Ship Now to proceed.

ShipNow2 1024x777 How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel? % category
• You will get a list of available courier companies, based on the shipping address. You can choose any one of them or ship products through your preferred company along with its AWB number.

choose courier company3 How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel? % category
• As soon as you assign a courier company from ShipRocket, you will get AWB number. AWB or Airway Bill is used to track the shipment and show its delivery status. Now, click on ‘Prints’ to print shipping labels and invoice.

AWB.Prints4 1024x325 How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel? % category

• Now, the following screen will appear. Click on ‘Print Invoice’. This will go inside the package. Also, you can share its copy with the courier company. Click on Print Shipping label that goes on the top of the package. Click on ‘Print COD Label,’ in case you are using FedEx.

prints5 How to Process Orders on ShipRocket Panel? % category
• After you have got print outs for all these, you can proceed with the pickup generation. You can check out its exact process by clicking on this blog.

Once the pickup has been generated, you can easily track order status from your ShipRocket panel. You will also be notified through email, as soon as the order status changes. Got any queries regarding ShipRocket? Drop a comment below, or raise a ticket at srs@kartrocket.com. Happy Shipping!

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automated logistics

How Automated Logistics Help You Save Time And Sweat?

When it comes to ecommerce, one of the common grievances that many online shoppers face is shipping. Whether it’s the delivery time or damaged product, shipping is one thing that can put a halt to your ecommerce success. There are many ecommerce site owners who spend too much time on shipping, that there is very less time left to focus on other core area of your business. In such situation, automated logistics solution come to the rescue.

Even after coming in the last place, logistics is an important aspect of any online shopping. It is the first impression for your online shoppers. Even if you are aware of this fact, then you must be knowing about the shipment fulfillment is a time taking process.And, if you have thousands of products to be shipped everyday, coming from different sources, then you need to good time to fulfil these requirements. You got be careful while doing that because a tiny mistake can cost a lot to your brand reputation.

How Automated Logistics Solution to Save Shipping Time?

We have already talked about how an automated shipping solution can help you save your shipping time and increase your productivity. In this post, we are going to discuss what automated logistics solution, like Shiprocket, do to save your shipping time and let you carry on with your other ecommerce hassles.

1) Automated Assigning Of AWB Number

AWB number or Air Way Bill Number is a number which is used to track shipment. You can use this number to know the delivery status. It is usually of 11 digit number used to know the current position of your shipments. If you deliver your shipment manually, you have to wait for its pickup and then an AWB number will be generated. However, with automated logistics solution, you can get this pre-assigned, even before the pickup has been generated. You can give this number to your end customer so that they can easily know the status of their shipment on the website of specific courier company.

2) Invoice Generation

In layman language, it is the bill or payment receipt which your end customer will get from you. This has all the information regarding the product, its price, delivery address, shipping address and much more. With automated logistics, you can get this automatically, instead of you have to enter every information manually. Thus, you save a lot of time while creating this invoice.

3) Automatic Shipping Label

It is an identification which is pasted on your package, specifying the content of the shipment, price, mode of payment, shipping address and delivery address. It is different for different courier company. With automated logistics, you can create this shipping label automatically for specific courier company, in just a click.

4) Print Manifest Copy Using Automated Logistics

This is a proof that your shipment/s have been picked up by the courier company. There are two copies of manifest, one is kept with you and another by the courier company. After your shipments are picked up, get this manifest signed from the courier boy and keep this for future use. Get this manifest in just a click with automated shipping.

5) Automatic Pickup Generation

In just a click, you can generate pickup using the automatic logistics solution. You can generate pickup any time, before 1 pm, if you want to shipment to get picked up on the same day. Otherwise, you have to regenerate pick up again. However, with a click, it is not such a big issue with automated logistics.

6) Import Orders

Whether you are selling on KartRocket store or at any marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you can easily import orders in one go on automated logistics solution. If you are fed up of importing orders one by one, then save some time and sweat. Using automated logistics, you can import hundreds of products easily using Bulk import feature.

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Shiprocket Prepaid Model 6

Shiprocket To Introduce Prepaid Model For Better Freight Bill Management

At ShipRocket, we always try to make ecommerce logistics more comfortable for you so that you can focus on your core business. This is why, we are moving to a prepaid model which will be effective from 1st May 2015. This means, you no longer have to block your cash flow by depositing security money. With this new model, you can “Pay As You Go.” All you need is to recharge your ShipRocket account according to your business needs, use that amount to ship your products and recharge again, once it gets exhausted.

Why We Are Moving To This New Prepaid Model?

We have been working for the past few weeks on how we can make ShipRocket a better product for you. That’s why, we have decided to move to a complete Prepaid model where you can use ShipRocket services according to your shipping weight needs. With this new model, you will get benefits like:

Use services for the amount that you deposit in your Shiprocket account.

No security deposit hassle. This will ensure your working capital is intact and your cash flow is not blocked.

• With the new prepaid model, you can manage your freight bills more efficiently.

• For business analytics and future projections, you can manage your business cash flow requirements more accurately.

• Instant credit as soon as you top up your account and instant activation of shipping.

How Will The New ShipRocket Prepaid Model Work?

Here is a simple guide to use the new ShiprocketPrepaid Model:

1) Recharge your account by clicking on “Buy Shipping Credit.” Choose the amount according to your business needs, just the way you recharge your mobile.

kartrocket63560381949 Shiprocket To Introduce Prepaid Model For Better Freight Bill Management % category


Once You click on “Buy Shipping Credit”, the following screen will come. Choose the amount to recharge your account.

kartrocket63560381972 Shiprocket To Introduce Prepaid Model For Better Freight Bill Management % category

• You can use this amount to ship through Air and Surface Shipping both.

• For Air Shipping, you would get 0.5 kg for every Rs. 60 that you deposit.

• For Surface Shipping, you would get 0.5 kg for every Rs. 12 that you deposit.

For example, if you top up your account for Rs. 3000, then you will get

• Air Shipping limit of 25 kgs.

• Surface Shipping Limit of Rs. 125 kg. Please note that the minimum shipping weight which will be charged by the courier company will be 10 kgs. This means if you are shipping through surface shipping and the weight is 8 kgs, the courier company will charge you freight bills according to 10 kgs. Know more about how Shiprocket charges for air and surface shipping here.

It will be reflected on the admin panel in the following manner:

shiprocket prepaid model Shiprocket To Introduce Prepaid Model For Better Freight Bill Management % category

2) As soon as you recharge your Shiprocket account, the shipping credit will be activated instantly.

3) You can now start shipping your orders using this credit. Click on Ship Now, select courier company and assign AWB No and get started.

kartrocket63560382116 Shiprocket To Introduce Prepaid Model For Better Freight Bill Management % category
kartrocket63560382152 Shiprocket To Introduce Prepaid Model For Better Freight Bill Management % category
4) Whenever you will enter the shipment weight, it will be automatically deducted from your credit weight. As per the norms of courier companies, you will be charged a minimum of 0.5 kg (or in multiples of it) for your Air Shipping. This means:

• If no weight is inputted, then 0.5 kg would be applicable.

• If weight inputted is 0.2 kgs, it would get rounded off to 0.5 kg.

• Similarly, if the weight inputted is 1.8 kgs, it would get rounded off to 2 kgs (the next multiple of 0.5 kg) and so on.

Applied Weight Treatment

Please note that the weight charged by courier company could differ. The courier company’s applied weight will be adjusted in the remaining weight limit on your Shiprocket account.

For example, if the remaining shipment is 25 kgs and the inputted weight is 1 kg, then the remaining weight will be 24 kgs. However, if the applied weight comes out to be 1.5 kg for the same shipment, then further 0.5 Kg will be deducted. So, the remaining shipment would be 23.5 kg.

In case of any issues, where reverse of credit is applicable, the weight would be increased in that proportion to your limit. For example, if the inputted weight is 2 kgs, weight deducted during AWB assignment will be 2 kgs. Hence, remaining shipment will be 23 kgs/50 kgs. But, if the courier company actually charges only 1.5 kgs, then the difference in weight would be credited back, and the remaining shipment would be 23.5 kgs/50 kgs.

To know more Applied Weight concept, read this.

P.S. For Existing clients, the security deposited by you would get converted to prepaid shipment credit. For example, if you had made a security deposit of Rs. 6000, then you will get a prepaid credit of the same amount and shipping credit of 50 kgs. Once this prepaid credit gets exhausted, then you can recharge your Shiprocket account and buy more prepaid credit.

Will Happen To Your Credit Once The Freight Bill Is Raised?

Once the freight invoice is raised, it will get auto adjusted to the credit in your account as following conditions:

1) If Invoice Amount Is More Than The Credit In Your Account

The freight invoice will be marked as unpaid and it will constantly reflect on your panel and invoice history. If you fail to pay your freight invoice, then the shipping will be suspended. To continue using ShipRocket services, you need to recharge your account for the unpaid invoice as the well the new shipping limit.

2) If Invoice Amount Is Less Than The Credit In Your Account

The invoice amount will be automatically adjusted from your credit and marked as paid. You can continue using Shiprocket services from the remaining credit amount.

What Are The Other New Features Introduced In My Shiprocket Panel?

Along with the launch of the prepaid model, we will also launch:

1) Freight Panel
You can easily view your freight invoices on an order level and check the courier company charged weight and total amount for that shipment.

2) COD Panel
You can easily track the COD status on order level.

3) Account Summary
Your Shiprocket panel will reflect the history of the amount recharged on a particular date for a particular weight.
Our team is also working towards making our processes and reporting very proactive in terms of ensuring timely pickups and delivery, accuracy in order tracking, RTO tracking, NDR reporting, new user interface. We will inform you about these developments via email as soon as they come into existence.

If you have any queries regarding this mode or anything else, feel free to raise a ticket at srs@shiprocket.in.

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Air and Surface Shipping

How ShipRocket Charges For Air And Surface Shipping?

In today’s fast paced world of technology, hundreds of eCommerce businesses have been popping every day. However, their success or failure is subject to many variables. One of them is shipping. And, by shipping, it is not just shipping but other factors like delivery time, shipping charges, etc.

Shiprocket takes care of all these factors so as to end all kinds of shipping hassles for you. We offer you multiple shipping options so that your products are delivered to your customers on time and in minimum freight charges.

What Is Air Shipping & Surface Shipping

Air Shipping or Air Freight is a logistic service to send shipments through air transport. Air Shipping is comparatively quicker than surface shipping and usually cost more to ship. For many destinations or international shipping, it might be the only option to ship & deliver products.

Surface Shipping is a logistics service in which the shipments are sent through sea or land. It is less expensive, but slower than air shipping. Surface shipping is specially preferred for large or heavy shipments. We offer Surface Shipping through Fedex Surface.

Understanding Air Shipping and Surface Shipping Charges

ShipRocket offers you both air and surface shipping. However, after the introduction of prepaid shipping, the charges and shipment weight deduction has changed. Let’s understand how exactly it works.

Before getting started, please make a note that Surface Shipping Weight = 5 x Air Shipping Weight.

This means, if you recharge your Shiprocket account for Rs. 3000, then you will get 25 kg of Air Shipping or 125 kg (25×5) of surface shipping and so on.

Shiprocket 1 How ShipRocket Charges For Air And Surface Shipping? % category

In Case Of Using Air Shipping
For example, if you utilize 1 kg for air shipping, then the remaining air limit will decrease to 25-1 = 24 Kg. The weight deduction will also be reflected on Surface Shipping limit and it will decrease to (125 – (1×5) = 120 Kg.
Here are few more examples.

Shiprocket 2 How ShipRocket Charges For Air And Surface Shipping? % category

In Case of Using Surface Shipping
If you use Surface Shipping for product delivery and ship product of 10 Kg weight, then the left surface limit will be 125-10 = 115 Kg. For air limit, the deduction will be done using this formula.

Air Shipping = 25 – (Shipment Weight / 5)

So, in this case it will be 25 – (10/5) = 23 kg

Please note that the minimum amount of shipment for surface shipping is 10 kgs. This means even if you ship 8 kg shipment using surface shipping, then also 10 kg will be deducted from your account. However, the deduction for air limit will be for 8 kg.

For example, if you ship 8 kg from surface shipping then the remaining air limit will be 25-(8/5) kg = 23.4 kg. For surface shipping limit, the deduction will be (125-10) kg – 115 kg.

Here are some more examples.

shiprocket 3 How ShipRocket Charges For Air And Surface Shipping? % category


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Shiprocket new features

ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features

We have always believed that your success is the reason of our existence. To make this success a never-ending saga, our team always strives to make ShipRocket a better platform for you. After the launch of ShipRocket’s prepaid model, we have come up with some amazing features, which will make our panel simpler and more transparent.T

These are:
• Recharge Summary
• COD Panel
• Freight Panel

Check out more about Shiprocket new features:

Recharge Summary

Easily view the complete summary of Shiprocket recharges which you have done till date. As Shiprocket has recently moved to Prepaid Model where the merchant needs to recharge their Shiprocket account to get started, this Recharge Summary will provide complete information of all the recharges done.

To view your Recharge Summary, follow these steps:

1) Login to Shiprocket panel. Go to Order and then click on Recharge Summary.

Shiprocket new features.Recharge Summary ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

2) Your complete Recharge Summary will be shown along with the reference ID, amount and the date on which the recharge had been done.

Shiprocket new features.Recharge Summary 2 ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

3) You can recharge/upgrade your shipping amount from here as well by simply clicking on ‘Recharge.’ Choose the amount and click on Recharge.

Shiprocket new features.Recharge Summary 3 ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

COD Panel

Keep a check on all the COD remittances under a single panel. With this COD panel, you can easily get all the information about the COD remittance. To access this, follow these steps:

1) Login to KartRocket. Click on Reports on the left menu.

Shiprocket new features.report1 ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

2) Click on COD Panel.

Shiprocket new features.report ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

3) The following screen will appear. Here, you will get the list of all the COD remittance along with AWB Code, Order ID, Courier company, status of COD, amount and remittance date. You can also filter your search by Order ID, courier company, COD status and date.

Shiprocket new features.COD Panel ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

Freight Panel

Freight Panel lets you access all your freight bill history on a single panel. Here, you can also check for charged weight along with the amount to avoid any confusion in the freight bills.

To go to Freight Panel, follow these steps:

1) Login to ShipRocket admin. Click on Reports on the left menu.

Shiprocket new features.report1 ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

2) Click on ‘Freight Panel.’

Shiprocket new features.report ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

3) You will get the following screen with complete Freight Bill history. Filter your search by Order ID, courier company and date.

Shiprocket new features.freight bills ShipRocket Just Got Better With These Amazing New Features % category

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