Tips & Tricks of Selling On Marketplaces: Amazon


Amazon, the retail giant, forayed in the Indian eCommerce space in 2013, with just two product categories – books and movies. Later, they added other selections like gadgets, music CDs, consumer products, baby products, beauty products, bed & bath, kitchen accessories and more. Today it sells over 3 Billion products, with sales revenue of US$ 88.988 BB, and has its presence in India, U.S., U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, China, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mexico, and Italy.

Amazon colossal success is attributed to the ease of conducting business on its portal. It’s one click ordering service empowers the sellers and buyers to conduct a hassle-free transaction. No wonder, entrepreneurs, regardless of their business size, are eager to sell their merchandise via this unique shopping portal.

Merchants can enhance their income by linking the Amazon Web Store facility to their existing web site. The benefits:

• You can attach hundreds of products to your website from the store in just a few minutes.

• You can integrate it with your current website to make it appear as a part of your business store. You can check out the easy integration of Kartrocket store with Amazon here.

Do’s & Don’ts On Selling On Amazon

• Give the merchandise a catchy Title, a clear product description and multiple clear product images to engage potential buyers.

• Create your items under the correct category of products for smooth sales. Optimizing product descriptions will help to draw more potential customers to your product listing, eventually leading to sales.

• Amazon offers merchants the flexibility to store their valuable merchandise in the Amazon’s fulfillment centers or warehouses, from where the purchased item will be directly packed and shipped to the buyer’s address. This reduces the hassle of shipping and delivering the purchase order. Alternatively, you may hire your own drop shippers.

• Do not give vague information on your products, as it would spoil your credibility in the market.

Pros and Cons of Selling in Amazon

Amazon, the largest online marketplace, offers ease of shopping with its 3+ BB products display. For consumers, it is easy to order products from a single store and save on time and money. However, every good thing has a negative side too.

Items found on Amazon can be purchased in either new or used condition. It is important to note that many merchants on Amazon sell similar products and this enables you to compare prices and offer the best deals. Due to this, you might not get a good profit margin.

Another flaw of selling on Amazon is that there are tiniest chances that your brand will get recognition. When customers are shopping on Amazon, they are just shopping on Amazon and not on any XYZ brand. Therefore, customer retention is almost zero.

Therefore, other than selling on marketplaces like Amazon, you do need your own online store for more success.

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