Multiple Pickup Locations


Multiple Pickup Locations - ShipRocket


The multiple pickup locations feature is a blessing which makes shipping easier for everyone. With this, you can schedule pickups from multiple warehouses and vendors. So, if your products are stored in different locations, you can now ask the courier partner to pick up the merchandise from multiple storage areas.

It’s simple and is sure to make handling logistics easier for you.

It is extremely beneficial because it provides easy access when you have more than one location from where you want to get your orders picked up from. Your shipments will get delivered faster when you select the pickup location which is nearest to the place where you want the product to be delivered!

In addition, our customers make more profit as this may reduce the overall cost of shipping when the products are delivered from the nearest pickup location to the delivery location. It’s a win-win situation for everyone! The feature is available in Advance, Pro and Enterprise plan.

How to utilise the multi-pickup locations feature on ShipRocket:

1. Go to settings on the ShipRocket panel.
2. Click on the Company tab.
3. Click on the Pickup location tab.
4. Add the pickup location by feeding the correct name and address of the location that you want your orders to be picked up from.
5. Add multiple addresses on warehouses and vendors.


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