Sync and Import Orders


Sync and Import Orders - ShipRocket


Ordinarily, most shipping partners require you to manually create a request for all your shipments. This takes up a lot of time and requires ample effort from the merchant’s side. Plus, the manual task can lead to human error at times. Therefore, with our platform, merchants can import products using a basic excel template, and create multiple shipping orders in a single go.

For syncing your data, we have given detailed instructions for API integration with all kinds of eCommerce platforms like:

1. Shopify
2. Prestashop
3. Woocommerce
4. Opencart
5. Magento

For marketplaces, we offer integrations with:

1. Amazon
2. Ebay

As a platform we have a steep road-map ahead for our product. Going forth, we would be providing integration with various other eCommerce platforms and marketplaces.


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