No Monthly or Setup Fees


No Monthly or Setup Fees - ShipRocket


For using all the incredible features of ShipRocket, you don’t need to download any software or pay any basic setup fee. Yes! That’s true. You don’t even have to pay anything to integrate your store with the ShipRocket panel and to import your eCommerce orders.

We charge a minimum rate for shipping, with no hidden fees whatsoever. What you ship, is what you pay for. Most shipping platforms work on an upfront monthly payment for you to use their shipping services. But, not ShipRocket.

We made this platform after keeping both, the large-scale as well as small-scale retailers in mind. For a merchant who has a limited number of orders, would like to limit his shipping expenses as much as possible. This is where we step in. With a pay-as-you-go platform, all a merchant has to do is an online recharge, and start shipping immediately. The merchant won’t be paying any other fee for using the lite plan of the platform.

There are some advanced features which are a part of the paid plans (Basic, Advanced, and Pro). You can have a look at all the features and plans offered by us right here. But staying on the basic plan, offers everything that a merchant needs to process all the shipments.


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