3 Supply Chain Technologies Helping Users To Connect Worldwide!

It may surprise you to know that the latest technology which is helping the consumers to get their products in time is none other than the great supply chain. Be it the doorstep one-day delivery of grocery or the same-day delivery of the all new apple iPhone 7, this uber-cool feature of quick delivery is made possible only with the help of great supply chain technologies that are ruling the contemporary market. The contemporary world, with its constantly revolutionising trends, always have newer and advanced technologies to give to the world! Supply chain management has also witnessed some of the interesting transformations in 2016. Hence, there is always a need to catch up with the latest technologies and keep up with the pace of the advancement of the world to take its optimum benefit!


The advantages that supply chain management offer is so universal and omnipresent that we as consumers often take it for granted. But the three technologies pertaining to this cycle i.e., the hardware technology, software technology and its digitalization are undergoing constant innovation and evolution procedure.

The different aspect of the cycle of a supply chain comprises of the software technology, hardware technology and the digitalization of the entire process.

Let us discuss these three aspects at length.

Software Technology


The entire structure of logistics is widely dependent on software and the technology it utilises. Innovations in this field have greatly helped in the areas of processing, tracking, planning and scheduling.

Melissa Jun Rowley in the Cisco article ‘Supply chain digitalization and positive impact’ has elucidated how software technology influenced supply chains:

1. Transaction processing- This basically results in the reduction of manual costs, improved information quality and speed-up of information transfer.
2. Supply chain management and collaboration- This involves in forecasting of demand, detailed planning of production and distribution, sales & operations planning (S&OP), as well as VMI and CPFR initiatives that benefit both a company’s internal and external supply chains.
3. Tracking orders
4. Supply chain analytics- This helps in providing supply chain members with an improved accuracy of the data, and insight on the analytics of the company that offers a detailed contextual intelligence assisting global supply chains.

Hardware technology


Futuristic gadgets and tools have significantly formed a major part of the operating production and distribution system. Forklift trucks, Carousels, Kiva robots are some of these gadgets that are used to make the entire process efficient and quick to satisfy the demands of the customers. Further, some other hardware technologies including barcode scanning and RFID systems that increase the speed and accuracy of processing has also come into light.



Digitalization has indeed made the supply chain management more agile, efficient and customer-focused. The data and information available on the internet help them to know about their product entirely. Furthermore, it also allows the consumer to compare the prices and select the vendor who is offering the best price. The user can now read the reviews of the product as well as the seller and get first-hand information about it on the net. On the one hand, where digitalization has helped the workers in registering their grievances, consumers now also get a chance to post feedback of the product online. The companies also take maximum benefit of the digitalization by posting information related to new launches and offers online. Digitalization has, in a way, brought down the invisible wall which was present in between the companies and the consumers allowing them to connect more efficiently.

Conclusively, these new-age technologies greatly help in maintaining the sustainability of supply chains thereby facilitating better and efficient logistics.

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