4 Common warehousing mistakes and how to avoid them?


To say that there is just one particular way to effectively manage a warehouse would just be incorrect. It largely depends on the very nature of the warehouse and the supply chain. However, there are certain principles that must be applied so as to successfully manage a warehouse. Conversely, there are certain ways in which you as a company can go wrong. So, to ensure that you stay on top of the warehouse management and not let the storage facilities dig a hole in your pocket, it is important to understand the 4 common warehousing mistakes. In case at any time you feel that you are making any of these mistakes, here are some steps to eliminate them on priority.  However, if your warehouse is free from all these problems then it is still recommended to take a note of these mistakes and stay vigilant. Often things can slip from your hand, especially during the busy times.

Have a look at the mistakes you often make:

1. Holding Excess Inventory
Storing too much inventory is still one of the most common mistakes that several supply chain organizations across the world make. Wholesalers of today seem to completely fall into this trap and often as a result of this they end up stocking too much of a single product so as to avail bulk quantity discounts. So, when you reduce your inventory levels to as much as required, it makes your supply chain leaner. As a result of this, there is less money tied up in stock.

How to avoid this mistake?
When the discounts from the suppliers are too good to turn down, it is important for you to make arrangements with the suppliers so as to get bulk orders delivered to you in small batches, especially when you need them.

2. Failing to Optimize Picking Paths
Second warehousing mistake that is often made by supply chain organizations is overlooking the very need to optimize the picking paths via your warehouse. This in the long run can handicap your picking rate. As a result of this, the supply chain cycle can be hampered. It would also result in unnecessary labor costs despite less than optimum productivity.

How to avoid this mistake?
Ideally, the warehouse operatives must be able to complete the picking run at a location that is in proximity to the dispatch area of the warehouse. However, it will not be easy to create optimal picking routes but it is definitely worth the time and effort.

3. Clinging on to Paper Processes
When you fail to adapt to the changing technology, you are certainly making one big mistake. Paper based workflow is definitely a warehousing mistake that is common to several small organizations. You might think that the small warehousing businesses are better at keeping things simple however paperwork often tends to have an opposite effect. It bogs down your regular business processes and leaves you with the liability of unnecessary delays due to lost or misplaced documents.

How to avoid this mistake?
In order to work more efficiently, it is recommended that you switch to a medium that facilitates digital storage and transformation of the necessary information. This in no way means that you must go on investing in an over the top expensive and complicated warehouse management system. Today, you can find a number of simple and effective workflow software application that tend to serve better than a trail of paper documents.  With this, you’ll not only save massively on consumables but also help the environment.

5. Insufficient Health and Safety Management
People think that a tidy warehouse is a safe warehouse. However, that’s not always true! Safety management and good health in a warehouse involves going out of the way to look for hidden hazards along with the obvious ones. Avoiding health and safety issues is a common mistake made by most warehouses. The larger aspect of the problem is that as long as the employees don’t have accidents, it gets easy to be lulled into a false sense of safety. This can be one regrettable mistake in a warehousing as when someone does fall victim to an accident that may be caused by unstable racking, the consequences tend to lethal.

How to avoid this mistake?
Warehouses are often the most dangerous working environments. So, to avoid safety management hassles, you must adopt the habit of reporting the near misses and the major accidents by analysing the causes of such accidents and working forth to eliminate them in the future. This will not only save cost but also save an employee or two from serious injuries.

Final Say

So, from the above listed four warehousing mistakes, you know where you may possibly be going wrong. Hopefully, the suggestions to avoid or eliminate these mistakes do help you better manage your warehouses.

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