eCommerce marketing strategies

7 Steps to Formulate the Right eCommerce Marketing Strategy

Figuring out what to sell, how to sell and how to generate traffic is easier said than done. It can take a year or two to have one’s ducks in a row. Marketing an eCommerce store is kind of like nurturing a baby.

Even after getting everything streamlined, there are chances that you could be led off the mark by the next shiny concept in eCommerce. Given the wide range of eCommerce tools and growing competitors, you need to develop a solid eCommerce marketing plan.

The following approach work as a mentor to seed-stage entrepreneurs. It ensures that they spend enough time thinking things through.  

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video marketing benefits

All You Need to Know About eCommerce Video Marketing

In today’s competitive times, when the majority of companies have gone online, it is vital to show your presence and stand out. Every other day we see the internet’s viral videos and content that spreads at the speed of light. But what is it exactly? A great product or viral advertising? Viral campaigns or sheer luck? What makes that ‘something’ such a big hit? This blog will throw some light on how video marketing is helpful for brand building.

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New eCommerce policy, its benefits and impact on MSMEs

Amid the challenging market scenarios in India, the existence of the Micro Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) has shown consistent efforts of resilience. India is turning out to be an overtly transforming nation. MSMEs play a pivotal role in driving the growth engine of the country. The new eCommerce policy 2018 is masterpiece legislation, which will help to create the level playing for all the sellers.

As per reports of the Ministry of MSME, India’s 633.88 lakh non-agricultural MSMEs contributed for over 11 crore jobs in 2015-16 and 28.77% to the Indian GDP in 2017-18. Yet, most of these businesses remain small. But why? What are the biggest hurdles?

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eCommerce business models

Types of eCommerce business models – Everything You Need to Know

We live in an eCommerce centric world. Business models of all kinds are growing at a faster pace. It’s easy to get enthralled in the latest eCommerce trends, but unless you know the fundamentals, you’ll probably hit an expedience wall without knowing it.

Before we get into nitty gritty of eCommerce, let us first answer one important question:

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Supply Chain Management for eCommerce businesses

A Guide to eCommerce Supply Chain Management

Gone are the days when eCommerce just meant trading and shopping via internet. The internet has enabled buyers and sellers to be much closer and connected. A large number of buyers and sellers have come together on dedicated market platforms like Amazon, eBay etc.

Today, anyone within a few clicks can buy almost everything from a manufacturer in India and have it delivered anywhere in the world. The growth of eCommerce has brought a lot of new opportunities and challenges to the traditional business models.

Business efficiency has become critical at all operational levels. Furthermore, the demands and expectations of the customers have evolved. Customers today want quick results. According to a survey by Investp, 56% online consumers between the age of 18-34 years expect to have same day delivery. And, 80% of the online shoppers expect same day shipping.

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