How Automated Logistics Help You Save Time And Sweat?

automated logistics

When it comes to ecommerce, one of the common grievances that many online shoppers face is shipping. Whether it’s the delivery time or damaged product, shipping is one thing that can put a halt to your ecommerce success. There are many ecommerce site owners who spend too much time on shipping, that there is very less time left to focus on other core area of your business. In such situation, automated logistics solution come to the rescue.

Even after coming in the last place, logistics is an important aspect of any online shopping. It is the first impression for your online shoppers. Even if you are aware of this fact, then you must be knowing about the shipment fulfillment is a time taking process.And, if you have thousands of products to be shipped everyday, coming from different sources, then you need to good time to fulfil these requirements. You got be careful while doing that because a tiny mistake can cost a lot to your brand reputation.

How Automated Logistics Solution to Save Shipping Time?

We have already talked about how an automated shipping solution can help you save your shipping time and increase your productivity. In this post, we are going to discuss what automated logistics solution, like Shiprocket, do to save your shipping time and let you carry on with your other ecommerce hassles.

1) Automated Assigning Of AWB Number

AWB number or Air Way Bill Number is a number which is used to track shipment. You can use this number to know the delivery status. It is usually of 11 digit number used to know the current position of your shipments. If you deliver your shipment manually, you have to wait for its pickup and then an AWB number will be generated. However, with automated logistics solution, you can get this pre-assigned, even before the pickup has been generated. You can give this number to your end customer so that they can easily know the status of their shipment on the website of specific courier company.

2) Invoice Generation

In layman language, it is the bill or payment receipt which your end customer will get from you. This has all the information regarding the product, its price, delivery address, shipping address and much more. With automated logistics, you can get this automatically, instead of you have to enter every information manually. Thus, you save a lot of time while creating this invoice.

3) Automatic Shipping Label

It is an identification which is pasted on your package, specifying the content of the shipment, price, mode of payment, shipping address and delivery address. It is different for different courier company. With automated logistics, you can create this shipping label automatically for specific courier company, in just a click.

4) Print Manifest Copy Using Automated Logistics

This is a proof that your shipment/s have been picked up by the courier company. There are two copies of manifest, one is kept with you and another by the courier company. After your shipments are picked up, get this manifest signed from the courier boy and keep this for future use. Get this manifest in just a click with automated shipping.

5) Automatic Pickup Generation

In just a click, you can generate pickup using the automatic logistics solution. You can generate pickup any time, before 1 pm, if you want to shipment to get picked up on the same day. Otherwise, you have to regenerate pick up again. However, with a click, it is not such a big issue with automated logistics.

6) Import Orders

Whether you are selling on KartRocket store or at any marketplaces like Amazon or eBay, you can easily import orders in one go on automated logistics solution. If you are fed up of importing orders one by one, then save some time and sweat. Using automated logistics, you can import hundreds of products easily using Bulk import feature.

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  1. mohneesh Reply

    Hi Ankita,
    Just 1 question about shiprocket.
    Once woocommerce-shiprocket integration completed,Is it auto sync orders from woocommerce or I need to manually import them?

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