The Best Warehouse Management Hacks To Improve Efficiency

warehouse management

Often you must have heard about the wrong shipment delivered to the customer. These kind of mistakes hampers your customer base as well as your brand reputation. Other than the shipping mistakes, there are other factors that lead to such blunders. One of them is disorganized warehouse. Warehouse management is a broad term that includes shipping, receiving, pickup, inventory control, storage and distribution. For more accuracy, you need efficient warehouse management.

Depending upon your business, warehouse ranges from hundred square feet to thousands of square feet. Sometime, it becomes difficult to manage it and mistakes are bound to happen. However, we can end or atleast minimize these mistakes by effective management of the warehouse. If you are not sure from where to start, check out these easy hacks for better warehouse management.

Safety Comes First

Warehouse safety is not only limited to the security mechanisms of the warehouse.Keep your warehouse neat and well-maintained. Avoid any spillage like water, oil or unwanted packaging material. If needed, provide safety hats, goggles, boots and gloves.

Save Time By Efficiently Managing Product Location

Make sure that you keep the best selling products closer to the dock for easy accessibility. Also, you can keep the slow moving or high volume products closer to the shipping area to save time.

Minimize Unnecessary Traffic For Better Warehouse Management

This applies for both human as well as product traffic. Ensure that only authorized people are allowed to enter in the warehouse. You can get some kind of ID cards or T-shirts for your employees for easy recognition. Other than this, make sure that you keep the old shipping boxes in the stock room.

Get Separate Rooms For Product Pickup And Receive

For better warehouse management, make sure that you have separate rooms to pickup and receive products to avoid any inventory errors. This will also cut the travel time for pickup guys.

Opt For More Technical Options

You can opt for automated warehouse management and opt for technical options available like bar codes, pick to label, pick to light to improve accuracy.

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