3 Simple Ways to Boost eCommerce Sales on Mobile App

Boost Sales on eCommerce Mobile App

The holiday season last year was a great year for eCommerce and online shopping. According to a report published by Mastercard SpendingPulse, retail sales jumped by a significant 4.9 percent. In case of online shopping, it was a whopping 18.1 percent. The two indicators are a proven fact that consumers are getting more prone to using the net as a means to buy. However, just offering online shopping experience is not the key to success.

With the advent of mobile phones, online shopping is now going mobile. According to the data released by the App Annie, customers had spent around 44 percent more time browsing the premier shopping apps. For traditional retailers who have a mobile presence, there was a 29 percent rise.

One of the main reasons why customers are flocking to mobile shopping is because this can be done from anywhere and anytime. This has made shopping extremely easier. By having a user-friendly interface, customers can be driven to a purchase. It has been found that sales through mobile shopping surged during the holiday season.

According to the National Retail Federation, in 2017, sales for around $691.9 billion took place in the holiday season of November and December, out of which $138.4 billion came from online sales. As per Adobe, there was a 33.1 percent of sales increase due to mobile presence.

These are top 3 tips you should make use of to improve your sales on the mobile app:

Try to grab user attention through instant gratification

In most cases, people browse mobile in quick periods. As a result, sellers have to come up with an interface that grabs the attention of the user instantly. An attractive interface can induce the users to get into the site and shop. For example, renowned app Snapchat came up with the concept of the proprietary store in the app. In this store, people can buy customized t-shirts and other products.

Improve the checkout experience and reduce the overall time

As mobile browsing is done quite fast, people don’t wish to wait too long. As a result, the checkout process should be quite easy and fast. eCommerce giant Amazon has come up with the one-click checkout process and ensures quick checkout.

According to a research conducted by Mobile Ecosystem Forum, it was found out that around 58 percent of consumers browsed products on mobile shopping sites and did not end up making a purchase due to longer checkout time.

Induce customer attention through push notification

One of the great ways to induce customer attention is push notifications. As per the survey by Localytics, around 52 percent of users have enabled push notification on the phones. Push notifications can be used to make product promotions, and make shopping remainders, or even engage absent shoppers.

However, too much of push notifications may be annoying for customers. As a result, push notifications need to be creative and periodic in a way to entertain users and convince them to come back to the site to make the purchase.

Last but not the least; a bit of segmentation helps create a personal touch for customers. For example, the information can be displayed according to the preferences of different kinds of users and customers.

Apart from these tips, you also need to make sure that you provide good delivery service to the customers so they receive their products on time. As an online shipping aggregator, ShipRocket’s eCommerce shipping solution gives you multiple features to not only ship your products to the customers worldwide but also allows you to track and notify your customers about the delivery on a timely basis.


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