Cash on delivery by Amazon

All You Need To Know About Amazon’s Cash on Delivery Service

Cash on delivery is one of the most sought after methods of payment in India. Since eCommerce is still in its initial phases, people prefer paying when they receive their orders. Also, the knowledge about prepaid payments is not widespread across the country. Hence, cash on delivery takes the upper hand. Like we already know, Amazon is a leading marketplace in India, and most sellers are affiliated with it. Naturally, you will be curious about the cash on delivery service offered by Amazon, so you can seamlessly go about it. Read on to learn more about this service.

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How to move to Amazon self ship shipping model

Step By Step Guide For Switching to Amazon Self Ship From Easy Ship or FBA

As explained in some of our previous blogs, Amazon has three kinds of shipping models – Self Ship, Easy Ship, and fulfilled by Amazon(FBA). Each has its pros and cons along with differences in what they have to offer to merchants. With many choices, comes slight confusion as well. There is a chance you started shipping with FBA, but eventually, you realize it is much more profitable for your business if you fulfill these orders yourself. Maybe you need COD for some months, and the rest of the year you can do without Amazon’s Easy Ship. These are scenarios when you plan to make a shift towards self-ship. But there’s another roadblock, you don’t know how to! Read to clarify this confusion and proceed to Self Shipping your eCommerce orders.

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Global selling program on Amaznon

Everything You Need To Know About Amazon’s Global Selling Program

Amazon is an eCommerce giant that houses millions of sellers. As a seller, you can gain various benefits from their seller-centric programs while you leverage the massive user base they hold from around the world. Research by Slice Intelligence stated that in 2016, 43% of all US online retail sales were done through Amazon. Imagine the growth if you could sell to this vast audience abroad? With their global selling program, Amazon gives you a platform and a thorough process to target an international audience and sell your products to them. Learn more about Amazon Global selling, and it’s featured in the topics to follow.

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