Tips & Tricks of Selling On Marketplaces: Amazon

Amazon, the retail giant, forayed in the Indian eCommerce space in 2013, with just two product categories – books and movies. Later, they added other selections like gadgets, music CDs, consumer products, baby products, beauty products, bed & bath, kitchen accessories and more. Today it sells over 3 Billion products, with sales revenue of US$ 88.988 BB, and has its presence in India, U.S., U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, China, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mexico, and Italy.

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Selling on eBay: Getting Started!

E-Commerce industry has witnessed a massive explosion in its growth in the last decade. It has led to many businesses selling their products and services online, while simultaneously strengthening their brand recognition in the industry. More customers are willing to make purchases online, which have led to a collaboration of international vendors with domestic ones.

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Selling On Marketplaces? Is Your Brand Ready?

Owning a brand and product can be super exciting. However, marketing and selling are a hard beast to tame. Many entrepreneurs start with social media to increase traffic on their website. You can easily connect with your potential customers, but cannot really urge them to buy them. For this, you need to go a little further. Selling on marketplaces can be one step towards increasing your sales. These high traffic websites take you closer to your potential market.

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Wish To Sell On Marketplace? Commit These Mistakes To Fail Easily!

The world of ecommerce is blooming these days. Instead of brick & mortar store, people are willing to start selling their products online. Despite of greater reach and low investment (as compare to traditional form of selling goods), many people still find it risky to set up their very own online business. Unless and until, they create a brand of their products or get a free online store, many sellers prefer to sell on marketplace.

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