Tips & Tricks of Selling On Marketplaces: Amazon

Amazon, the retail giant, forayed in the Indian eCommerce space in 2013, with just two product categories – books and movies. Later, they added other selections like gadgets, music CDs, consumer products, baby products, beauty products, bed & bath, kitchen accessories and more. Today it sells over 3 Billion products, with sales revenue of US$ 88.988 BB, and has its presence in India, U.S., U.K., Ireland, France, Germany, Canada, Spain, Australia, China, Brazil, The Netherlands, Mexico, and Italy.

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Selling on eBay: Getting Started!

E-Commerce industry has witnessed a massive explosion in its growth in the last decade. It has led to many businesses selling their products and services online, while simultaneously strengthening their brand recognition in the industry. More customers are willing to make purchases online, which have led to a collaboration of international vendors with domestic ones.

With the merger of technology and business today, the market is flooded with established and popular web stores, and one such platform is eBay. Established in 1995 in San Jose, California, eBay has since witnessed an exponential growth with its ever-growing customer base, its increasing product inventories, and its image as a versatile brand. This U.S. based company has successfully managed to create an international presence in the South Asian markets including UK, Europe, and Australia. Now vendors cater to customers spread around the globe, all thanks to eBay!

With KartRocket, you can easily sell on eBay and get your product listed on India’s most popular marketplaces. Also, you can manage the product and import order to ship using ShipRocket. To know the steps involved in integrating your online store with eBay, click here.

Benefits of Selling on eBay

Sell More. Earn More

eBay is a big and popular Indian marketplace with thousands of new users every day. If you sell on eBay along with your own online store, you are selling more and hence, earning more.

The Best of Both Worlds

While selling on your online store helps to build a brand and lets your customer know more about your brand; selling on eBay will help you sell more. This way, you get the best of branding as well as selling.

Easy Listing

With KartRocket, listing and managing your products is quite easy. A simple API integration and you can automatically sync your products and orders.

Product Listing for Free

You don’t need to pay a single penny to KartRocket for product listing or syncing orders. There is no upfront payment. So, you can sit back and relax and just enjoying selling your products more.

No Marketing Hassle

Since, eBay is a well known marketplace, you don’t need to spend any money on the marketing of your products listed on eBay. All the marketing hassle is taken care by eBay itself.

What Can You Sell On eBay?

Here are the most popular eBay categories:

1) Electronics Products like laptop, game consoles, TV, mobile, amplifiers, music players, cameras.

2) Fashion like suits, handbags, wedding dress, shoes, backpack, dresses, lingerie, etc.

3) Collectibles like toys, action figures, stamps, coins, etc.

How Can I Sell More on eBay?

With millions of customers and sellers under a single platform, it can be a daunting task to get you up among the crowd to sell more. That’s among the major cons of selling on eBay. However, you can improve your sales by following these steps:

Carefully Choose Product Category

It is quite possible that the product category of your online store might be different to that of eBay. Make sure that you choose the product category carefully before listing so that your product is shown to your potential customer easily.

Price It Right

As mentioned above, there are millions of competing sellers waiting for you with similar products and feature. To make your product sell more, you need to price your product correctly or offer such a deal, which cannot be ignored by the visitors.

Unique is Good

Do you offer something unique which no other seller offers? Then, there is a huge chance that visitors will love to check your products. Selling different products at a good price is always a successful tactic when you are selling on eBay.

Great Images Go a Long Way

For online shoppers, product images are the second most important thing to entice more buyers. Choose a product image which instantly attracts your buyer and provoke them to buy more. Among the thousands of products, a good image will turn the focus of many customers.

Selling on eBay is simple if you keep these pointers in mind. So, get started now and boost your business or individual sales on eBay!

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Selling On Marketplaces? Is Your Brand Ready?

Owning a brand and product can be super exciting. However, marketing and selling are a hard beast to tame. Many entrepreneurs start with social media to increase traffic on their website. You can easily connect with your potential customers, but cannot really urge them to buy them. For this, you need to go a little further. Selling on marketplaces can be one step towards increasing your sales. These high traffic websites take you closer to your potential market.

With popular online marketplaces like Amazon, eBay, Shopclues, Snapdeal, Flipkart, etc., you can surely increase the sales, but you got to compromise with your brand value. If you want your brand to become a marketable brand, then you need your own online store. This way your customers can identify you with your brand and not with “any product on any other marketplace.”

So, is your brand ready to sell on marketplaces? Check out the major pros and cons and decide what’s best for your company.

Advantages Of Selling On Marketplaces

If you are still unsure about selling your products on popular marketplaces, then check out the following advantages:

1) High Number of Visitors

One of the major benefits of selling on marketplaces is that you list your products on pre-prepared potential market. This means, you really don’t have to do anything to build this market. Not to forget that these marketplaces has high number of unique traffic every day.

2) Customer’s Trust and Credibility

While many visitors won’t trust your newly launched brand, selling on popular marketplaces will automatically create that trust on your product because of the trust on marketplaces.

3) Pre-Built Website Structure

Save time on building a website and start selling right away by simply listing your products on these marketplaces. All you need is to upload your products and your products will be listed on marketplaces.

Disadvantages Of Selling On Marketplaces

While the above advantages will entice you start selling products on marketplaces immediately, but why in such a hurry? You should also go through the drawbacks of selling there.

1) Brand Building is Zero

Marketplaces lets you sell products, but do not let you build your brand. Your product is just a part of the crowd. There are huge chances that people might forget your brand. With thousands of brands already sending on marketplaces, your brand gets lost somewhere in the crowd. For better brand building and more control, you need to create your very own online store.

2) Marketplaces Are Not Marketing Channels

Yes, it will increase your product sales. But, will customer come again just for your product? Well, the chances are negligible. Always remember that marketplaces are not marketing channels, but distribution channels, which will just help you in product listing.

3) Order Management And Shipping Issues

Logistics is a major problem for those who are selling on marketplaces, especially on multiple channels. Also, too many orders create management problems. Failing to do this might cost you some serious damage to your reputation. However, this problem can be easily rectified by getting an automated shipping solution, which will help you sync your products from multiple channels and lets you ship easily.

These pointers will help you decide whether to sell on marketplaces, on your own store. Or you can go for both and increase your sales as well as create unique branding of your products. This way, you can get twin benefits.

Create Online Store

Sell on Marketplaces

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Wish To Sell On Marketplace? Commit These Mistakes To Fail Easily!

The world of ecommerce is blooming these days. Instead of brick & mortar store, people are willing to start selling their products online. Despite of greater reach and low investment (as compare to traditional form of selling goods), many people still find it risky to set up their very own online business. Unless and until, they create a brand of their products or get a free online store, many sellers prefer to sell on marketplace.

With the ever-increasing number of marketplaces (& their funding), they are the #1 choice for any ecommerce starter. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to spend money on marketing. Marketplace biggies like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay has already spent tons of money on their marketing that there is very less concern left for you to take. These sites get millions of visitors every day and the number has increased with the number of mobile app users. This is the reason that many users are inclined to sell on marketplace.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many sellers who commit deadly mistakes, which makes it extremely difficult to list their products on these marketplaces or sell them. What are these mistakes? Let’s find out!

1) Not Understanding Site’s Terms & Conditions

Many sellers complain that they were not every able to list their products on their favorite marketplace. There could be only reason behind this that you failed to understand or fulfil their terms and conditions. Right from registering with more than one seller account to putting products on wrong categories, there are various rules for product listing. These rules differ from various marketplaces. Remember to follow them religiously if you wish to sell on marketplace.

2) Pointing Marketplace Buyers to Your Site

If you have an ecommerce website as well and you are trying to use marketplace to promote your online store, then you are committing a big mistake. Marketplaces detectors are very strong and they will instantly track you, in case you put any URL link of your site on these marketplace. From product name, description to even comments and reviews, everything is closely moderated.

3) Not Writing an Attractive and Complete Product Description

Your product description is the face of your product. Your description and images is the most important thing. While you wish to sell on marketplace, don’t forget to write an amazing product description, which provides every detail to your customer, which might come to his/her mind during the purchase. Keep it crisp and try to speak more with lesser words. Don’t you forget the keywords for search engine.

4) Keeping the Same Product Description or Price a Long Time

No matter how many products you have sold, it is necessary to alter it from time to time if you don’t wish to compromise your number of sales. Change your product description, in case it is not complete or there is a need to tell your customer something more about the product. Regarding the price, don’t forget your competitors, ever! Before deciding the price of the product and even after you sell on marketplace, research about your competitors and the price that they are offering. You need to lower down your prices or atleast close enough to sell your product.

5) Just Sell on Marketplace? Not Enough!

Another mistake that many marketplace sellers make it that they only rely on these marketplaces. This might be great for money making, but not really feasible if you wish to make your mark online. It is necessary to have an online store of your own where you can increase your brand visibility along with selling products. And surely you will be making more profits, as you don’t have to pay for marketplace charges or commission.

Do you sell on marketplaces? Share your suggestions and stories. Leave your comments below!

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