How Cash on Delivery (COD) Works

How does Cash on Delivery (COD) work?

What is COD (Cash on Delivery)?

Cash on delivery or COD is a popular form of payment for purchases made online. In this method, buyers make payments for their purchases in cash or card at the time of delivery of materials. In this process of payment, a buyer is most confident about purchases made and the sales are also higher for online sellers.

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How to Ship Internationally (India)

How to Ship Internationally [From India to USA]

The eCommerce domain in the USA is a bit different than India in a considerable manner. Be it the percentage of the population involved in online buying or the market value of the USA based eCommerce retailers or the government norms related to Import/Export or the taxation system involved in eCommerce, etc. speaking only through statistical terms, the eCommerce realm of USA is ahead of that of India. But having quoted this, it is also a noted fact that accounting to Indian eCommerce’s CAGR, it is sure to surpass that of US soon and become the global leader of eCommerce marketplace.

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eCommerce Logistics Model

eCommerce Logistics Model – Its Role in Online Success

In eCommerce market of India, which is growing at an astonishing (around) 30% CAGR, Logistics, Shipping, and Delivery together make up the soul of the Supply Chain Management process. They are individually complex steps in themselves because there are many sub-steps involved to complete each single phase.

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Zepo courier vs. Shiprocket, Shiprocket vs. Zepo

ShipRocket Vs. Zepo Courier

ShipRocket believes in evolving and growing together along with the growing ecommerce industry. To support this motto, we keep enhancing our platform on every level & provide maximum outreach to the sellers which in turn helps them on saving on cost & increasing their overall profit. Very recently, a lot of our customers have been inquiring about the various benefits offered by ShipRocket over Zepo couriers.

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How to Ship Products- from Home

How to Ship Products from Home – as a Small Indian Business

eCommerce is a thriving business segment in the present times. With the technology boom and increase in digitization, people have been lured towards the idea of shopping as they sit at home comfortably. With this pervasive ideology in fair play, various small eCommerce businesses are picking up the pace from their home office. An essential and urgent process that completes the operations of any eCommerce business is shipping. Without shipping, eCommerce business cannot exist, making it an indispensable part of the whole idea.

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