Prevent Fake Delivery Attempt

Know How You Can Prevent Fake Delivery Attempts

Making a fool of others is a fun way for many to indulge in self-praise. Nearly everyone has lied to their school teacher at least once in their span for doing the homework that was never done.  While at present it’s good to recall that leisurely time, it probably was never amusing for neither the parents nor the teachers to figure out they have been tricked.

In the prevailing age of eCommerce, the similar trickery persists as the issue of fake delivery attempt plagues every eCommerce seller and the numerous logistics service providers. While the comparison of both the acts may seem vague, the common denominator remains the same: it’s frustrating. 

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History of Logistics eCommerce

History of Logistics and Its Progression in eCommerce

In a world where the human race pines to unearth the origin of an Egg – it is obligatory to dig deep into the history of Logistics. As one of the world’s largest industries – logistics encompass half-a-dozen sectors starting from the road, rail, air, maritime transport, warehousing, and storage. Logistics experts have defined it as the cost-efficient process that comprises shrewd planning, implementation, and control over the storage and movement of goods from the manufacturer to the end-user.

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1PL to 10PL Logistics

1PL to 10PL – Understanding the Various Models of Logistics Service Providers

The progression of eCommerce has been ballistic. Not enough time has passed since India witnessed the evolution of mobile phones. It is an outcome of their enhanced affordability, backed with inexpensive data plans that online shopping has become effortless for everyone. Once an unimaginable thing to achieve, people can now buy anything online, irrespective of the geographical boundaries or currency. At the center of this extraordinary eCommerce sorcery, is logistics. For the uninitiated, logistics simply means to lodge, ie, to supply, to pass, or to carry forward. The entire system of eCommerce encapsulates lodging products from one end to another. Consequently, logistics is the backbone of the supply chain and it has to be buttery-smooth for faster deliveries and maximum customer satisfaction.

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Techniques to optimize inventory management

Top 5 Ways To Optimize Inventory Management For Faster Deliveries

With the ever-evolving landscape of the eCommerce industry, Amazon-Esque delivery experience has become a need of the hour. Buyers perennially crave for faster deliveries and instantaneously write-off those who lag. But is it that easy? If you analyze each process and cater to as an individual unit, there is a good chance you will be able to optimize your order fulfillment process by a good margin. To begin optimization, you have to start with inventory management as it is the starting point of your order fulfillment chain. Let’s find out how you can optimize your inventory management process to provide faster deliveries.

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Closer look at last mile delivery

Key Challenges in First-Mile and Last-Mile Delivery for eCommerce

When we talk about eCommerce shipping in India, the two major challenges faced by the sellers are first-mile and last-mile deliveries. Even though they are the vital aspects that begin and end the process, they are the most troublesome to deal with. In this blog, you will precisely understand these challenges for their simplification and ultimately, better administration of the supply chain.

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