RTO (Return to Origin) Meaning in Courier

What does an RTO (Return to Origin) means in Courier?

While dealing with eCommerce and the delivery process associated with it, we come across a wide range of terms that are related to the supply and delivery of the items. Each term has its own meaning and significance. Return to Origin or RTO is one such term that we commonly hear in the eCommerce world. Let us have an idea of the term and what exactly it means. This will help you to have more idea about the whole concept of Return to Origin.

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eCommerce Shipping Partner Performance

How to Measure eCommerce Shipping Partner’s Performance

When it comes to the profit of your eCommerce business, choosing the right shipping partner plays an important role. As we are all aware, the right kind of shipping plays a significant role in seamless delivery and thus enhances the performance of the eCommerce business. As an entrepreneur, how will you measure the performance of a shipping partner so that you are able to choose the right one?

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eCommerce International Shipping Hidden Charges

International Shipping Hidden Costs in eCommerce

As eCommerce has broken geographical boundaries, a significant part of it requires shipping to international locations. However, international shipping may come with some catches. There may be instances when you may need to pay more due to hidden fees and costs. As such it is always good to have an idea of these hidden fees and come up with strategies to reduce them.

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Recommendation Engine Boost eCommerce Shipping Profits

Boost eCommerce Shipping Profits with Recommendation Engine

Similar to other businesses, eCommerce also requires providing the maximum satisfaction to customers. As the crux of an online business depends on timely delivery to the customer, finding the right ways of doing so is very important. While you sell products or items on your website, you need to get the right delivery and courier channels through which you will be able to deliver them to the customers. This ranks among the most basic rules for you to succeed in an eCommerce business. This is where the work of a recommendation engine comes into play.

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Export Incentive Schemes and Benefits in India

Types of Export Incentives Schemes & Benefits in India

The economy of India is one of the fastest growing economies in the world. As a part of the economic reforms, a number of economic policies have been taken which have led to the gradual economic development of the country. Under the reforms, there has been an initiative to improve the condition of exports to other countries. With this regard, the government has taken quite a few initiatives to benefit businesses that are in the export trade. The main objective of these benefits is to simplify the whole export process and make it more flexible. On a broader scale, these reforms have been a blend of both social democratic and liberalization policies.

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