How and When to Outsource Your Shipping

How and When to Outsource Your Shipping?

When you’re starting small as a product based business, you may require to do all the heavy lifting on your own. For a start-up, commercial organizations managing operations might not be difficult, but with expansion, it could become daunting. Moreover, taking care of everything else might not leave you with the necessary time to focus and innovate your product.

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What Is Cross-Docking

What Is Cross-Docking? 4 Reasons Why You Must Opt for It

In a competitive market scenario, it is always advisable to adopt ways that increase efficiency and augment customer satisfaction. Cross-docking is one such logistics strategy that reduces delays in shipping and restricts the use of warehouse.

The inventory associated with warehousing is almost eliminated with cross-docking. In supply chain mechanism warehousing plays a significant role which adds to cost component and diminishes competitive advantage.

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Simplifying Last Mile Delivery for E-commerce Entrepreneurs

The revolution in eCommerce is reinventing the buying habits of customers. The concept of speed delivery is raising customer expectations and creating challenges for the entrepreneurs. Furthermore, last mile delivery, which is the need of the hour is becoming the key to customer satisfaction.

In the process of excelling in last mile delivery for your business, here is what you need to know about.

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shipping terminology

Common E-commerce Shipping Terms – International & Domestic

For somebody who is indulging in e-commerce shipping for the first time, dealing with the terms can be a slightly daunting task. Since the process can be long drawn and involves a long list of steps and as most steps are described differently, memorizing each term can be difficult. You often come across terms like couriers, channels, cross-border trade and you wish you could get a direct gateway to head straight to the major chunk of work.

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Tips and hacks for facebook marketplace

The Noob’s Guide To Facebook Marketplace [Tips Included]

Social Selling has become a sought after phenomenon today and people are making use of these platforms to connect with a large base of buyers and sell at their convenience. With selling, payment and shipping not being much of a hassle with properly integrated payment gateways and shipping mediums, bridging the gap between the customer and the seller is the game changer. To do so, there are platforms like Facebook Marketplace which connect the sellers to nearby buyers and gives them a platform to showcase their products in the most appealing way possible. It is a structured platform that gives buyers and sellers a chance to interact and conduct sales in the most personalized way possible.

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