Brief comparison of the prepaid and postpaid shipping model

Explained: The Difference Between Shiprocket’s Prepaid & Postpaid Payment Model

When it comes to eCommerce shipping, there are various solutions out there that claim smooth shipping for their customers. But there are only a few that can offer you seamless shipping while maintaining steady cash flow. Shiprocket is one of them! With Shiprocket, you do not only get simplified shipping with 17+ courier partners, but you also get the flexibility to pay according to your convenience. Yes! You read that right. You get the option of managing your payments and also maintain your cash flow. To understand how you can do this better, let’s understand Shiprocket’s prepaid and postpaid model closely.

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How is Google AdWords useful for eCommerce

Beginner’s Guide to Google AdWords for eCommerce Marketing

In order to become a successful online seller, you must attract customers to your store. But in this over-competitive eCommerce market, how will you be able to do so? Today, various paid and organic marketing strategies can help you improve visibility online and increase conversions. Google Adwords is one of them. With this article, let’s see what Google Adwords is and how you can utilize it for your business goals. Read on:

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tips to grow your business via customer loyalty

How Good Logistics Management Leads to Increase in Customer Retention?

There is a saying that the Customer is king but Customer Service is God. On similar grounds, gaining customers is imperative but their retention is what precedes the rest. It is this quest of understanding the agile tastes and preferences of customers that keep all businesses on their toes. The prevailing business environment is driven by a customer-friendly system in which attaining the loyalty of the customers is celebrated above everything else. 

The pursuit of scaling a business to newer heights warrants the acquisition of customers. However,  the maintenance of the same calls for the formulation of strategies to retain the acquired customers. In this blog, we are going to address how good logistics management is instrumental in increasing the retention of customers. Below are five ways through which you can augment your logistics management and likewise, gain the loyalty of your customers.

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Sustainable Logistics: The Future of Supply Chain

Logistics has consistently evolved with time and Sustainable Logistics (aka Green Logistics) is a very important part of its evolutionary cycle. It is the kind of logistics that ensures minimal carbon emissions in the supply chain, i.e. the movement of products from the supplier to the customer. Since supply chains are getting globally bigger and intricate, the damage arising out of logistics to the environment is getting more and more severe. Hence, the needfulness for sustainable supply chains is crucial.

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Prevent Fake Delivery Attempt

Know How You Can Prevent Fake Delivery Attempts

A robust logistics management is the foundation of every successful business. Having intricacies or complications in the supply chain costs a lot. A fake delivery attempt is one of the major challenges in the prevailing age of eCommerce that plagues every eCommerce seller. To ensure the long-term success of your business, it is essential to set up a framework for the prevention of fake delivery attempts.

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