Warehouse Process Automation

How Automation in Warehousing is the New Trend

As eCommerce grows, retailers keep on moulding their strategies as per the emerging technologies to increase revenue. And being one of the most vital parts of the online businesses, warehouses are going through dramatic changes. A lot of efforts are been made to make the process smooth for packing and shipping single items or low volume products.

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eCommerce Buyers Shipping Expectations

How can SMBs fulfill Online Shoppers’ Shipping Expectations

With the passage of time and the advent of the internet, online shopping has become quite popular across the globe. While it has become popular, shipping and logistics can become a significant issue and have caused headaches for retailers. There is no more sin than late delivery to customers. Most shoppers expect on-time delivery and according to a recent DHL survey, it was found out that almost all shoppers out of 1400 wanted timely delivery.

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eCommerce Impacting Logistics Sector

Impact of Growing eCommerce Business on Logistics Sector

With every passing year, eCommerce business transactions are touching new heights of success, and one factor that is playing a significant role in such a huge success of online retailers is logistics service providers. With major eCommerce marketplace players entering the logistics industry, this supply chain management business has become more competitive than ever for the traditional logistics service providers.

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SMBs offer Free Delivery but not Faster Delivery

SMBs offering Free Shipping, but not Faster Shipping

Usually, two-thirds of small and medium-sized eCommerce retailers offer free shipping. However, among them, only 3% offer same-day or next-day shipping. This has been brought to light by a recently conducted survey.

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What Is The Weight Dispute Manager?

The weight dispute manager helps solve the problem where you’re not in agreement with the weight charged by the courier company for your shipment. Here, you can go to the Weight Reconciliation Tab in the ShipRocket Panel and raise a dispute. Following are the key issues which the weight dispute manager seeks to remedy:

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