eCommerce Logistics & Delivery Innovations

Latest Innovations in eCommerce Logistics and Delivery

A successful and secure shipment of the product is what matters to an eCommerce business and its customers for a pleasant online buying experience. As the whole concept of eCommerce business takes place over the internet, it is important that the products are delivered to the customer within the stipulated time and in the best of the condition. Well, this is where technology comes into play.

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Ship Large Items Cheaply Across Country

How to Ship Large Items Cheaply Across Country

eCommerce business is spreading its tentacles rapidly, engulfing traditional selling/buying routine of an average-everyday consumer. From corporate giants like Amazon, Flipkart, etc. to small local retailers, the game of selling and buying of a huge and diversified consumers’ basket of categorized goods just got bigger than ever before. Every random thing anyone can think of is available at the doorstep in just a few clicks of mouse-buttons or few taps of ones’ smartphones. Shipment regarding these consumer goods forms an integral and one of the most crucial steps in the Supply Chain Management process of eCommerce business. Shipment is available to the end-consumer via paid as well as unpaid/free channels.

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Reduce Shipping Cost Small Business

How to Reduce Shipping Costs as a Small Business

For a really small business, logistics is most likely the factor that is going to pose trouble. It is mostly said that for small eCommerce businesses which are just getting started in the field, the best bet is to use India post logistics, which happens to offer the lowest rates and prices for their services. For an equally reliable service, one can also opt for FedEx, though their charges can cost higher on the scale.

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Impact of union budget on the less talked about shipping, SME & eCommerce sector

The union budget for the year 2017, was presented by the Finance Minister, Shri Arun Jaitley, on the 1st February of this year. After the audacious move on demonetization by the Prime minister of the country, Shri Narendra Modi, every citizen of the country had his eyes and ears open, for every aspect of the union budget that would cast an effect on them. Hopes and aspirations were up and there was a general wind of speculation about the possibilities that could unwind after the budget was presented. While the major players of the market had their eyes set on the taxation slabs that were to be presented, there was a major attention span spewing across the highlights of the budget for the newly opening digital India, start-ups and eCommerce domains in India.

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International shipping documentation & taxes demystified!

The transportation of goods between two countries may occur because of a variety of reasons. However, the majority of it is largely for increasing the value of goods. With the substantial increase in the popularity of eCommerce, a number of smaller businesses today require international transportation. Here, we have tried to explain the different steps involved in international shipping that you must know before booking your first shipment.

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