Product Updates From December for Seamless eCommerce Shipping

We have been continuously working hard to provide you with the best features and product updates from December. We promise to make shipping hassle-free for you. Therefore, we have added some powerful elements in our platform. Read on to find out how Shiprocket’s latest features will help you in a better shipping experience.

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Big Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Big Data Analytics for Improving Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Data has gained prominence into becoming the most valuable asset for present-day businesses.  Considering the majority of the businesses have an online presence, a tremendous amount of data is produced daily within the supply chains. However, data, as opposed to capital, is inefficient without the right tools and techniques for gaining valuable insights from it. Shiprocket has been using Big Data and AI tech for generating superior visibility of TAT, along with reducing costs for each shipment. Read on to find out the importance of Big Data Analytics for improving the supply chain management (SCW). 

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Techniques to sell to Gen Z

5 Quick Strategies to Market Your Products Effectively to Generation Z in 2020

It’s time your business strategies make a shift! It’s time to target the latest generation of active buyers who are the next lot of decision-makers. eCommerce has evolved, and so has your target audience. Generation Z is who you will need to sell to next! The big question is, how? Are the strategies that you have been using till now enough for this sect of the audience? Every generation sees a new trend in buying patterns, and this one is no different. Here are a few ways that can help you sell better to them. Let’s dig deeper to see what they are –

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5 New Year Resolutions For Small Businesses to Win 2020 Sales

Are you an eCommerce SME looking to make it big in the new year? 2020 is here and so are our vows to improve and scale your business! Did you know that in the coming year, hyperlocal eCommerce will gain a suitable momentum? And also, mobile commerce is expected to see a rise. In a nutshell, the coming year is all set to be eventful for your eCommerce venture and you will need to evolve with changing trends. So, to ensure you don’t miss a beat this year, here are a few resolutions that can help you win 2020 eCommerce sales like a pro! Read on –

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Shopify vs BigCommerce 2020

Shopify vs. BigCommerce – Which is Better For Your eCommerce Store? (2020 Edition)

When you plan to start or upgrade your eCommerce store, you always look for the best solutions where you can develop a flawless store with ease. To make this research a tad bit easier for you, we have come up with a comparison between Shopify & BigCommerce. Both are famous in the business and are valued for their handy customer experience and easy adaptability. Want to learn more about them? Continue to the following sections. 

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