Documents Required for IEC Code India

Documents Required for IEC Code (Import Export Code)

What is IEC code?

IEC code stands for Import Export Code. It is a ten digit license code required by companies or individuals to begin an import-export business in India. It is also necessary for availing benefits under schemes like MEIS and SEIS.

The DGFT (Director General of Foreign Trade), Department of Commerce, Government of India provides applicants with this code after a thorough analysis of their application.

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Detailed return policy for eCommerce store

eCommerce Shipping & Return Policy for Online Store Success

While you are in business, customer satisfaction is of utmost importance! No business can flourish if you can’t fulfill the demands of your customers. There are lots of instances where customers may need to return a particular product to the company due to various different reasons. Well, this is where a proper customer service strategy comes into play. You must always respect the decision of the customer and ensure that the item they wish to return is taken care of properly. All these initiatives help you create trust and goodwill for the long run. In order to have a proper return mechanism in place, it is important that you have a thorough and developed shipping strategy.

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