Shipping Zones Explained – Common Concerns Answered

In the vast world of order and fulfillment, you must be aware of the concept of Shipping Zones. Unfortunately, most eCommerce business owners struggle with understanding this concept and how it can impact fulfillment cost and shipping transit times.

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pay on delivery as option for eCommerce payment

Pay On Delivery – Is It Right For Your Business?

In India, when a user begins online shopping, there is a long road of ambiguity that persists in their minds as they are not aware of cyber laws, secure payment options, and other details about paying online. This is where Pay on delivery comes into action. For most customers, the ultimate satisfaction is paying for goods once they receive them. Moreover, with the increasing number of eCommerce companies, there are also some fake ones that take away from the experience of buyers. A payment option that comes to the rescue for such cases is — Pay on Delivery! But what is pay on delivery and is it beneficial for your business? Read on to find out.

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What is NDR and RTO?

What is meant by Non-Delivery Report (NDR) and Return to Origin (RTO)?

A Non-Delivery Report or NDR is a receipt which shows you the orders which could not be delivered and the reason for their non-delivery.

RTO refers to return to origin. Once you mark your order as undelivered after several attempts, it sent back to the pickup location.

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