How to Create Content that Drives More Organic Traffic

Create Content to Grow Organic Traffic

As we are all aware, the right kind of content does a yeoman’s service to your eCommerce business. As the crux of online marketing and business is to grab the attention of the target audience, showcasing the right kind of content helps to bring in that organic traffic to a great extent possible. However, lots of e-marketers tend to forget this and try to promote their goods and service without having proper content in place. It has been found that only 49% of the total e-commerce entrepreneurs put stress on the right kind of content strategies for better reach and reception. On the contrary, a good content can bring in more organic traffic, help promote your product and let you earn extra bucks.

So, how will you be able to get in the best organic traffic through content on your website?

One of the best ways to promote your products and services on the web and induce more organic traffic is to create good helpful web content to attract more readers and visitors. Just putting links is not enough. Always keep in mind that the people who come to your site do not want to get deviated by clicking on the links, they want to get quality information to their queries. So you need to have better content on the site to make the visitors read. Having good content also increases the chances of getting relevant ads and having increased revenue through affiliate marketing.

Typically, there are three aspects that your content needs to have in order to drive more organic traffic:

  • It should be information rich and optimized for answers to the user queries.
  • It should have good quality backlinks.
  • It should be original and easily modifiable.


As per the survey by Chitika, creating the right kind of content provides you with a significant percent of search results. Even the best of the optimized pages without proper content seem to have only around 32.5% of search results on the World Wide Web. By driving the right organic traffic to your site, you can get signups, referrals, and more sales. Having a content-rich site also help you find business contacts and prospective customers with whom you can even start a partnership at some point.

Next to the keywords and answers to the user queries, you also need to keep in mind that your content pages has the right amount of backlinks. If your content consists of quality backlinks, you will be able to:

  • Drive more value
  • Get more market shares
  • Get more references
  • Get more relevant backlinks from other places


Last but not the least; there is no dearth of the need for evergreen content when it comes to eCommerce. An original content that is SEO friendly is sure to increase the rate of organic traffic. Moreover, it needs to be modified from time to time based on the requirements and preferences.

Whether you are into a short scale internet business or an established eCommerce industry make use of the right kind of content to promote your site and get the best organic traffic.


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