Are You Committing These Deadly Ecommerce Packaging Mistakes?

ecommerce packaging mistakes

As it is said, “if something can go wrong, it will most probably go wrong.” This goes for your ecommerce packaging as well. It plays a vital role in branding because it is the first physical impression of your company. If you are spending a lot of product development and marketing, then make sure that you invest some time and money on ecommerce packaging as well to avoid any deadly ecommerce packaging mistakes.

Your customer waits for days and weeks for their products. The last thing that they want to see is an untidy packaging with the damaged product. A clean, clear and tidy brown package can make a huge difference on your brand reputation. To make sure that you don’t jeopardize with your company’s image because of a badly packed product, here is a combined list of top 4 deadly ecommerce packaging mistakes that can take a toll on your brand.

1) Using Wrong Box For Packaging

One of the most common ecommerce packaging mistakes is choosing the wrong box for products. Remember different product has different packaging needs. Make sure that you choose the correct box, according to the products, for example, use paper mache tray for eatables, rigid packaging material for delicate products, etc.

2) Using Same Box Again And Again

It is good to go eco-friendly and use recycled boxes. However, over-recycling of packaging boxes can lead to damaged contents. Before, you recycle any packaging box, remember that it might lose upto 50% of its strength in the next usage. In case, you are using it, make sure that it has strong enough to carry out products. Also ensure that you avoid using these boxes for heavy products.

3) Incorrect labelling or address

This is a common mistake, in case you are doing this manually. Generating invoices and labels for your packages can be a difficult task. Check and recheck the labels and address before you send the shipments. You don’t want to irritate your customer with late or wrong delivered shipments. For minimum mistake, you can go for Shiprocket, which you can easily create shipping labels in seconds.

4) Use Of Inappropriate Packing Materials

Other than the packaging boxes, cushioning is extremely important so that your product reaches your customer on the same status as it was picked up from your warehouse. For this, you need to be sure of not only the packaging box, but also cushioning. For delicate and fragile items, make sure you fill any voids using bubble wrap, airbags, etc. Also, make sure use the 3 inch tape, which has a strong hold.

Many entrepreneurs make this mistake of not thinking about package until the last time. In this hurry, many merchants commit above mentioned ecommerce packaging mistakes to better and safer shipping.

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