Top Ecommerce Shipping Mistakes That You Need To Stop Right Now!

ecommerce shipping mistakes

For any ecommerce store, shipping is not just delivering the goods to the customers. It surely represents your work quality and commitment. Even a tiny-winy ecommerce shipping mistake that prove to be fatal for your brand reputation. Your customer may never shop from your online However, it is very annoying when you have to lose money as well as time due to unexpected mistake. These mistakes are completely preventable. Check out the most common yet dangerous shipping mistakes that you need to stop right now.

1) Limited Shipping Options

Many ecommerce store run after free shipping. Due to this, they often limit their shipping options. This also results in a very restricted delivery area. For example, if you are using Company A as courier service, it is not necessary that it can deliver products to each and every pincodes of India. This way, you restrict shipping options in terms of channels, carrier and area. This might take off lots of potential customers.

2) Wrong Packaging

Of course, you don’t want to deliver damaged product and piss them off. Inaccurate package dimensions or wrong packages create a bad impression of your brand. You need to enter proper dimensions to avoid any extra cost. Also, you need special packaging for delicate products like glassware, sharp objects, etc.

3) Recheck Labels and Address

Always check and recheck the label and address of the product that you are delivering to the customers. You don’t want your product to be sent to a wrong address. Today, there are many tools through which you can check whether the address entered is valid or not. Also, ensure that you are using a correct label for the courier company.

4) Sending Shipment To A Wrong Carrier

Before you choose any carrier, make sure that it delivers what you want. Make sure that the courier company is able to deliver products to required pincodes. Also, make sure that it can meet the special packaging needs for needed products.

5) Spending Unnecessary On Shipping

Whether you are paying for the shipping or you are charging your customer, it is always great to save some money on the shipping charges. As mentioned earlier, you can save packaging charges by avoiding oversized packing. Also, you can opt for ground shipping instead of air shipping and provide an estimated delivery date. An exception can be there, of course, in case of Express Delivery.


It is always recommended to check your shipments before dispatching to avoid these mistakes. To avoid these ecommerce shipping mistakes in future, you can also go for automated shipping solution like ShipRocket. Since, you don’t have to do anything manually, you can avoid maximum mistakes.

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