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LinkedIn is the largest professional network in the world and probably one of the biggest social networks of any kind. Marketers have a huge opportunity to advertise and generate leads from the network. The most used method for lead generation is usually content marketing and LinkedIn combines that exceptionally well with content marketing. If you are a digital marketer and not using LinkedIn up to its full potential, you are missing out on a lot. The platform has a lot to offer and the number of active users is pretty great too. Also, the engagement levels on LinkedIn is significantly higher than other similar networks. Let’s see a few tips to generate a huge number of leads by combining a world-class professional network and a highly useful marketing technique.


Know your target audience

Marketing without having a target audience in mind is like trying to hit a target with your eyes closed. When you leverage your content marketing techniques on LinkedIn, decide on a target audience for your content. Right from the stage of creation to implementation, you must know for whom are you doing it. This will let you think and execute your content marketing strategies with clarity in mind. Each type of target audience has a different inclination towards things and a distinct point of view, thus you need to consider those before doing any content marketing.


Know your output

When you set out to do content marketing on LinkedIn, you must be clear about exactly what you are looking to achieve from it. If you don’t know your goals well enough, you might not be able to create compelling content that achieves it. Trying to implement a content marketing strategy without having proper goals will be futile and a waste of time and resources. Clearly set an objective for your campaign and then think in a reverse order to achieve those objectives. Try to be as precise as possible while creating goals for content marketing on LinkedIn so that you get the desired results.

Type of content

Each social network has a particular type of content that works really great in it. For LinkedIn, that niche is personal development and motivation. Since everyone on LinkedIn uses the platform to get ahead in their career and life, such posts tend to perform a lot better than others. Include a few posts relating to this subject in your content marketing strategies so that you get a wider reach. However, your core focus must be on your target audience and the output you seek to attain from your campaign. If these constraints require you to change your strategies, you must definitely do so.

Content must be the king

No matter how the space of content marketing changes over the years, content will always be the king. Even if you carry out all the functions right but your content is average, your strategies will fail. But on the other hand, if the content is exceptional but other things are below the mark, the strategy can still work somehow. However, the best combination of content marketing is to make sure that your content is relatable, useful and shareworthy. Then, take care of all the other factors that will enhance the performance of your content.


Create relatable content

This stands true for all kinds of content marketing strategies irrespective of the platform. If the content that you create doesn’t resonate with the ideologies and thinking of the users, it won’t be shared enough. If it isn’t shared, the impact of that particular post reduces drastically. Your content writers must be prolific in creating content that sells. They must know what’s trending in the current world and then create content which relates to people and makes them believe that it was meant for them. You will also notice that the most viral form of content is the one that relates to you the most.

Use relevant tools

Content marketing includes a lot of things and it definitely isn’t as simple as it looks. To aid the marketers and make their lives easier, there are various tools which are useful for them in order to create and market compelling content. Most of the tools are free to use and can help you in a big way while you try to leverage content marketing techniques on LinkedIn. Every content marketer must have a set of tools which is suitable for the type of marketing they believe in doing. Buzzsumo, Google Alerts and Google Trends, all of them are great tools for content marketing.


Ways of distribution

LinkedIn offers many different ways of content distribution for its users as well as business pages. While you are creating content, you must also decide on the ways of distribution on LinkedIn. Currently, only individuals can publish the long form of content and businesses need to do it through company updates. LinkedIn is constantly changing and making this mechanism better but for now, you must make the most of what exists. You can also decide whether the posts will be visible to all audiences or only a particular target audience.

B2B targeting

LinkedIn is probably the only network where you can do B2B targeting and even generate leads. Almost all the businesses have their page on LinkedIn and their executive level managers are on the network too. If you are a B2B business, LinkedIn is the best place where you need to focus your content marketing efforts on. The conversion levels from LinkedIn are pretty great and the content gets maximum exposure through the network.

Final Say

If you are a digital marketer trying to get maximum leads for your business, include LinkedIn in your content marketing strategies. There is a sea of opportunities in the platform which you can utilize to the maximum extent. Follow the tips and suggestions mentioned above and create a content marketing strategy keeping LinkedIn in mind. The platform has a lot to offer you, make sure you leverage it for your benefit.

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