iThink Logistics Vs Shiprocket: Which is Better for Your Business

iThink Logistics vs Shiprocket

The number of opportunities in eCommerce is by the truckload. There is an ideal market for almost every seller involved in this business. However, the rise in competition has made it challenging for businesses to enjoy hefty margins. Moreover, shipping has always been a difficult nut to crack, with sellers striving hard to improve their strategy.  Thanks to Shiprocket, the entire process of picking up a product from the seller to delivering it to the end-customer has now become much more seamless.

iThink Logistics vs Shiprocket

Irrespective of the consistently escalating competition and the rising demands of customers as an outcome of the technological advancement – Shiprocket has maintained its esteem and adhered to its fundamental notion of ensuring safe, timely, error-free shipping that brings joy to both the sellers and their end-customers.

After all, shipping is the ultimate point of convergence for customer satisfaction and an improved eCommerce experience.

It is said that shipping can make or break your business, so you must make an informed decision while choosing your shipping partner. To make things easier for you, let’s go through a toe-to-toe comparison with one of our peers iThink Logistics.

The parameters considered below are the ones that are vital for making or breaking an eCommerce logistics service providing company.

iThink Logistics Vs Shiprocket: A Brief Comparison

Rate Comparison

Shiprocket offers the lowest shipping rate of ₹22 per 500 gm as opposed to ₹38 per 500 gm by iThink Logistics. You can further reduce RTOs by 2-5% with Shiprocket via an automated workflow and delivering undelivered orders in real-time.

Feature Comparison

Both shipping solutions provide comprehensive coverage and optimized operations that run both in domestic as well as foreign terrains. Along with wide coverage, you can enjoy a hassle-free shipping experience with priority guidance and support provided by Shiprocket’s key account manager.

Equipped with the Platinum & Gold plans, your account manager will take care of your financial aspects, NDRs, and assist you with everything concerning your shipments.

Seller Support

Both iThink Logistics and Shiprocket run optimized operations in domestic as well as foreign terrains, with the means of real-time tracking for checking the status of shipments.

Platform Features

Shiprocket and iThink Logistics heavily invest in the maximum ease of operations. Through its Courier Recommendation Engine (abbreviated as CORE), Shiprocket allows you to pick the right courier partner for your shipments by considering variables such as delivery time, freight rate, customer satisfaction, etc.

You can moreover benefit from an improved business cycle with Shiprocket’s Early COD remittance for unrestricted cash flow. You can avail the benefit of receiving COD remittance within 2 days of order delivery. You can further benefit from Shiprocket’s rate calculator that makes estimating freight costs beforehand easy.


Now since you are acquainted with an unbiased comparison of the indispensable features of both Shiprocket and iThink Logistics, it’s easier to select the right shipping and logistics platform for your business. Explore more features of Shiprocket here.

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