How pros use snapchat to drive Sales?


Marketing and Snapchat go hand in hand. Snapchat is no longer an ambiguous little social network. At present, Snapchat has more than $100 million active users which makes it the third most popular social network platform among the millennial. With a net value of $16 billion, the marketers are elbowing their way through and are taking measures by way of their campaigns to get an adhesion on the audiences.


Snapchat for all

Not just the big organizations but the mid-sized or even the small businesses are adopting the use of Snapchat in the game. Well, here we have presented a few facts about this immensely popular mobile app that very well justifies this statement.

  • About 30% of the US millennial use Snapchat on everyday basis.
  • 77% of college going students have regular access to Snapchat.
  • On an average, 9000 snaps are shared on Snapchat every second.
  • Snapchat is the first social media app to make use of the full-screen video.
  • As of 1st March 2016, Snapchat had 8 billion daily video views (which is an escalation of 38% ever since the commencement of 2016).
  • Some 58% of the Snapchat users are likely to make a purchase from a brand which sent them a coupon code via Snapchat.

Looking at the trend, several companies have begun using Snapchat as a quintessential part of their marketing mix which has brought forth a breakthrough of up to 3000%.

Tips to drive sales using Snapchat

1. Contests


We all love contests, don’t we? Contests are unquestionably an ideal way not just to reward and recognize the followers but also to get them abreast with the new social networking platform. Whenever a new Snapchat account is created, you’ll want to shout out about it to your fans. So, what’s the best way to do so? Host a competition that has a giveaway but they get to win it only when they follow you. Unlike, Facebook where the contests largely revolve around likes and shares, the Snapchat has video and photo options built in. This definitely means that you can encourage your audience to do a whole lot more than just being creative while doing it. Cross-promoting the contests across other platforms is also a nice way to curate your community on Snapchat. Once the contest is successful you can give away the gift to the winner but don’t forget to follow up the winner and show it to the world what they are doing with the product. So, that means you have more future posts with it.

2. Sneak Peeks and EXCLUSIVES!


In case you are coming up with any new service or product that you want to share with the world, go ahead do it. But how? Create a small 10-second sneak peak and share it with your fans and followers at Snapchat. This way you can encourage even the others to join the league and follow you. You can further, strike the interest of the audience by providing them with the content that is only known to them and no one else. You can actually get them excited by letting them know that they’ll be the few lucky ones to get their hands on the products. Speaking about content, the publishing giant Penguin came up with a campaign last year and it instantly became a sensation when the company announced to the fans that they could get exclusive content from the book if they created snaps and messages throughout the promotion. This kept the engagement level high. As a result, this book became a best-selling girl online series.

3. Referrals


For those who wish to continue reaping long-term benefits from Snapchat, you’ll want as many followers as possible. So, how do you do that? The only way to make this possible is by nudging your existing followers to recommend you to their circle of friends. It is simple to do. You can post a snap and add a story to it. Caption it in a way that people share it with their friends or family or perhaps anyone who may be interesting in your products. Reward your followers every time they bring a new follower to you.

4. Offering coupons & discounts


Offering coupons and discounts is definitely one of the most recurring practices used by brands to drive more sales. Whenever a customer sees a snap they know it is going to be a limited period offer so they’ll have to act quickly if they want the deal. This time sensitivity of the snaps nudges the customers to make an immediate purchase. It can be a good idea to provide the audience with coupons and discounts that will vanish in 24-hour span. This also gives you enough content for each day

Prerequisites for coupons and discounts

  • Use crisp and simple language.
  • Include a call to action and keep it subtle.
  • Offer a deal on the product that is just newly released.
  • Keep some deals for premium members.
  • Don’t make the coupons way too frequent. You wouldn’t want to lose the surprise element!

Going behind-the-scenes

Engage the customers by letting them know what is happening behind the curtains. You can Snapchat your updates, meet up and events for a deeper connection. Add it to your story feature in a consecutive sequence and make sure the video quality or the graphics is not low.  Grittier it is, the better it is going to be.

Have your INFLUENCERS take over!

Research and find out who are some of the kings and queens of Snapchat. Have them take over your account for a few days, sometimes even a week. In case you aren’t sure who the relevant influencer is, you can use Fame bit and have the influencers promote your brand.



Unlike Facebook or Instagram, the snaps that you share on Snapchat don’t always need to be pretty. They don’t have to be your best shots. It doesn’t even need to be half as perfect. This also happens to be the best thing about Snapchat. So, all you got to do is take your video or pictures add a simple message or text to it and you’re done. You can even snap once or twice to add additional effects to it, Simple, isn’t it? So, go ahead, create your campaign and boost the sales.

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