Kickass Tips To Save Shipping Costs And Earn More Customers

save shipping cost

You have awesome products to sell. Still, getting orders has become a daunting task for you. Why? Have you ever thought of it? Do you know that 67% of online store lose customers because of high, unpredictable shipping cost. Shipping is surely an additional expense. However, you cannot compromise with its quality. Also, you cannot expect your customer to bear its expense. Therefore, you need to know some useful techniques on how to save shipping cost.
For a budget-friendly way to send your merchandise across India, consider these key tips:

Tip #1: Shop Around For Economical And Perfect Shipping Company

Different shipping and freight companies offer a quote. Compare the rates to get the best deal. Of course, cost should not be the only metric for hiring a shipping company, as you also would want to focus on the quality and reputation of the company. So, get the price quotes from several different reliable shippers to make an educated hiring decision.

Tip #2: Be Smart on Shipping Your Item- Automated Shipping

Alternatively, to save shipping cost without compromising on the quality, you can go for automated shipping solution, which offer reliable, prompt, and scalable, automated shipping system for merchants to ship and track their orders, and successfully manage their inventories and shopping carts. Also, it fits right into your budget.

With this automated shipping, you not only save shipping cost, but time as well as you don’t need to go out and search for courier companies. Also, you can generate pickup easily on their admin panel.

So, How Does It Actually Work?

The automated shipping system allows merchants to create a shipment via the user-friendly web interface of the courier and logistic companies. Create labels for product and shipping destination, schedule pickups, send email notifications to customers regarding their order, and pay online for the shipment- all this and more from a single platform.

Automated shipping solutions are centralized and thus you can monitor and manage the shipment from any remote location, and inform your customers on the status of package delivery.

An automated shipping system drastically controls the overhead business expenses, which you as a merchant can use to develop your core business competencies and further expand your business.

Tip #3: Consider the Right Way to Pack and Ship Items

If shipping merchandise to the same geographic location, you can pack several different items into a single package. However, ensure that they are packaged properly in bubble wraps and thermocol sheets, lest the chance of delivering a damaged package becomes high. Now, you wouldn’t want to spoil your robust brand image with a faulty product, would you?

Thus, when your items are packed tightly and you use light-weight packaging materials like cardboard, you will have a lighter and smaller package to send. This can help you save shipping cost as well.

These top tips help to save shipping cost and deliver your shipments to any location in India or offshore, while taking care of safe and prompt delivery of the item. Now don’t fear expanding your product line on your web store for the fear of breaking the bank due to killing shipping costs, because now you have the ammo to deal with the problem, don’t you?

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