Wish To Sell On Marketplace? Commit These Mistakes To Fail Easily!

sell on marketplace

The world of ecommerce is blooming these days. Instead of brick & mortar store, people are willing to start selling their products online. Despite of greater reach and low investment (as compare to traditional form of selling goods), many people still find it risky to set up their very own online business. Unless and until, they create a brand of their products or get a free online store, many sellers prefer to sell on marketplace.

With the ever-increasing number of marketplaces (& their funding), they are the #1 choice for any ecommerce starter. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to spend money on marketing. Marketplace biggies like Amazon, Snapdeal, eBay has already spent tons of money on their marketing that there is very less concern left for you to take. These sites get millions of visitors every day and the number has increased with the number of mobile app users. This is the reason that many users are inclined to sell on marketplace.

However, it is not as easy as it seems to be. There are many sellers who commit deadly mistakes, which makes it extremely difficult to list their products on these marketplaces or sell them. What are these mistakes? Let’s find out!

1) Not Understanding Site’s Terms & Conditions

Many sellers complain that they were not every able to list their products on their favorite marketplace. There could be only reason behind this that you failed to understand or fulfil their terms and conditions. Right from registering with more than one seller account to putting products on wrong categories, there are various rules for product listing. These rules differ from various marketplaces. Remember to follow them religiously if you wish to sell on marketplace.

2) Pointing Marketplace Buyers to Your Site

If you have an ecommerce website as well and you are trying to use marketplace to promote your online store, then you are committing a big mistake. Marketplaces detectors are very strong and they will instantly track you, in case you put any URL link of your site on these marketplace. From product name, description to even comments and reviews, everything is closely moderated.

3) Not Writing an Attractive and Complete Product Description

Your product description is the face of your product. Your description and images is the most important thing. While you wish to sell on marketplace, don’t forget to write an amazing product description, which provides every detail to your customer, which might come to his/her mind during the purchase. Keep it crisp and try to speak more with lesser words. Don’t you forget the keywords for search engine.

4) Keeping the Same Product Description or Price a Long Time

No matter how many products you have sold, it is necessary to alter it from time to time if you don’t wish to compromise your number of sales. Change your product description, in case it is not complete or there is a need to tell your customer something more about the product. Regarding the price, don’t forget your competitors, ever! Before deciding the price of the product and even after you sell on marketplace, research about your competitors and the price that they are offering. You need to lower down your prices or atleast close enough to sell your product.

5) Just Sell on Marketplace? Not Enough!

Another mistake that many marketplace sellers make it that they only rely on these marketplaces. This might be great for money making, but not really feasible if you wish to make your mark online. It is necessary to have an online store of your own where you can increase your brand visibility along with selling products. And surely you will be making more profits, as you don’t have to pay for marketplace charges or commission.

Do you sell on marketplaces? Share your suggestions and stories. Leave your comments below!

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  1. Rajarshi Guha Reply

    Quite a good article, its better have a own site and also sell on market place. The larger presence gives a better visibility

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