Selling on eBay: Getting Started!

selling on ebay

E-Commerce industry has witnessed a massive explosion in its growth in the last decade. It has led to many businesses selling their products and services online, while simultaneously strengthening their brand recognition in the industry. More customers are willing to make purchases online, which have led to a collaboration of international vendors with domestic ones.

With the merger of technology and business today, the market is flooded with established and popular web stores, and one such platform is eBay. Established in 1995 in San Jose, California, eBay has since witnessed an exponential growth with its ever-growing customer base, its increasing product inventories, and its image as a versatile brand. This U.S. based company has successfully managed to create an international presence in the South Asian markets including UK, Europe, and Australia. Now vendors cater to customers spread around the globe, all thanks to eBay!

With KartRocket, you can easily sell on eBay and get your product listed on India’s most popular marketplaces. Also, you can manage the product and import order to ship using ShipRocket. To know the steps involved in integrating your online store with eBay, click here.

Benefits of Selling on eBay

Sell More. Earn More

eBay is a big and popular Indian marketplace with thousands of new users every day. If you sell on eBay along with your own online store, you are selling more and hence, earning more.

The Best of Both Worlds

While selling on your online store helps to build a brand and lets your customer know more about your brand; selling on eBay will help you sell more. This way, you get the best of branding as well as selling.

Easy Listing

With KartRocket, listing and managing your products is quite easy. A simple API integration and you can automatically sync your products and orders.

Product Listing for Free

You don’t need to pay a single penny to KartRocket for product listing or syncing orders. There is no upfront payment. So, you can sit back and relax and just enjoying selling your products more.

No Marketing Hassle

Since, eBay is a well known marketplace, you don’t need to spend any money on the marketing of your products listed on eBay. All the marketing hassle is taken care by eBay itself.

What Can You Sell On eBay?

Here are the most popular eBay categories:

1) Electronics Products like laptop, game consoles, TV, mobile, amplifiers, music players, cameras.

2) Fashion like suits, handbags, wedding dress, shoes, backpack, dresses, lingerie, etc.

3) Collectibles like toys, action figures, stamps, coins, etc.

How Can I Sell More on eBay?

With millions of customers and sellers under a single platform, it can be a daunting task to get you up among the crowd to sell more. That’s among the major cons of selling on eBay. However, you can improve your sales by following these steps:

Carefully Choose Product Category

It is quite possible that the product category of your online store might be different to that of eBay. Make sure that you choose the product category carefully before listing so that your product is shown to your potential customer easily.

Price It Right

As mentioned above, there are millions of competing sellers waiting for you with similar products and feature. To make your product sell more, you need to price your product correctly or offer such a deal, which cannot be ignored by the visitors.

Unique is Good

Do you offer something unique which no other seller offers? Then, there is a huge chance that visitors will love to check your products. Selling different products at a good price is always a successful tactic when you are selling on eBay.

Great Images Go a Long Way

For online shoppers, product images are the second most important thing to entice more buyers. Choose a product image which instantly attracts your buyer and provoke them to buy more. Among the thousands of products, a good image will turn the focus of many customers.

Selling on eBay is simple if you keep these pointers in mind. So, get started now and boost your business or individual sales on eBay!

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