Is Your Shipping Area Helping You In Proper Shipping Management?

shipping management

With the huge number roaring the success of ecommerce, there is no doubt that more and more wannabe entrepreneurs is opting for opening an online store and start selling products. Even if they have the best products, amazing deals and beautiful website, you would never like to leave behind with shipping. To avoid any delays or hamper your status in the market, you need a proper shipping management tips.

For minimum shipping delays and effective shipping management, your shipping area plays a vital role. If you have the best automated shipping solution to take care of your labeling, invoice and pick up worries, shipping area or warehouse is one thing that, as an entrepreneur, you need to take care of. Whether you carry out 10 shipments or 100000 shipments in a day, managing your shipping area properly will surely enhance your efficiency.

Let’s check out some of the effective measures for warehouse and shipping management.

1) Increase Area for Easy Supply of Most Popular Products

Surely, it is important, but the major question is how? Well, you must be aware of the most popular products, which are ordered again and again. Keep them nearer to the pickup point so that they are easy to access. Don’t forget to keep all the packaging material (some spare as well) ready beforehand to avoid any last minute rush. In case of some big sale or holidays, you can also pre-pack them to save some more time.

2) Keep the Shipping Area Well Labeled For Better Shipping Management

If you have less number of product or product type, this might not be very necessary. However, if you have numerous products in your store, it is recommended to divide your storage area and label it properly so that you can easily find your products. This applies for your labels, packaging material, scissors, tape, etc. If possible, create a map and distribute it among your employees so that they can easily locate the product, when needed. You surely don’t want to waste time looking for products. You can update this labeling whenever you add any new product.

3) Store Products To Minimize Time And Maximize Productivity

Take proper time to plan and decide which product goes where. As mentioned above, keep the most popular products nearby to the pickup point. Other than this, keep the heave items on the lower shelf so that your employees are easier to access it, whenever needed. Maintain a parent-child category and keep your products accordingly. For example, you can create a section for apparels and then further divide it into women, men, kids. Now, for women apparels, you can further divide the section into tops, lowers, suits, and so on. This will make it extremely easy for your employees to find product and take it to the shipping are quickly.

4) Choose a Feasible Location for Your Warehouse

You might have started your business from your home, but sooner or later, you will require a bigger storage space for your products. Make sure that you look for a place that is not too far away from the main city. I understand that the budget has surely become a constraint in such situation. However, you can try to locate your warehouse as feasible as possible. This will make the pickup easily and the shipments will reach to your customers faster.

5) Keep Your Shipping Area Clean and Neat

If you want to lay emphasis on perfect shipping management, then you need to keep your shipping area neat and clean. This not only applies for dirt free, better division and clear passage area. But, it also refers that you ship the correct product to the correct customer. Keep a close watch on what goes where. Recheck the shipments. You will not want to see the drama of our upset company yelling at you for delivering the wrong product. Keep track of shipping labels, invoices, receipts, etc. You can also go for automated shipping solution to better track.

Reviewing your warehouse is never a bad idea. It eases the shipping hassle and helps you in proper shipping management. It is surely worth the effort.

Is your shipping area properly organized? Did these points help you? We would love to know. Leave your comments below.

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