Use Unboxing Videos To Target Online Customers !

If you have ever hoarded the recesses of the video output giant, YouTube, you might probably be well aware that the search engine for videos is filled with an exorbitant number of unboxing videos. All this time, while you have enjoyed watching these videos from the start till the end, have you really felt the need to appreciate the fact that these videos are the most watched among other videos on the platform!


What is an unboxing video?

For those of you, who are reading this term for the first time, an unboxing video is basically a tape of an individual, usually seen unwrapping a packaging that could be anything from a high end phone to a simple toy. What happens in the duration of the two or three minute long video is that this individual makes an attempt to unveil the contents of the product and also offer some explanations about the features of the product.

Here is the perfect example of an unboxing video of the latest iPhone 7, for you to get a grip of the idea behind this magnificent tool.


Some interesting statistics behind unboxing videos

  • Unboxing videos are a phenomenal feature that has struck the internet revolution and is growing exponentially every year, marked by a 50 percent rise every year.
  • Viewers see unboxing videos as a great source of first hand information on a product, ultimately aiding their decision, whether or not to go for it.
  • More than 60 percent of the buyer base in many industries, who are first time users of a particular product, come from a positive lead from unboxing videos.
  • Whether it is the fashion industry or technology industry, unboxing videos are a marketing tool that spans a wide area of categories.
  • Unboxing videos never go out of the trend or become irrelevant, as they are seen by users even after a long time since that product was first introduced.

It is easy to decipher that unboxing videos are relevant and thrive all year round for almost any product category. So the question that now remains is, how exactly can you use the concept of unboxing videos to drive sales for your Ecommerce platform, product or business?

Understand how to make use of an unboxing video as a marketing tool

The first thing that needs to be done before you plan to implement unboxing videos for your products or business, is to understand why it is an essential tool that should be employed by you. It is easy to comprehend the benefits of unboxing videos.

How is an unboxing video useful?

  • Firstly, an unboxing videos works in the interest of your customer, by making him feel comfortable about purchasing your product, in spite of not having seen or touched it. The unique and authentic first hand experience and account that comes from someone through an unboxing video is irreplaceable.
  • Next, an unboxing video allows your customer to feel connected with your product as he is able to view himself, in place of the individual in the video, unboxing the product, It feels almost as if he himself has brought the product and is now unboxing it.
  • Most people go easily by the views expressed in an unboxing video as they are seen as an honest account from real users and buyers across the world.

So, if you have a product or a business that needs an uplift, perhaps, you can try implementing unboxing videos with your existing marketing campaign to get buyers. Although the idea behind these videos is quite lucrative, what really needs to be manifested at this point is the fact that one can reap the benefits of unboxing videos only if used correctly. So, how exactly to make these unboxing videos worthy of your investment?

Make it easier for your customer to buy the product 

The saying holds true, one can really act under haste when he is impressed with something. While an unboxing video displays the product and its features to your customer, you can place an advertisement of the product itself, right next to the video. The aim is to readily serve the product to the customer so that he can proceed to purchase it instantly. There is a high chance that on being able to view the product as quickly, the customer will go for it.

Make your product worthy of an unboxing video

When do you really feel the thrill of unboxing your order? You would agree that a plain plastic packaging never really made for an impressive impression in your mind, did it? Also, how do you feel when you are surprised with additional goodies inside your order, right when you least expected them? So here lies the clue. In order to impress your customers with unboxing videos from other users, it makes sense that the product and its packaging should be designed such that it can hold onto the customers attention while he watches it, instead of switching over to another web page on his browser. Also, make sure that the next time your customer orders the product, he gets the exact same satisfaction, in terms of the products and extra goodies.

Incentivise your customers to create unboxing videos

There wouldn’t be any unboxing videos to watch if none of your customers are giving their feedback in the form of a video. You need an aggressive marketing campaign and benefits for the customers in order to encourage them to make unboxing videos, which can then be displayed to your customers.


The internet technology is thriving on a combined resource sharing and marketing tools to enhance user engagement and attention. Why not add to all those efforts and give your customers something extra to keep themselves busy with? Unboxing videos are a great means to draw more users and customers to your business or Ecommerce platform. It is also an instant means of engaging users to your product. Use these to display genuine feedbacks that your users are highly likely to believe.


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How to grow Instagram followers in 10 simple ways?

Instagram is one of the most popular social networks in the current times. People are sharing millions of photos and videos each day with their friends, family, and even strangers. Even brands have jumped onto the bandwagon to make the most out of the opportunity and have a presence where people are. However, we all crave followers to promote our brand on Instagram. Growing followers is not a simple task on any social network but with the right techniques, you can manifold them eventually.

Virality is usually considered as the cornerstone of gaining a large number of followers but it can be a fad which can give you short-lived popularity. However, if you correctly tweak a few things and make significant efforts, the abundance of followers will never be a problem for you to face again on Instagram.

10 Tips to Grow followers on Instagram

Sponsored Ads

A recent study by Fortune magazine reported that people are two and a half times more likely to click on an Instagram ad in comparison with other social network’s ads. This in itself is such a huge opportunity to promote your brand or products. You can get a user’s attention and show them what you want them to see. Instagram provides you a huge audience and also the tools you need to target your own audience. If you directly want people to hop onto your site or profile, this is the way to go.

Use popular hashtags

Twitter revolutionized hashtags but Instagram built it into its own system in such a great way that people are making the most out of it. When you are about to post a picture or a video, add relevant hashtags to your caption. You can also create a brand or campaign specific hashtag that you can ask your followers to use. This will help you in reaching new users who might be interested in your brand. Be cautious with the usage of too many hashtags or irrelevant ones just as a means of spamming.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts is another tool provided by Instagram which will help you in reaching much more people than organic means. If you feel that a picture of yours can bring in a lot of followers if it gets a better reach, don’t hesitate to sponsor the post. Most marketers think that the sponsored posts in Instagram tend to get a lot of reaches and more importantly, users that convert. If you post pictures on trending topics, sponsoring them might give you a good reach.

Instagram stories

Stories are a new feature on Instagram and you must explore it to see how it can reap you benefits you had not previously known. Although the feature is a rip-off of Snapchat, brands and users are using it on a daily basis. The response to stories has been phenomenal as well. If you need to gain more followers and more importantly retain them, you can put out stories frequently to keep your users engaged. Instagram stories can be really interesting if you use them right.

Organize contests

Organizing contests is the good old way to gain hordes of new followers in return. You first need to figure out what your audience is excited about and then organize a contest along that lines. In the instructions, you may ask your existing followers to repost your picture or contest details to be eligible. This is certainly a great way to gain many new followers which have worked not only on Instagram but on all the other social media platforms.

Post consistently

Consistency is the key to building a loyal base of followers on Instagram. You can’t just post for once and go amiss for the next few days. You need to keep posting consistently and moreover, they need to be relevant to your existing followers. Whenever a new user explores a profile, consistency is something they all notice. Even for the current followers, consistency in posting pictures and videos will retain them. The best way of doing this is scheduling the posts on Instagram.

Product reviews

Sharing product reviews through your Instagram account can give a huge boost to the followers count. It is a unique way to gain followers and interest users which were discovered by some brands and users recently. It seems to work in a positive way and the statistics show that users are highly inclined towards viewing product reviews. Thus, you can post reviews of products that you feel that your users might be interested in.

Share pictures

This is one of the most important advice in the world of social media. Sharing relatable pictures not only gets you more followers but also lets you have more likes on your posts on Instagram. There is no point in posting pictures or videos that no one cares about. Try to find out the core things your followers are interested about and post about similar things in the future. You can also analyze how your previous posts have performed and post accordingly.

Follow others

One way to show that you exist is by following the person you want to be followed by. Although it might not be a good way to gain a lot of followers but getting attention by a few good users can be important as well. You can try following relevant people and most of the times, they will follow you back. You must certainly not follow someone just because you want a follow back, you must do it because you are interested in that person’s pictures. Also, Instagram will suggest your profile to other similar users who have mutual followers.

Write stellar captions

Not many people understand the importance of writing extraordinary captions. It can simply amplify what you want to mean with your pictures. Instagram is a place for you to share your pictures and videos but the captions can work wonders if written in a right way. You can explain your intention with the picture through captions and also they must be detailed for your users to understand.


It might not be an easy task to massively grow followers on Instagram overnight but just like all good things, it will take its gradual course. By trying out a combination of the above tips or all of them, you can definitely start off on a good note on your quest to gain followers on Instagram. You also need to figure out what works for you and focus on it more. Instagram is a great platform to be on and having a good amount of followers can be a real asset to have. Go ahead and reach out to the users who would love to follow you.

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Simple ways to manage the seasonal supply chain!

Many businesses are often tied to a specific festive season. For example, if you are someone who sells Halloween costumes then October is the time when you receive a massive demand for costumes. Similarly if you are vendor who sells decorative lights, Diwali and Christmas are the peak time when you experience massive demand for your goods. Likewise many businesses are connected to a specific festive seasons and it is important to know how to handle the demand fluctuations and maintain supply chain consistently. Here are some tips listed below that might help you maintain the regular supply of your products even during the festive rush.

Understanding your customers

Knowing your target audience and evaluation of their needs is one of the primary things you should keep in mind. Before the onset of any business, entrepreneurs must dedicate a period of time for the research regarding your potential target audience. Their demands and wants out of your kind of product. How does he/she like their delivery, how much you can cater to an audience at a period of time? If you are a whole seller then your plan of action differs from a retailer’s plan of action. Knowing the wants and the needs of your client and a detailed client study is pretty vital for any kind of entrepreneur.

Predicting and planning of supply when a boom in demand occurs

A business must essentially figure out and plan in advance the necessary steps it must undertake when a boom in the demand occurs. Questions like type of products, type of customers, whether minimum order hamper your planning horizon, things to do and keep in hand when a sudden demand occurs. Maintaining a backup stock in cash of heavy demand, whether the rate of replenishment in stock is faster than the rate of demand. All these are the basic bullet points businesses must keep in mind prior to a boom phase.

Regulate the supply chain

After you are done establishing the customer needs, how to meet the boom in demand, and planned out a detailed working of how to maintain your stock and supply them via distribution points. The next big job is to track, divert and relocate to maintain a supply chain devoid of any interruptions. While doing so you must keep in mind the kind of collaboration you have with your suppliers, the transparency within each other, whether you have the kind of relationship with the suppliers so that you are notified on a prior basis in case on any disruptions in the delivery of the product. And subsequently issues like how much of advance time you might need to finish the special packaging before the holiday season on the basis of initial demands. If there is a transparency and clear visibility into all these issues then there is a guarantee for you to maintain a regular supply chain even during the festive season.

An absolute hold of the process

In order to ensure an absolute hold in the entire process one must achieve the understanding the nuances of customer behavior and demand, maintaining multiple supply chains solutions, production and delivery information to you as well as the customers. If you have knowledge and working of all these things you will be adept react to unexpected changes in demand. In case of inability to meet the delivery of a product, if the customer is supplies with prior information of such and promised a portion of the order instead then it will help build better relationships with the client and it will prevent small inefficiencies to turn into deal breakers. With the correct information, technology and processes you can achieve absolute hold over the whole system instead of the system taking control over you.

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Real time big data is a real deal maker for supply chains!

As boring as the topic may sound, let me inform you that Supply chain is something we all are a part of. As soon as you recycle the old bag of newspaper or the crate of old glass bottles or simply a milk carton you end a particular supply chain. Yeah, that’s right! Without the existence of supply chains consumers would have to use products which they only grow with their hands. Yes the issue is pretty intriguing.

And in order to maintain supply chains many companies are falling back on Big Data Solutions. It is believed that Big Data will be able to make these supply chains more efficient, reduce costs and facilitate analytics that will help in swift decision making and risk management and companies will no longer be needed to rely on age old historical data. Hence businesses that adopt Real Time Data is introduced to a plethora of advantages like:

Clear picture of demand

Companies can now foresee delay in the demand, predict the slowdowns and be introduced to growing trends around the globe so that they may make changes accordingly. Real time data allows a greater insight into the push and pull of demands cycles that occur due to various reasons such as changing trends, emergence of complimenting goods and even political reasons.

Understanding and improving inefficiencies of the system

With continuous and systematic flow of information companies have the privilege to understand the minute inefficiencies of the system and fix them and hence make the process subsequently more efficient. Studies have shown Big Data analytics in operations have led to a 4.25 time improvement rate in order to cycle delivery times and a 2.6 times increase of supply chain efficiency. In fact Accenture as a company has revealed that embedding Big Data into supply chains operations has accelerated supply chain process by 1.3 times more. (source:

Help in strategizing

Companies now have now all the technical help and support that will help them strategize and plan out how to function during festive deadlines. Big Data is being infused into optimization of tools, prediction of demand, and evaluation of risk analytics. These are the points that Deloitte has found and form the basis of their recent study. (source:

Optimization of delivery networks

According to studies by The Boston Consulting Group (source: they have showed detailed studies of how geoanalytics is being used to merge two delivery networks and also the optimization of the same. The combination of geoanalytics and Big Data could help in the reduction of cable TV tech wait times and increase service accuracy- a challenge that is faced by most companies across the globe.

Improvement in supplier quality from supplier audit

IBM has been successful in developing a quality-warning system that is instrumental in detection and defining framework that takes care of quality problem, putting it in the priority list. This has increased supplier quality with the help of Big Data.(source:

Increase in trace-ability

Big Data has shown the potential to improve trace-ability and shown reduction in the loss if hours trying to re access and managing databases of where products need to be monitored and recalled. All the while making Big Data’s contribution all more significant.

Better customer relationships

With the help of real time flow customers may be informed in advance about the delays and cancellations of products beforehand and hence this kind of transparency and honesty will help build up a better relationship with the customers.

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Supply chain cloud computing is growing momentum!

In spite of cloud technology been around for over 20 years now, many businesses have been hesitant to move from traditional systems. The industry’s shift to cloud technology is merely budding by the rate of growth is tremendous. Computing a product is the ability to closely track it throughout its life cycle. A cloud based management program undertaken by a company enables them to cut down on lost products as it can locate a shipment at any stage of transportation. It enables to make quicker decisions and communicate in a more effective basis in order to reroute a misdirected shipment. The reasons behind this momentum growth in cloud computing are of the various advantages it provides:

The issue of scalability

With the changing times, businesses too need to evolve their IT systems to meet with the necessary needs of the times. Cloud Computing enables or gives the facility to scale without having to overhaul the entire system. Cloud computing works even if there is a massive expansion in the company as it has the off cite computing power to meet with the growth needs.

The point of immediacy

While most software take up months to get installed into the already existing IT systems of your company whereas Cloud computing can be at your service within a couple of weeks. All you have to do is to contact any Cloud supply chain management software provider who take care of the data migration and also assist you in the same.

Curtails costs

Due to its demand and its immediate action and installment, scalability doesn’t need a big hole in the pocket which we often see in IT systems. It is always fun and satisfying when you can deliver more in less amount. In fact IT departments allocate only 11% of their budgets to new applications. (source:

Improve efficiency

While adopting to cloud computing, you can shift team members from system management to ongoing needs as you no longer depend on information management on internal resources. Product innovations and improvement can be achieved with lesser employees.


As obvious there is much less need of physical systems and their limitations they come with. Cloud computing requires no employees to be present on site to access information. Within few minutes everyone can download all necessary files on any device and can conduct business from anywhere.

Onboarding and flexibility issues

While adopting cloud computing, difficulties that arise due onboarding process of new trade partners can be avoided as access to new information is much easier in cloud computing management making the process smoother and easier. Cloud base services are also flexible in the terms that they can connect everyone in the supply chain. With the help of geoanalytics cloud computing services can help you track slow moving shipments and delivery networks in the chain. You also have the choice to collaborate moves and automate tasks.

Optimization of tasks

Cloud computing services allow you to increase integration and adoption of services across the entire organization. Reports have said that 46% of surveyed professionals have confessed that greater dependence on cloud computing services have led to problems being been solved twice as faster. Which have invariably led to increase in product development, market expansion and reduction of overall costs that have improved all in all the entire ability of the organization. (source:

ShipRocket is India’s best logistics software, which offers you automated shipping solution. Using this, you can ship anywhere in India and abroad using the best courier company and at discounted rates.

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Steps to Prevent Rack Damage Before It Is Too Late

The warehouses managed by different companies do consist of racks which are needed to store goods. Rack Damage is one of the common issues which are faced by these storage centers. In the recent past, there have been numerous reports where damaged racks have created a lot of hassle putting goods as well as people in danger. Prevention is always better than cure which must be realized by these warehouse owners. There must be proper measures which should be taken in order to spot damaged racks and replacing them with reliable ones. Let us focus on some of the essential points which should be followed in order to curb rack damage incidents.

rack damage preventions

Rack Design

  • The best prevention method is to work on the initial design of the rack. You need to consider certain aspects such as wide aisles and boxed front columns.
  • The warehouse owners must act sensible when it comes to planning the structure of these racks.
  • Column guards along with rub rails are quite necessary for handling all types of conditions such as in freezers. Moreover, one must also keep in mind the inventory that needs to be stored in these racks. Planning out the design according to the products is indeed a smart step.
  • The inclusion of intersections is required in order to enhance strength.
  • Only trust a reputed dealer who is capable of designing a rack system as per your needs.

Check Measures

It is important that the racks are checked time to time. This is a good prevention measure before any damage occurs. You can hire a local rack expert or ask any of the staff members at the warehouse to perform an inspection. Ask the expert to spot the damaged racks by analyzing each and every component. To rate if the rack is damaged or not, certain pointers must be considered:

  • If the deflection is more than 1/8” from the front and ¼” lateral deflection. On the cross brace the deflection must be more than 3/8”. These are conditions when the upright should be taken out of service.
  • Check if the base plates are broken along with loose anchor bolts. Sheared or twisted uprights require immediate repair.
  • Do not miss to check pallet weights along with rack capacities.

Loading of Racks

  • While loading the racks the drivers or workers must take good care. These racks must be properly labeled with specific load tolerance limits. The drivers must be trained in order to stack loads perfectly by managing the weight in the center.
  • Common sense does come into play when heavier goods are placed in the racks. Such goods that are high on weight must be managed in the lower rack levels. Moreover, the rack uprights should be designed according to the heaviest weight pallets.

Proper lighting and visibility

  • There are certain simple precautions which can surely prevent huge mishaps with warehouse racks. A lot depends on the driver’s visibility so that he can carefully load the racks. Banging into the racks is not at all good.
  • There must be proper lighting in the aisle so that the driver can have a good view of the racks.
  • Convex mirrors with wide angles can be fixed on the forklift or at the ends of aisle. This will give the forklift drivers a better judgment of the surroundings which simultaneously will prevent any sort of mishap.

Protection of Racks

You simply cannot ignore protective measures for your racks. Though these racks are designed to be tough but some form of protection is indeed needed in order to keep them going. What if a forklift hits the rack? Surely the rack will face great level of damage. There are certain options which can be selected to prevent any sort of major loss. You can choose end of aisle guards or post protectors that are very efficient. Moreover, low profile rack guards can also be selected. You can get these guards designed as per the structure of your racks. It is better to take the help of experts who have good knowledge about these storing units.

Final Say:

Warehouses are always busy and filled with goods. You can call them as the hazardous centers where accidents can happen anytime due to a minor mistake. The warehouse owners need to plan things properly so as to avoid these mishaps. The above stated points are quite beneficial in order to understand the complications related to racks and how to ensure their safety. You can employ a particular set of people who are in-charge for supervising these racks. Maintenance must also be given top priority so that these racks can be utilized for a longer duration.

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Tips to maximize the benefits of shared warehousing!

Are you on a lookout for a solution where you can store your products, cater to your storage requirements and minimize your spending? Shared warehousing space can definitely fit in all these requirements.

In case you want a warehouse that will cater to all your supply chain needs, it is obvious for you to have certain reservations about sharing your product space with other products in one building. It is true that there are certain disadvantages of shared warehousing however, its advantages definitely exceed the disadvantages.

Here let’s take a look at 5 benefits of shared warehousing.

5 Benefits of Shared Warehousing

1. Cost
When you share a warehouse space, you are sharing the cost of the warehouse with all the clients. This in a way can reduce the overall expenses that you have to bear on this warehousing. You as a company needs to pay only for the space that you occupy.

2. Shared Resources
There are certain warehouses that offer special storage needs like refrigerated space and controlled temperature, if needed. Be assured that your products will be correctly and carefully stored in the warehouse under the requisite certifications that they have to meet.

3. Industry Knowledge
A third party logistics with shared warehousing has employees that are exposed to different products. They indeed have knowledge and experience with niche industries.

4. Expertise
With shared warehousing you will always have access to the state of the art management system and warehouse. The third party logistics that are associated with shared warehousing are well aware about managing the freight rightly along with other things such as KPIs and online reporting.

5. Security
Shared warehousing will always have security guards on duty, round the clock. Further, to avoid the security concerns there is IT infrastructure, WMS, CCTV cameras, and alike. So, be assured that your products are in the best hands and under the toughest security.

These are some general benefits that you can acquire on your shared warehousing. However, it is quintessential for you to make the most of these benefits. So, here we have come up with tips to maximize the benefits of shared warehousing.

Tips to maximize the benefits

1. Deeply analyze the Key Performing Indicators (KPIs)
This is going to take a substantial amount of time. You have to think through and through to determine how you would want to measure the success of your business. If you fail to do so, you’ll not be able to assess the value of the relationship both for yourself and the executives. The common mistake made by most is having a single KPI. Usually this single KPI is keeping the transaction cost to minimum. This may lead to several quality hassles and encourage shortcuts. Often in the long run this may increase the cost involved in other areas such as reworks, chargebacks, etc.

2. Present an absolute business profile
To be able to get the right transaction rate, one needs to have the right information so as to build an error free order profile. A lot of shippers may not have the time or the staff to break through and offer the needed data. This could be one reason why they end up relying on the sub standard, system generated reports. Thus, in order to avoid unnecessary errors, discretion and ambiguities, it is important to provide a complete business profile.

3. Communicate the business changes well in advance
Communication demands time, dedication and integrity. You cannot just communicate everything over night and expect brilliant results. It is going to take time and is a continuous, free flowing process. The brighter side is, when the communication is proper, it pays off multi fold both in increasing the productivity and decreasing the costs.

For instance, you need an increased volume of products so as to cater to an impending promotion with one of your retail customer. If you communicate this information to your third party logistics well in advance, let’s say 4 to 5 weeks ahead of the deadline, they can use the time to frame a plan of action in terms of the space required, labor required, and alike. Shared warehousing works on planning on day to day basis. Every right planning can translate to a saving in 6 to 7 figure on annual basis. To save big and make the most of your shared warehousing, it is important for you to communicate on regular basis.

4. Scheduled Communications
We have already seen above how important communication is. However, communication should not be restricted to information on changes. There are several higher level discussions that you may need to conduct. For this, you can schedule meeting on annual, quarterly or semi annual basis where the key focus would be on the performance expectations and the long term business plans.

Final Say

The bottom line is having a tactical and a more strategic relationship with your 3 PL (third party logistics) is only going to prove more cost effective for you.


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5 Best Practices for the Warehouse Management!

It is true that most of the warehouses have a definite plan to operate efficiently however there is a chance that new opportunities might squeeze out the inefficiencies. Change is constant, new suppliers will join you, you’ll hire new employees on board and new facilities will be added to the mix. Thus with time, it is necessary to include a fresh approach to perform efficiently so as to launch process improvements that can make a positive impact on the bottom line and also prove fruitful for the customers.

With an objective of reducing wastage, here we have come up with 5 key suggestions to remove deficiencies that may negatively hamper profitability and productivity. Even implementation of one of it works to reduce warehouse inefficiency thereby resulting in improved asset management and performance in your organization.

Data Governance

The principles that drive data governance must be input once and recalled autonomously as a quintessential part of several processes at one time. Look for an opportunity to evade the very need of reconciliations, clean up or any additional work that may be necessary to ensure the accuracy and the integrity of the maintained data. One important way to fulfil this objective is by focusing on the superior technology tools that can propagate:

  • Relevant Audit Capabilities
  • Standardization of Processes
  • Adequate Data Integrity

These components are vital not just in a warehouse environment but also across the organization as an effort to straighten out the material throughput and inventory tracking within not just your immediate plant or warehouse but also across the extended supply chain. An improved visibility in these operations will help in the betterment of the accuracy of the collected data and will also result in reduction of the possibility of clean up in the times to come. It has been seen and reported that on successful implication of the reporting tools that focus on data governance and advanced warehouse technology, a number of best performing organizations have reaped in substantial benefits when it comes to market competitiveness.

Inventory Storage Management Solutions

These days, almost every organization has included inventory and warehouse management in their core operations and supply chain management functions. One key objective of the supply chain management is to recuperate the inventory throughput by leveraging the importance of real time information that maybe related to the status of storage bin and inventory utilization. All top notch standards demand accurate awareness of the inventory till the time it is in the warehouse. Therefore, effective warehouse design including storage systems that offer easy visibility to the WIP i.e. Work In Progress can be one important tool to achieve superior standards. Application of steel shelving can definitely prove helpful in this realm.


Vendor Compliance Programs

The vendor compliance program is a means to communicate to the vendor how exactly they would want their products to arrive. This program should include standard case quantities, specific labeling requirements and the advanced shipping notification standards. Further, every policy that you think may prove helpful in helping your factory perform more consistently should also be included in these programs. The standards for this program must be developed by way of collaborative effort that goes in the procurement and the operational personnel.

Organizational Culture and Diversity

You cannot overlook the language barriers that may come in between the warehouse management. To avoid this, the IWLA (International Warehouse Logistics Association) has come up with a possible solution which demands inclusion of multilingual software and protocols that would help the warehouse managers accept the diversity that maybe present in their workplace. Application of bar codes is one way to overcome the language barrier. So, when the WIP items or materials are scanned it is easy to track and manage them across the production process without worrying about the possibility of human error either in typing or in communication.


Every efficient logistic planning involves cross docking wherever possible. What is cross docking? It is the method of unloading the materials from an incoming vehicle and then loading these materials simultaneously on the outbound vehicles thereby avoiding the warehousing interval in between. Sounds similar to ‘just in time’ shipping? You got it right! Cross decking is one vital solution when the freshness of the product is a major concern. It started out seeing the need of the perishable goods to reach the market quickly. So, inclusion of this process in the standard can definitely lead to improvements in the distribution and manufacturing center.

cross docking

Final Say

A lot of warehouses and the factories today are either operating inefficiently or are improperly designed. Sadly, there are some that are neglected altogether. So, with these five practices, there is a chance of improvement in the working of the warehouse. You can implement either one or two or all of these practices and see how the things begin to change at your organization.

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Key Strategies for success in the Omni Channel Fulfillment Market

A lot of retailers fail to pacify their operations in pace with the evolving trends in the e commerce market as well as the rising demands of the e commerce customers. Due to this, the margins from the direct to customer channels are at a high risk of falling short of expectations. Fulfillment is often at the heart of such problems.  

The customers of today who make a purchase from an online source have helped in redefining the fulfillment landscape since a dozen of more channel variations have emerged in the past few years. With the rise in evolution, it becomes important to carefully plan and manage the Omni-channel fulfillment program of the company. But what is Omni-channel? Let’s find out!

What is Omni Channel?

Omni has been derived from the word Omnis that means universal or all. So, Omni Channel means a multi channel approach to sales which aims to provide the customers with a seamless shopping experience irrespective of where the customer is shopping from. Meaning, whether the customer is shopping from a brick and mortar store, a mobile application or a desktop website, the experience he gets ought to be flawless.

Benefits of Omni-Channel Fulfillment

When properly executed and seamlessly enabled, the Omni channel fulfilment strategy can reap in several significant benefits to your customers and retail companies.

  • Improvement in the rate of Customer satisfaction
  • Avoidance of capital investment and re purposing
  • Better delivery mechanism – right product at the right place on the right time
  • Improvement in the revenue performance
  • Reduced number of back orders and stock outs
  • Savings in transportation cost
  • Retail store morale improvements
  • Store productivity gains via in store pick up and shipment from store
  • Gains in inventory productivity by leveraging of inventory across different channels

Key Strategies for success in the Omni Channel Fulfillment Market

Now, that you are aware of the multitude of benefits Omni Channel Fulfilment Market can bring it is important for you to know and understand the strategies so as to find success in the Omni channel fulfillment market. Here we have compiled 4 key strategies that will serve as a guide for both software suppliers and practitioners to continually grow in the market and evolve to best satiate the customers.

Growth in E commerce

The paradigm shift seen in the current Omni Channel retail is largely driven by the out-pour in the e commerce. This is arguably the most vital supply chance management trend that has come up in the past one decade. Ever since the advent of the internet, the brick and mortar sales have been relatively flat whereas the digital sales are growing progressively.  This trend in e commerce is indeed stimulating interest in technology so as to modernize and streamline order fulfilment.

Adequate Investment in Fulfillment Technology

Despite the fact that e commerce is growing at a soaring rate there is not enough investment where it needs to be. There are several technologies such as DOM, TMS and demand planning that are still not utilized optimally. Had these been utilized to their full potential companies would have undoubtedly become a lot more efficient by allocating the inventory to warehouses, stores and the distribution centers thereby efficiently, effectively and reliably moving the freight from the source to the destination. It also involves capturing of the necessary information in the order management process across every relevant channel.  

Don’t limit the innovation

Innovation is one of the most important aspects in expanding the current footprint of the Omni Channel Fulfilment market. Companies need to keep seeking new technologies and innovations so as to keep pace with the changes happening in the market. The crowd-sourced options for delivery are indeed a cost effective option for home delivery however these solutions haven’t been explored enough. Several companies are waiting eagerly to find out how the companies pan out but the key emphasis needs to be on taking bold moves backed with high reward potential. This means that there is a plenty of white space that can be well utilized by the suppliers. It can be catered to by way of acquisitions or new and improved solutions.

Focus on Markets with higher growth potential

It is believed that the Omni Channel Fulfilment market will showcase a phenomenal growth by crossing over $3.7 billion by the beginning of the year 2020. To be able to achieve this objective, companies need to focus largely on the markets that depict higher growth potential. For this, the companies must research all the Tier 2 and 3 markets. With most of the key players targeting the Tier 1 market, there are several small and mid sized companies that are venturing in the Omni channel world. The customers of the second and third tier market will definitely claim a share in the market thereby providing ample growth prospects for suppliers.  

Final Say

This new paradigm of Omni Channel Fulfillment market is here to stay. So all the software suppliers as well as the practitioners must find ways and means to establish themselves in the market, else they’ll lag behind. For this, investment in technology, targeting the markets with high growth potential like the Tier 2 and Tier 3 retailers, investment in innovation and finally keeping pace with expanding e commerce is mandatory.   


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mistakes in logistics

5 Mistakes You Need to Avoid While Reducing Logistics Cost

For the growth of any company there are certain operations which should be given top priority in order to gain positive results. Costs are needed to be controlled so as to maintain a higher chance for profit. Logistics management deals with activities related to storage of goods along with procurement and transport. Do you think the reduction of logistics expenses is a good way to manage cost? Many companies do follow this notion and even work on it. In reality, it is one of the biggest mistakes which should be understood and corrected. The actual logistics cost is hidden in the fuel surcharges that are fixed and cannot be mended. But there are solutions to this problem which can surely help to reduce logistics cost. Similarly, there are several mistakes surrounding the logistics process that should be avoided.

In-House Logistics

Mistake: For a company that is handling international trade, the movement of goods across borders does count expensive. This is a problem which is faced by numerous companies that are part of the international market. If your company consists of an in-house logistics, then there are huge chances of higher costs.

Cure: The most effective cost saving technique is to outsource logistics to an expert supply chain. There is a certain need for an expert in international logistics who is well aware of the basic norms. Under the logistics department there can be certain issues which can arise due to various reasons. An in-house logistics might not tackle such an issue alone. This additional stress can be very well managed by the experts at the supply chain under a controlled cost.

Overcharging by Customs  

Mistake: This mistake is not that much highlighted but is made by several companies. The classification of goods isn’t done correctly on the commercial invoice which leads to unnecessary taxes that directly increase the cost. If some company complaints about import duties and tariffs, then they must surely go through all the stated terms related to it.

Cure: To avoid overcharging and bringing your logistics cost down you must manage the goods according to the custom standards. This will ensure the clearance of your goods in a cost-effective way. If your company deals in large-scale imports, then such measures are required so as to save a lot of cost.

Incorrect Procurement

Mistake: Cost of logistics enhance when carelessness at the storage centers is prominent. Suppose your products are packaged, shipped and received at the exact location. But it is later found out that the paperwork isn’t incorrect. Another case when some parts of the order are different or missing from the consignment. All of this is counted under processing error which can lead to higher logistics costs as the parcel might be sent back and everything will proceed from level one.

Cure: Correct procurement of goods is important which can reduce this addition logistics cost. You can fix a particular group of experts who can carefully check the products along with the paperwork that is involved in overseas trade. One can also take the help of a logistics partner in order to prevent such issues.

Non-Involvement of Automated Compliance Processes

Mistake: If your company is not using software solutions for trade compliance issues, then it can surely affect the logistics cost. Manual preparation of documents can take a lot of time that can delay delivery time along with lesser inventory levels.

Cure: The companies that have successfully implemented software solutions experience speedy outputs. On-time deliver along with the quick elimination of logistics errors is ensured through the inclusion of automated compliance procedures. Increased customer satisfaction is another aspect that is highlighted through this important addition.

Single Platform Availability

Mistake: If the key stakeholders aren’t managed at a common platform, then the supply chain techniques might not come into effect. Companies that are not operating on a single platform are surely wasting their resources. No integration leads to a vulnerable system due to transfer of information through various channels. This process is time consuming as well which leads to higher costs.

Cure: Data intelligence is very necessary that can function onto a single platform for positive results. Trying to curb duplication in order to secure the system is an important step. Time is saved by transferring information onto the common platform so as to reach all the connected stakeholders.

Final Say

The above stated points are some of the common mistakes which should be cured in order to reduce logistic costs. These mistakes might not appear that much prominent but have a major effect on the overall logistics cost. You need to be alert and aware in order to prevent such situations. Always remember that for every problem there is a cure that is available through patient analysis.

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