How Does Shiprocket Work?

Shiprocket as everyone presumes is not just a post order fulfillment management system, it comes into action even before the customer checks out and supports till the order finally gets delivered. Follow our sequence of events that would help understand the functionality and the services of Shiprocket.


Shiprocket for COD orders:

Location based COD: At the time of placing a COD order when the customer puts her delivery pincode, Shiprocket runs a check through its 12000 pre-paid and over 6500 COD pincodes to check whether the same is serviceable via any courier company or not. It accordingly hides or revels the COD as payment option. In case, the selected pincode is not serviceable for COD orders by any of eight empanelled courier companies, only pre-paid payment options are allowed to be selected by the client.

Verification of COD order: When a customer places a COD order, a verification code is generated and sent as an SMS to the mobile number provided by the customer for verifying her mobile number. This functionality largely helps segregating the unwanted or fake COD orders the store gets- Do not worry even if the COD verification fails due to any reason the order does not get cancelled or lost- it come to your order panel with a pending verification status.

Shiprocket for processing COD/Prepaid orders:

Choosing shipping company: This were the real magic starts. When you get the order in your order panel you simply need to click on the order, mark it shipped. The system automatically spits out the weight of the shipment- and if volumetric weight is applicable give the volumetric weight and accordingly suggest the cheapest courier company providing shipping services COD or non- COD to that location. If one wishes, they can also manually overwrite in the shiprocket system and select other option courier company or also manually enter the carriers name and the Air Way Bill number if any.

Generating AWB number: Once a courier company is selected, Shiprocket automatically generates the AWB number and show it on the screen. At the same time the AWB number gets allocated to the respective order, gets populated as barcode on the Shipping label and the invoice. The merchant can then take a print bulk or one at a time- stick the shipping label on the box and insert the invoice inside the box.

Scheduling Pick up: Ensuring the pick up by the selected courier company happens the same day, we have built a unique functionality of automatic pick up generation in Shiprocket for Fedex, First Fligh, Bluedart, Quantium & Aramex by which on a click of a button the information about the order, location of pick up, value of the order, weight and size of the shipment goes to the courier provide and intimates them to come for a pick up.

Getting Shipping Manifest: Manifest- it is the last and important step of shipping your orders, when the pick up executive from the courier company comes to your warehouse to pick up the order, you can generate a copy of the shipping manifest which contains all the details including the order numbers, AWB numbers, product details etc- which then you can get it signed from the executive who has come to collect the orders. This is your physical proof of shipment handover to the courier company.

Order Status: Post the hand over to the courier company the order statuses automatically change from “Ready to ship” to “Shipped” to finally “Delivered” in your Kartrocket or Shiprocket panel. At every status update a system generated SMS and Email is sent to customer- keeping ordering experience WOW for the end customer and giving that professional sense to the customer.

Shiprocket Salient Features:

  1. Start shipping the day you go live.
  2. No minimum slab on the number of shipments.
  3. Invoice and Shipping formats as per the courier company and government agencies standard.
  4. Integrated with over 8 domestic courier companies, several local and ecommerce specific logistics partners soon to get empanelled.
  5. Also manage your Ebay and Amazon order.
  6. Certified logistics serve by Amazon India.
  7. Integrated with Fedex and DHL international to support your international orders.
  8. Largest network -Serving over 12000 pre-paid and over 6500 COD pincodes.
  9. Ship your COD orders too, we will collect your COD and reimburse the same to you.
  10. International Ready: IP based pricing, Fixed or dynamic currency conversions.
  11. Transactional SMS and email integrated.
  12. One panel to view all order statuses by the customer.
  13. Bulk Order export.
  14. All the shipping history remains saved on your panel for future reference.

Interested? Visit Shiprocket page here.


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