Simple ways to manage the seasonal supply chain!


Many businesses are often tied to a specific festive season. For example, if you are someone who sells Halloween costumes then October is the time when you receive a massive demand for costumes. Similarly, if you are a a vendor who sells decorative lights, Diwali and Christmas are the peak time when you experience massive demand for your goods. Likewise, many businesses are connected to specific festive seasons and it is important to know how to handle the demand fluctuations and maintain supply chain consistently. Here are some tips listed below that might help you maintain the regular supply of your products even during the festive rush.

Understanding your customers

Knowing your target audience and evaluation of their needs is one of the primary things you should keep in mind. Before the onset of any business, entrepreneurs must dedicate a period of time for the research regarding your potential target audience. Their demands and wants out of your kind of product. How does he/she like their delivery, how much you can cater to an audience at a period of time? If you are a whole seller then your plan of action differs from a retailer’s plan of action. Knowing the wants and the needs of your client and a detailed client study is pretty vital for any kind of entrepreneur.

Predicting and planning of supply when a boom in demand occurs

A business must essentially figure out and plan in advance the necessary steps it must undertake when a boom in the demand occurs. Questions like the type of products, type of customers, whether minimum order hampers your planning horizon, things to do and keep in hand when a sudden demand occurs. Maintaining a backup stock in cash of heavy demand, whether the rate of replenishment of stock is faster than the rate of demand. All these are the basic bullet points businesses must keep in mind prior to a boom phase.

Regulate the supply chain

After you are done establishing the customer needs, how to meet the boom in demand, and planned out a detailed working of how to maintain your stock and supply them via distribution points. The next big job is to track, divert and relocate to maintain a supply chain devoid of any interruptions. While doing so you must keep in mind the kind of collaboration you have with your suppliers, the transparency within each other, whether you have the kind of relationship with the suppliers so that you are notified on a prior basis in the case on any disruptions in the delivery of the product. And subsequently, issues like how much of advance time you might need to finish the special packaging before the holiday season on the basis of initial demands. If there is a transparency and clear visibility into all these issues then there is a guarantee for you to maintain a regular supply chain even during the festive season.

An absolute hold of the process

In order to ensure an absolute hold in the entire process one must achieve the understanding the nuances of customer behavior and demand, maintaining multiple supply chains solutions, production and delivery information to you as well as the customers. If you have knowledge and working of all these things you will be adept react to unexpected changes in demand. In the case of inability to meet the delivery of a product, if the customer is supplied with prior information of such and promised a portion of the order instead then it will help build better relationships with the client and it will prevent small inefficiencies to turn into deal breakers. With the correct information, technology and processes you can achieve absolute hold over the whole system instead of the system taking control over you.

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