Stages of Buyer’s Buying Journey in Decision Making Process

Buyers Buying Journey Stages

The success of any marketing strategy depends on how well you know about your target audience and their specific requirements so that you can fulfill them with your products or services.

The better you understand your buyer’s buying process and behavior, better would be your chances to convert them into your customer. A buyer goes through different stages of decision-making process before making a purchasing decision. You need to craft your marketing strategy as per your buyer’s persona that can influence and help them at every single step of their buying journey.

These are the different stages a customer goes through before making a buying decision:

Stage 1: Awareness of the Product/Service

At this early stage of the purchasing journey, your customer might be not aware of your product or service. There are even more chances that they even don’t know if they need you or not. Here, your first job is to make people aware of the problems and hurdles they are facing in their life which you can solve with your products/services. You don’t have to brag about your brand but talk more about your target audience’s pain points and solutions that can help them.

Stage 2: Research for the Solution

Once your audience is aware of the problem they are facing, they would jump to stage 2 of doing research work. At this stage, these people would start doing research to find a best suitable solution to resolve their issues. As per a study, 72% of such people turn to Google for their research. Infact, buyers spend their 75% of the time in doing online research. Here, your job is to help them in understanding their problems in a better way and educating them about how you can help them with a solution that suits their requirements.

Stage 3: Considering and Comparing

At this stage, your target audience is much aware of their pain points, at the same time they know what could be the possible solutions. Hence, they would start considering multiple options and would do a competitive comparison of these services/products they have found during their research.

Here, your job is to convince the buyer on how you can better help them with their problems in a more personalized manner. Make them believe that not only your solution fits their budget but also it’s tailored specifically as per their own requirements.

You should have some of your successful case studies and customer testimonials to influence their decision in your favor.

Stage 4: Making a Purchase Decision

At this stage, the buyer has made up their mind as to which solution they are going to opt for. They might have some questions about implementation process, customer support, etc. You need to make sure you properly address those queries as to avoid their last moment switch.

Apart from all these, a successful business’s core strength is their repeat customers. Once a buyer has made their first sale with you, it should be your highest priority to serve them in the best manner you can to retain them and be a part of their life for forever.

Remember, your competition is always after your customers, so make sure you keep serving them better to earn them!


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