Steps to Prevent Rack Damage Before It Is Too Late


The warehouses managed by different companies do consist of racks which are needed to store goods. Rack Damage is one of the common issues which are faced by these storage centers. In the recent past, there have been numerous reports where damaged racks have created a lot of hassle putting goods as well as people in danger. Prevention is always better than cure which must be realized by these warehouse owners. There must be proper measures which should be taken in order to spot damaged racks and replacing them with reliable ones. Let us focus on some of the essential points which should be followed in order to curb rack damage incidents.

rack damage preventions

Rack Design

  • The best prevention method is to work on the initial design of the rack. You need to consider certain aspects such as wide aisles and boxed front columns.
  • The warehouse owners must act sensibly when it comes to planning the structure of these racks.
  • Column guards along with rub rails are quite necessary for handling all types of conditions such as in freezers. Moreover, one must also keep in mind the inventory that needs to be stored in these racks. Planning out the design according to the products is indeed a smart step.
  • The inclusion of intersections is required in order to enhance strength.
  • Only trust a reputed dealer who is capable of designing a rack system as per your needs.

Check Measures

It is important that the racks are checked time to time. This is a good prevention measure before any damage occurs. You can hire a local rock expert or ask any of the staff members at the warehouse to perform an inspection. Ask the expert to spot the damaged racks by analyzing each and every component. To rate if the rack is damaged or not, certain pointers must be considered:

  • If the deflection is more than 1/8” from the front and ¼” lateral deflection. On the cross brace, the deflection must be more than 3/8”. These are conditions when the upright should be taken out of service.
  • Check if the base plates are broken along with loose anchor bolts. Shared or twisted uprights require immediate repair.
  • Do not miss to check pallet weights along with rack capacities.

Loading of Racks

  • While loading the racks the drivers or workers must take good care. These racks must be properly labeled with specific load tolerance limits. The drivers must be trained in order to stack loads perfectly by managing the weight in the center.
  • Common sense does come into play when heavier goods are placed in the racks. Such goods that are high on weight must be managed in the lower rack levels. Moreover, the rack uprights should be designed according to the heaviest weight pallets.

Proper lighting and visibility

  • There are certain simple precautions which can surely prevent huge mishaps with warehouse racks. A lot depends on the driver’s visibility so that he can carefully load the racks. Banging into the racks is not at all good.
  • There must be proper lighting in the aisle so that the driver can have a good view of the racks.
  • Convex mirrors with wide angles can be fixed on the forklift or at the ends of aisle. This will give the forklift drivers a better judgment of the surroundings which simultaneously will prevent any sort of mishap.

Protection of Racks

You simply cannot ignore protective measures for your racks. Though these racks are designed to be tough but some form of protection is indeed needed in order to keep them going. What if a forklift hits the rack? Surely the rack will face great level of damage. There are certain options which can be selected to prevent any sort of major loss. You can choose end of aisle guards or post protectors that are very efficient. Moreover, low profile rack guards can also be selected. You can get these guards designed as per the structure of your racks. It is better to take the help of experts who have good knowledge about these storing units.

Final Say:

Warehouses are always busy and filled with goods. You can call them as the hazardous centers where accidents can happen anytime due to a minor mistake. The warehouse owners need to plan things properly so as to avoid these mishaps. The above stated points are quite beneficial in order to understand the complications related to racks and how to ensure their safety. You can employ a particular set of people who are in-charge for supervising these racks. Maintenance must also be given top priority so that these racks can be utilized for a longer duration.

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