Unpredictable losses? High time to switch your carrier!

A supplier’s relationship with the right kind of carrier and a shipper is of prime importance in any business establishment. And getting acquainted with an apt shipper or a carrier is highly significant to materialize that dream of fueling your business and its identity in the market.

Building a meaningful and sustainable relationship with the carrier is of extreme importance in supply chain management. It can save you from costly changeovers. But sometimes, the business relationship is simply no longer mutually beneficial, and that’s when you should opt for switching the carriers rather than bearing the losses!

Such issues arise only when the service delivered by the carrier is indigent. Therefore, such decisions should not be taken hastily because the carrier industry faces a lot of unforeseen situations and do deserve a benefit of the doubt. Nonetheless, bad service remains one of the principal signs to switch carriers. However, there are multiple other reasons for such a decision, some of which include the desire to include more carriers for the purpose of expansion of the business, reevaluation of old strategies, adopting newer tech changes, etc.

Let us look at these reasons at length:

  • Financial losses– Cutting down costs and delivering the product at the lowest cost price per good remains the primary agenda of all businesses. Hence, if you have even slightest doubt on your carrier service, you should closely follow the annual report of the companies with which they are associated to analyze the quality of its deliverables more accurately. If you notice some unpleasant or non-warning losses only in your business, then you should consider switching your carrier.   However, you should overlook the losses for a particular quarter of the year, but if there’s string of quarterly losses, you must take an exit from such partnership.


  • Uncompetitive rates– Competitive rates are no brainer! To maintain a long-term relationship with the clients, carrier service providers must offer highly competitive prices. While many companies prefer loyalty and service over cost, it is advised that you compare quotations provided by the other carrier companies and choose a rate wisely. If your carrier service provider is refusing to budge on the prices, then you must find someone who can listen to your mind!


  • Trust and loyalty– Trust, loyalty, and confidentiality are primary factors that govern the relationship with your carrier service provider. If they do not deliver what they promise or breach the contract especially during the busy season with the prime motive to make your business suffer, it is high time you should consider switching your carrier! Your business needs should be equally important to your carrier, and you should be their priority.


  • Service Standards Most of the decisions are taken keeping in mind the service that is provided by the carrier. Hence, service remains one of the primary concerns and also a leading cause to consider switching carriers. Customer service issues, the promptness of the service provider towards dealing a grievance deeply affect the overall relationship. The goal is just not to get your shipment delivered from location A to location B, handling of the goods also plays a significant role in determining customer satisfaction. Hence, it is best to choose the carrier whose services are customer-oriented.
  • Technological shortcomings– It is, of course, unreasonable to rely on businesses that still use age old techniques and paperwork. If the carrier service still relies on non-digital infrastructure and IT tools, you probably shouldn’t even expect any of new service from them. Hence it is vital to switch your carrier if you face such problem.  To stay competitive, it is highly advised to embrace the technological changes to enhance your business growth.

The nature of the business relationship undergoes a lot of change in the course of time. Though it might not always be a win-win situation, it is imperative for both the parties to be able to establish a close-knit give and take the relationship to serve the demands of the customer for a permanent business alliance. However, sometimes, a partner may take a little too much either through limited capability or limited ability. That’s when you should consider switching the carriers depending on where your business is and where it should be!

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