Use Unboxing Videos To Target Online Customers !


If you have ever hoarded the recesses of the video output giant, YouTube, you might probably be well aware that the search engine for videos is filled with an exorbitant number of unboxing videos. All this time, while you have enjoyed watching these videos from the start till the end, have you really felt the need to appreciate the fact that these videos are the most watched among other videos on the platform!


What is an unboxing video?

For those of you, who are reading this term for the first time, an unboxing video is basically a tape of an individual, usually seen unwrapping a packaging that could be anything from a high end phone to a simple toy. What happens in the duration of the two or three minute long video is that this individual makes an attempt to unveil the contents of the product and also offer some explanations about the features of the product.

Here is the perfect example of an unboxing video of the latest iPhone 7, for you to get a grip of the idea behind this magnificent tool.


Some interesting statistics behind unboxing videos

  • Unboxing videos are a phenomenal feature that has struck the internet revolution and is growing exponentially every year, marked by a 50 percent rise every year.
  • Viewers see unboxing videos as a great source of first hand information on a product, ultimately aiding their decision, whether or not to go for it.
  • More than 60 percent of the buyer base in many industries, who are first time users of a particular product, come from a positive lead from unboxing videos.
  • Whether it is the fashion industry or technology industry, unboxing videos are a marketing tool that spans a wide area of categories.
  • Unboxing videos never go out of the trend or become irrelevant, as they are seen by users even after a long time since that product was first introduced.

It is easy to decipher that unboxing videos are relevant and thrive all year round for almost any product category. So the question that now remains is, how exactly can you use the concept of unboxing videos to drive sales for your Ecommerce platform, product or business?

Understand how to make use of an unboxing video as a marketing tool

The first thing that needs to be done before you plan to implement unboxing videos for your products or business, is to understand why it is an essential tool that should be employed by you. It is easy to comprehend the benefits of unboxing videos.

How is an unboxing video useful?

  • Firstly, an unboxing videos works in the interest of your customer, by making him feel comfortable about purchasing your product, in spite of not having seen or touched it. The unique and authentic first hand experience and account that comes from someone through an unboxing video is irreplaceable.
  • Next, an unboxing video allows your customer to feel connected with your product as he is able to view himself, in place of the individual in the video, unboxing the product, It feels almost as if he himself has brought the product and is now unboxing it.
  • Most people go easily by the views expressed in an unboxing video as they are seen as an honest account from real users and buyers across the world.

So, if you have a product or a business that needs an uplift, perhaps, you can try implementing unboxing videos with your existing marketing campaign to get buyers. Although the idea behind these videos is quite lucrative, what really needs to be manifested at this point is the fact that one can reap the benefits of unboxing videos only if used correctly. So, how exactly to make these unboxing videos worthy of your investment?

Make it easier for your customer to buy the product 

The saying holds true, one can really act under haste when he is impressed with something. While an unboxing video displays the product and its features to your customer, you can place an advertisement of the product itself, right next to the video. The aim is to readily serve the product to the customer so that he can proceed to purchase it instantly. There is a high chance that on being able to view the product as quickly, the customer will go for it.

Make your product worthy of an unboxing video

When do you really feel the thrill of unboxing your order? You would agree that a plain plastic packaging never really made for an impressive impression in your mind, did it? Also, how do you feel when you are surprised with additional goodies inside your order, right when you least expected them? So here lies the clue. In order to impress your customers with unboxing videos from other users, it makes sense that the product and its packaging should be designed such that it can hold onto the customers attention while he watches it, instead of switching over to another web page on his browser. Also, make sure that the next time your customer orders the product, he gets the exact same satisfaction, in terms of the products and extra goodies.

Incentivise your customers to create unboxing videos

There wouldn’t be any unboxing videos to watch if none of your customers are giving their feedback in the form of a video. You need an aggressive marketing campaign and benefits for the customers in order to encourage them to make unboxing videos, which can then be displayed to your customers.


The internet technology is thriving on a combined resource sharing and marketing tools to enhance user engagement and attention. Why not add to all those efforts and give your customers something extra to keep themselves busy with? Unboxing videos are a great means to draw more users and customers to your business or Ecommerce platform. It is also an instant means of engaging users to your product. Use these to display genuine feedbacks that your users are highly likely to believe.

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