Zepost And Shiprocket: A Fair Comparison Of India’s Two Best Logistics Services

In the race of offering the best services, both KartRocket and Zepo come up with new features that will help their clients to setup and manage their online store quite easily. One such was logistic services Shiprocket and Zepost offered by Kartrocket and Zepo respectively. While Shiprocket was started in mid 2013, Zepo tied up with AVN logistics in January 2014 to come up with Zepost. If you are still unsure about which logistic company to choose, check out the below infographic to have a sneak peak about the two services. This will help you take a better and profitable decision.

zepost and shiprocket

1. http://www.zepo.in/automatedshipping.html
2. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/99389987/ZePOST%20PinCode%20Coverage%20List.xlsx
3. https://www.shiprocket.in/shiprocket-shipping-rates/
4. https://www.shiprocket.in/resources/Shiprocket-Pincodes.xlsx

DISCLAIMER: The above information is accurate to our knowledge as on 19th Sept, 2014. The information provided above may vary in future.

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