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  • RTO Suite

  • WhatsApp Marketing

  • Conversational Commerce

  • Care

  • Communicate intelligently at critical stages

    Order confirmation

    Avoid last-minute order cancellations by quickly confirming orders through WhatsApp

    Address verification

    Reduce RTO instances by verifying incorrect addresses with pre-configured notifications

    COD to prepaid

    Boost your delivery success rate by converting risky COD orders to prepaid with tempting discounts

    Delivery alerts

    Keep customers informed with real-time branded order tracking alerts on WhatsApp

    Prevent RTO by upto 40%

    Our automated WhatsApp communication tool proactively engages with your customers
    right after they place an order, significantly minimising the chances of RTO.

  • Captivate your audience like never before

    Abandoned cart recovery

    Revive deserted shopping carts with compelling remarketing campaigns to increase your sales

    Promotional broadcast

    Amplify your offers and promotions through WhatsApp to fuel a surge in repeat purchases

    Loyalty boosters

    Create a community of loyal customers by sending them special and exclusive early bird discounts

    Personalised templates

    Tailor your messages with smartly crafted pre-made templates for a personalised touch

    Convert upto 20% more visitors

    Capture the attention of your prospects with irresistible marketing campaigns that possess the power
    to transform them into your loyal customers.

  • Upgrade to a next-gen shopping experience

    Catalogue discovery

    Show off your products in a clear and user-friendly catalogue, making it easier to discover them

    Automated journey

    Boost conversions with automated chat journeys designed to assist your prospects in finding what they love

    Product recommendations

    Suggest what’s best for them, making them feel like they’ve got a personal shopping buddy by their side

    Instant ordering

    Let your customers purchase in a matter of a few messages, making ordering as easy as chatting

    Drive 2X conversions from WhatsApp

    Move your store to WhatsApp for a buttery smooth shopping journey, empowering customers to explore your products and make purchases on the go.

  • Show your customers they matter

    Rapid response

    Rope in our AI-powered smart chatbot to reply instantly to commonly asked questions

    Zero anxiety

    Respond upto 20X faster, allowing your customers to leave all the stress behind

    All-round support

    Pre-purchase assistance, post-order inquiries, or returns/refunds, we’ve got your back

    Human assistance

    Efficiently filter and redirect inquiries to human agents when necessary for a personalised resolution

    Resolve 74% of queries automatically

    Deliver fast and friction-free support with our intelligent chatbot that expertly handles your customers’ queries, ensuring a seamless journey for them.

Why you need the power of plus

Straight from our inbox

  • Santosh

    Operations Manager, Phool

    Shiprocket Engage+ a wonderful feature provided by Shiprocket, helped us in reducing returns for Prepaid and COD orders. The features of are the need of the hour for COD orders which have high return rates. The team is extremely supportive, and the integration is simple.

  • Sahil Sachdeva

    Associate Program Manager, Zomato

    Shiprocket Engage+ helped us to reduce the RTO by 47% within a month. Our customers were able to share updated addresses using the address updation feature, directly on WhatsApp. We were able to send real time status updates, and the expected delivery time to our customers.

  • Vinay

    D2C Lead, Campus Sutra

    Shiprocket Engage+ has proven to be an invaluable tool for us in reducing RTOs using order confirmation, address edit options, and converting COD orders to prepaid. It has helped in addressing non-deliverability by over 50% and improved our delivery rates. We are extremely pleased with the product offerings and the way we can now streamline our processes and reduce inefficiencies.

  • Naziya

    Asst Manager, Sleepy Owl

    Shiprocket Engage+ is beautifully laid out and functional. It provides a variety of formats to set up communication, making it convenient to keep your customers informed and easier for them to keep track.

  • D. Parameshwar Reddy

    Assistant Supply Chain Manager, Mars by GHC

    Shiprocket Engage+ has helped our customers by clearly communicating regarding their orders on WhatsApp. We have seen a 15% reduction in our RTOs. Additionally, it has helped us identify bad addresses and undeliverable pin codes using its properitary AI-based algorithm.

  • Riya Jojo

    Director, Thelifekart.in

    We have been using Shiprocket Engage+ for the past one month and I am quite impressed by it’s capabilities to solve a lot of our problems. Our RTO rates have come down considerably and our teams are efficient than ever in processing orders. Engage+ has helped us improve customer satisfaction of our brand.

  • Zafar

    Founder, Sillyapa Store

    Shiprocket Engage+ is a revolutionary product by Shiprocket, which has helped us in reducing our RTO rate. Along with that, the timely order tracking updates which the customer gets on WhatsApp, helped our brand in retaining them and building customer trust.

  • Dimple Chawla

    Odara Jewellery

    We are happy with the engage+ platform. We find the COD risk rating feature most useful as this allows us to manage the high prospect RTO customers in a different manner. It has been a stable journey for us and we are able to manage the client communication very effectively through the platform. We are seeing value in terms of cart recovery and reduction in RTO orders.

  • Neha Jain


    Engage+ has been very helpful for Apartment18 in managing active NDRs. We have seen a reduction in our NDR and RTO due to timely communication being sent to the customers over WhatsApp.

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  • Frequently asked questions
What if the buyer is not available on WhatsApp?

If a customer is not available on WhatsApp, an IVR will be initiated. Post IVR, you can opt for manual calling by our dedicated outbound calling team. Please note that this functionality needs to be activated manually by yourself on Engage+ platform.

Will I be able to send messages manually to my buyers?

Yes, you can write manual messages to your buyers within 24 hours from any response received from the buyer’s end.

Will a buyer be able to pay on the link after shipping the order?

No, once the order gets shipped, the payment link gets inactive.

Will the system automatically cancel the order when the buyer clicks on “cancel my order”?

No, the system does not cancel the order automatically. All the cancelled orders will be shown under the tab “Order cancellation requested by the buyer” on which you can take action manually.