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(Return to Origin) Shipping Charges: 


 is one of the biggest concerns for eCommerce businesses.

RTO (Return to Origin) 

Let’s learn more about RTO

and shipped to  its origin, i.e., the seller

When a package is not 


 it is marked 

RTO is an extra expenditure as the seller bears the shipping charges. 

Thus, the lower the RTO rate, the better it is for  the business.

 Why is a package marked


– Customer unavailability – Customer denies taking delivery – Address or other information is incorrect – Failure in delivery re-attempt

What happens when a package is marked RTO?

· Courier attempts delivery again,       usually a maximum     of 3 times · Courier arranges IVR call/text     message to ask the customer for    favorable delivery time · Order is sent back to the seller    when the customer is    unreachable

How to 



– Provide clear/correct information – Check with the customer before shipping the package – Process shipments on time – Provide the customer with an expected delivery date – Validate address, pin code, and phone number

RTO can be avoided by tying up with logistics partners like Shiprocket that update the seller and customers throughout the shipment journey.