Shipping or Freight Bill is the invoice raised by Shiprocket for all shipped orders from your account. – This invoice is raised every 2nd and 4th week of the month.

– Name of consignee & consignor – Date of shipment – Package Origin & Destination – Description of freight – Number of packages – Freight Weight & Dimensions – Exact rates assessed – Total due charges – Route of movement (Air/Surface) – Name of carrier – Remittance address

Information present on a Freight Bill:

– Length x Width x Height (cm) of the packet/Base Factor – The Base Factor is different for different courier partners

Volumetric Weight Of A Package

– Base rate of (0.5 kg x weight in kg x 2 ) + COD charge. – COD charge is also max of (COD % x order value, flat rate). – For surface shipments, there is a minimum weight that gets charged.

Freight Calculation

– The Base Rate is the rate at which your courier company will charge you the freight bill. – For many courier companies, the base rate is calculated for minimum 500 gms. However, carriers like FedEx charge their base rate for a minimum of 1 kg.