A fake delivery attempt is one of the major challenges in the prevailing age of eCommerce that plagues every eCommerce seller.

A fake delivery attempt is when a customer is present at the destination address, waiting to receive their parcel, but at the end of the day gets a message: “Delivery attempted but customer not available“.

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Reasons For Fake Delivery Attempts

How To Prevent Fake Delivery Attempts?

– Effective NDR management

– Real-time status updation by delivery partner

– Automated IVR calls & SMS to customers for confirmation

– Deciding on re-attempt of delivery or RTO of order

– A tech-enabled process will give the go-ahead to efficient NDR management. – It helps detect fake delivery attempts to ensure businesses neither lose customers nor pay excessive shipping charges.

You can do this by employing costly infrastructure for the same, or use a shipping platform like Shiprocket and utilize these features for free!