Know How You Can Prevent Fake Delivery Attempts

Prevent Fake Delivery Attempt

A robust logistics management is the foundation of every successful business. Having intricacies or complications in the supply chain costs a lot. A fake delivery attempt is one of the major challenges in the prevailing age of eCommerce that plagues every eCommerce seller. To ensure the long-term success of your business, it is essential to set up a framework for the prevention of fake delivery attempts.

What Is A Fake Delivery Attempt?

A fake delivery attempt is when you are at your home, or office, or the destination address, eagerly waiting to receive the package, but dumped at the end of the day with a message that goes by: “Delivery was attempted but the customer was not available“. 

Before you scratch your head under such a situation, the first and the most obvious step you take as an end-customer is to call the customer support of the eCommerce company from where you placed the order and register your complaint.

On the other side of the story, lies the seller and the courier partner, who can’t verify whether their delivery person attempted the delivery or not. The only thing they are convinced about is receiving a likely-negative review and in the end, losing a loyal customer.

For the seller, the situation worsens furthermore as for every RTO arising out of a fake delivery, the seller is recharged a certain percentage of the order amount for the re-attempt, marring his/her profit margin. Resultantly, Fake Delivery Attempt is one of the most prominent challenges faced by eCommerce sellers and logistics service providers at present which directly impacts their customer retention and satisfaction.

Why Are Fake Deliveries Done?

The job of a delivery person demands tremendous hard work on the ground, with a perpetual risk of losing the job. In such a scenario, you may question what compels them for a fake attempt. Since no sane minded individual will intentionally attempt a fake delivery, let us take a closer look at the rational reasoning for a fake delivery attempt:

Last-Mile Delivery

In case you are not familiar with last-mile delivery, you can read all about it here. Coming back to faking a delivery attempt,, every delivery-boy gets incentives for the total number of deliveries done by him within a day. In general, to deliver the maximum number of packages, a delivery boy attempts to deliver orders in a specific route. In case the remaining orders fall out of the planned route, the delivery-boy fakes a delivery attempt. 

Space Optimization

Every courier company has a place for outgoing orders and incoming parcels. Since the inflow and outflow are perennial, fake deliveries are done to ship those undelivered orders back to the seller for making space for incoming parcels. 

How To Prevent Fake Delivery Attempts?

Traditionally, the management of Non-Delivery Reports (NDR) has been a long drawn process. The majority of the courier companies like to deal with these undelivered orders at the end of the day to sort out their delivery operations. Considering there is not just one but many packages to be delivered in a day, the number of NDR (or likewise, the probable fake deliveries) is a lot higher. 

To verify the delivery attempts are legitimate, and not fake, Shiprocket has aligned with courier partners using APIs and receives regular updates about the whereabouts of your orders. Therefore, a process that took almost 24 hours, Shiprocket’s panel helps you do it in nearly 5 minutes.

It is the outcome of automation in NDR management that Shiprocket has managed to minimize its NDR’s to 6% of the total orders. Likewise, you can also benefit from technology to make the process both flawless and seamless. Here is what Shiprocket does:

  1. The delivery-boy goes out to deliver the package but could not deliver it.
  2. He updates the status in real-time with the reason for non-delivery.
  3. As soon as the delivery-boy updates the status, it reflects on the Shiprocket NDR dashboard.
  4. An automated IVR call and SMS are simultaneously sent to the end-customer, requesting their feedback and response.
  5. In case of a fake delivery, the right action is taken, along with deciding when to re-attempt the delivery or opt for RTO.


A tech-enabled process will give a go-ahead to an  efficient NDR management and help in detecting fake delivery attempts to ensure you neither lose your customers nor pay the excessive shipping charge. 

You can do this by employing costly infrastructure for the same, or use a shipping platform like Shiprocket and utilize these features for free! 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

How will my business be affected by a fake delivery attempt?

You might get negative reviews from your customers or end up losing loyal customers. Besides, you will also have to pay extra shipping charges for RTO orders arising from fake delivery attempts.

Can Shiprocket help prevent a fake delivery attempt?

Yes, you can reduce/prevent fake delivery attempts with our automated NDR management tool.

How can I get started with the automated NDR tool?

You can activate the NDR Buyer Flow from the shipments panel in your Shiprocket account.

Can NDR management help reduce RTO orders?

When you process NDR orders sooner, the time between reattempts is reduced, leading to increased chances of order delivery.

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  1. D Ganesan Reply

    Very helpful.

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      We are glad it could benefit you in some way!
      Keep reading for more nitty-gritty of the eCommerce business.

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      Srishti Arora

  2. prashant Reply

    What will happen when seller is sending the FAKE product.
    I have PAID for 1600 for gimble got a selfi stick 🙂
    How much FRAUD the seller can do in your site ?
    Order ID 1575277264505
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    My contact no 9900084116

    • Srishti Arora Reply

      Hi Prashant,

      I am extremely sorry for the unpleasant experience you had with Shiprocket. But unfortunately, as a shipping aggregator, we would not be able to provide you with a useful solution. You will need to contact the seller from whom you purchased the product. Shiprocket only works to deliver the product to your doorstep. All other concerns such as returns, exchanges, etc. are the responsibility of the seller.

      We hope you receive a resolution soon.

      Thanks and regards,
      Srishti Arora

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