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Customer trust enhancer

Guarantee your website visitors a smooth and secure
experience, letting them check out with confidence.


Convert upto 30% more visitors

Showcase the Shiprocket Promise badge on your store and stand out as a high-quality brand


Display delivery timelines

Set clear expectations by automatically displaying the projected delivery dates

Assure secure payments

Instill confidence through your commitment to fraud-free transactions

Offer effortless returns

Ensure peace of mind with seamless returns/exchanges and quick refunds

Convey brand strengths

Persuade your shoppers that they are purchasing from a dependable brand

Build & maintain unbreakable trust

Deliver an exceptional shopping experience to become your customers’ absolute favourite

Promise comprehensive protection

Provide a money-back guarantee for rare cases of non-delivery or damaged/unexpected items

Share real-time updates

Reduce anxiety by keeping customers informed through the myShiprocket app

Extend all-round support

Access a well-trained service team that helps your customers every step of the way

Allow seamless self-service

Give an easy cancellation option the myShiprocket app in the unlikely event of a delay

Cultivate confidence
throughout your buyer’s journey

  • 01

    Pre-purchase assurance

    Create a positive first impression with the Shiprocket Promise logo & educate your visitors about the benefits

  • 02

    Confident checkout

    Showcase social certificate, EDD & return policy on your product page and reinforce reliability during checkout

  • 03

    Post-purchase support

    Allow seamless order tracking and easy resolution of issues through the myShiprocket app

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watch your conversion rate soar.

    • Frequently asked questions
    What is Shiprocket Promise?

    Shiprocket Promise is a purchase protection programme created to build customer trust at multiple touchpoints and increase website conversions.

    What does Shiprocket Promise guarantee?

    Shiprocket Promise guarantees a stress-free shopping experience to your customers with regard to timely delivery, easy returns/exchanges and refunds, and reliable customer service.

    What makes me eligible for Shiprocket Promise?

    1. You have an active website
    2. You agree to put the Shiprocket Promise badge on your website’s homepage, product detail page, and checkout page
    3. You ship 100% of your orders through Shiprocket
    4. You process all your returns using Shiprocket
    5. You agree to send all tracking communication through the myShiprocket app

    How do I get started?

    Once you show your interest, our sales representative will reach you and request a tech integration meeting. Accordingly, we will create a new theme for your Shopify store and help you build your profile for the product detail pages.