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Multiple Pickup Locations

Add unlimited warehouses to simplify your logistics operations

Do you have multiple warehouses or sell your products through various vendors? Make your order fulfillment easier by adding all your pickup locations to your Shiprocket account.

Manage Pickup Addresses Easily

Add & edit multiple pickup addresses in the Shiprocket Panel without a hassle. Here’s how:

Adding Pickup Addresses


Go to
Settings> Menu.


Click on the
Pickup address


Next, click on the Add
new pickup address
option on the right & fill
in your details

Note : To upload multiple pick up addresses in bulk, follow the first two steps. Next, click on Upload file, download the sample file, fill in the details, and upload.

Editing Pickup Addresses


Go to Settings>
Pickup Address> Manage
Pickup Addresses.


Click on the
Pickup address


Next, click on the Edit
icon beside a pickup
address to change the
pickup name & contact

How is it beneficial for you?

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    Faster Delivery Time

    Get your product delivered at your customers’ doorstep by selecting the nearest pickup location to your buyer’s address. It helps in faster delivery by eliminating the extra in-transit time.

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    Lower Shipping Cost

    By selecting the nearest pickup location to the delivery location, you also reduce the overall shipping cost.

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    Highly Convenient

    At Shiprocket, we let you add all your pickup locations by uploading a bulk pickup sheet. Now, add as many pickup locations as you want!
    This feature is available in all our plans.

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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Multiple Pickup Locations

How are Multiple Pickup Locations beneficial for my business?

If you have multiple warehouses or branches from where you sell your products, you don’t need to ship separately from each. You can just schedule pickups and ship your orders from every location while sitting anywhere in the world. Learn More

How to Get Started with Adding Multiple Addresses?

You need to Go to Settings → Menu → Pickup Address → Add Pickup Addresses Read More

Can I Edit The Addresses I Add?

Yes. To do so, you have to Go to Settings → Pickup Address → Manage Pickup Addresses.

Are There Any Additional Steps to Get Started?

No. You just need to go to the settings in your Shiprocket account and add your addresses there. Get Started

Will I Be Charged for Adding Multiple Addresses?

No, you can add multiple addresses without paying anything extra.