Prepaid or Cash on Delivery?

No need to choose one. Offer both prepaid & cash on delivery payment options.

Change Payment Mode Easily

Convert COD delivery to Prepaid delivery in just 3 quick steps:


Log in to your Shiprocket account & go to Settings>Shipment Features. Click on the COD to Prepaid button


Go to all orders and filter out your shipment.


Next, go to the Payment Column and click on the edit icon to switch your payment mode from Cash on Delivery to Prepaid.

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Get Cash on Delivery Remittance in 2 Days

Improve your cash flow. Scale your business faster with early COD delivery remittance.

Why Offer Multiple Payment Modes?

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    More Conversions

    Help your customers choose the right option at the right time

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    Less Abandoned Carts

    No more losing buyers to your competitors

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    Better Customer Satisfaction

    Make payments an easier task for your customers

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    Increased Credibility

    Build trust by going an extra mile for your

Benefits of Offering Cash on Delivery

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    Convenient Transactions

    No dependency on payment

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    No Frauds

    No need to disclose financial information

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    Flexible Payments

    Payment after delivery & easy returns

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Prepaid & Cash on Delivery

What is the difference between COD and prepaid payment?

OD refers to cash on delivery. In this mode of payment, customers pay for the order with cash upon receiving the delivery. Prepaid payment refers to paying for the order before it ships. Prepaid payment is an online payment method while cash on delivery is offline payment. Learn More

Can I accept COD and prepaid payment for my orders?

Yes. With Shiprocket, you can accept COD and prepaid payments for your orders. Get Started

Can I change the payment mode for my orders?

Yes. All you need to do is go to → Settings → Shipment Features → Click on the COD to Prepaid button. Next, Go to all orders, filter out your shipments and change the payment mode.Activate Early COD

What are the benefits of cash on delivery?

Cash on delivery helps you with convenient currency transactions without having to depend on cards, apps, etc. Also, it gives your customers trust as they don’t need to share any financial information, and payment is done after the delivery. Learn More

Are multiple modes of payments useful or confusing for customers?

Multiple payment modes can help open up options for customers. Many urban customers prefer online payment as compared to COD as they are usually not available to receive packages. Meanwhile, tier-2 and tier-3 cities prefer COD as they are still building trust with eCommerce. Both are important options.