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  • More accurate deliveries
  • Reduced RTOs and return rates
  • Robust fraud prevention

Leverage address and risk intelligence to minimise address
inaccuracies and delivery failures.

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Unbundle next-gen AI intelligence APIs

Put the power of trusted APIs to use for end-to-end verification. Take full control of your field operations for more visibility, near-
perfect accuracy and minimised losses.

Risk intelligence

Prevent potential fraud threats by assessing various parameters and reduce costs by 30%. Know more

Address standardisation

Improve delivery performance by 60%, refine addresses, eliminate ambiguity, and ensure accuracy with precise auto-fill, covering PIN codes, cities and more. Know more

Address validation

Validate addresses for accuracy, significantly reduce overhead costs by 80% and optimise logistics costs. Know more

Checkout intelligence

Enable fast transactions, predict delivery dates and serviceability accurately and Optimize conversion by 50%. Know more

Intelligence beyond industrial boundaries

  • eCommerce

  • Retail

  • BFSI

  • Fintech

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Safeguard against risks

  • Predict fraud
  • Forecast demand
  • Assess credit risk

Ensure precision deliveries

  • Enhance delivery accuracy
  • Reduce failed deliveries
  • Scale route optimisation

Mark every product

  • Tag product categories
  • Simplify product sorting
  • Enhance catalogue management

Streamline transactions

  • Optimise delivery reach
  • Boost user experience
  • Minimise errors

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  • eCommerce Businesses

  • Retail Analysts

  • Product Managers

  • Marketing experts

  • Supply chain managers

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