Shiprocket Sense

Identify High-Risk RTO Orders, Save Shipping Costs, And Deliver Successfully.

Take leverage of Shiprocket Sense – an AI/ML based RTO prediction model to identify high-risk non-deliverable orders and make informed decisions

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Shiprocket Sense

Increase Profitability by Identifying RTO Orders

How to Get Started?

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    STEP 1

    Enter ‘Customer Details’ – Name, Phone no, and Email ID

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    STEP 2

    Enter ‘Customer Address’ – Pincode, Address, and City

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    STEP 3

    Enter ‘Order Amount’, select ‘Mode of Payment’, and click on ‘Check RTO prediction’

    How does Shiprocket Sense boost your eCommerce business?

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    Identify addresses with high RTO rate, enhance success rate, and increase profitability.

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    Detect orders that pose a high risk of RTO and cut down on losses.

Why choose Shiprocket Sense?

Shiprocket Sense offers features that helps to keep RTOs in check, increase successful delivery rates, and generate greater returns. Improve your profitability by making smart decisions.

  • Shipping address verification

    Identify incomplete and non-deliverable address

  • Order profiling

    With artificial intelligence, filter out fraudsters

  • Model customization

    Localized ML algorithm that suits your business

  • Advance Dashboard

    Comprehensive insights regarding fraud and RTO in one place

Identify High-Risk Orders, Conveniently

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