Shiprocket eCommerce Seller Best Auto Service

How Shiprocket’s User-Friendly Technology is Empowering eCommerce Seller “Best Auto Service”?

One of the greatest hustlers of the world once said, “Where there is a will, there is a way”. This precious saying changed the world into what it is today. In the zone of hustlers and one of Shiprocket’s many sellers, Abhijit Das is an ideal example of a man who had a small beginning but made it big in his life. For this week’s seller story, our marketing specialist, Nishta Chawla, interviewed Abhijit. Running an eCommerce business in West Bengal, read on to find out how Abhijit made it big and profited from Shiprocket.

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Google shopping ads for eCommerce

A Definitive Guide To Google Shopping & Google Merchant Center

In this ultra-competitive eCommerce space, everyone wants to stand out and sell more each day. But, only a few can decipher the hack of doing it successfully. If you, too, are looking for a suitable approach to reach your prospects faster, then you are at the right place. A report by Shopify states that all product searches begin on Google or Amazon. Whereas Amazon accounts for 49% of these searches, 36% of these are still dominated by Google. Like we spoke in our Google AdWords blog, reaching out to customers and engaging with them is faster and much easier on Google. Let’s explore Google Shopping and see how it can prove as a useful tool for reaching out to customers. 

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5 Reasons Why Your eCommerce Business Needs Fulfillment by Shiprocket (FBS)

The 21st century is the era  where eCommerce businesses have been witnessing massive growth. Online shopping has made it much easier for customers to buy the products they want at the best possible price. eCommerce businesses are taking advantage of the scope of limitless scalability, as physical stores have started reducing operations. 

Although the convenience of  browsing on your mobile or desktop to find a product you need at the best price is a major draw for customers, online shopping is much more than that. It is also about efficient shipping and positive customer experience. If the order takes too long to process or there is a delay in delivery of the shipment, you may find it difficult to retain any potential customer.

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Product Updates From December for Seamless eCommerce Shipping

We have been continuously working hard to provide you with the best features and product updates from December. We promise to make shipping hassle-free for you. Therefore, we have added some powerful elements in our platform. Read on to find out how Shiprocket’s latest features will help you in a better shipping experience.

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Big Data Analytics for Supply Chain Management

Big Data Analytics for Improving Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Data has gained prominence into becoming the most valuable asset for present-day businesses.  Considering the majority of the businesses have an online presence, a tremendous amount of data is produced daily within the supply chains. However, data, as opposed to capital, is inefficient without the right tools and techniques for gaining valuable insights from it. Shiprocket has been using Big Data and AI tech for generating superior visibility of TAT, along with reducing costs for each shipment. Read on to find out the importance of Big Data Analytics for improving the supply chain management (SCW). 

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