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20 Mobile Business Ideas That Can Generate Profit

sahil bajaj

Sahil Bajaj

Senior Specialist - Marketing @ Shiprocket

April 16, 2024

13 min read

Want to diversify your income streams with minimum investment? If yes, then why not opt for a mobile business? The primary benefit of starting a mobile business is that the investment is low, plus it brings your offerings directly to consumers. 

Nowadays, people are willing to pay premium rates for the extra convenience packaged with on-location service, which allows you to make money.

Therefore, starting your business on wheels can be an intelligent move – helping you save money on rent and employees. Another added advantage is that you have location flexibility. You can reach out to your customers and drive to numerous places daily for maximum sales opportunities.

Let’s learn about some of the best mobile business ideas you can opt for, but before that, it is important to understand the concept of mobile business.

Mobile Business Ideas

Definition of a Mobile Business

A mobile business is a business on wheels. It is not confined to a fixed location as they use a vehicle like a truck, van, or cart to operate the business and serve customers. There are a few services wherein you need to visit your clients, whereas some services can be provided regardless of the region.

One common thing in all mobile business ideas is that they do not depend on the old brick-and-mortar storefront to connect with customers.

Mobile Business Types

There are different types of mobile businesses you can choose from. Here are some of the significant ones-

  • Business Truck– Operating a business from a truck, cart, or van is an excellent way to turn a business mobile. This is a great option for businesses like laundry services, food trucks, etc.
  • In-home mobile service business– This type of business demands you to visit the customer’s location, such as being a chef, providing house cleaning and child-sitting services, etc.
  • App-based business– There are numerous businesses wherein you can provide services or engage with customers online, such as hotel booking, SaaS Companies, etc.
  • Pop-up business– In this kind of business, you will need to interact with customers face-to-face for a short period, for example, at an exhibition, fair, festival, etc.

What Makes a Mobile Business Worth Considering?

Starting a mobile business comes with various benefits that can make any aspiring entrepreneur start one. Here are some of its benefits-

  • Flexibility 

The best part about any mobile business idea is its flexibility, allowing you to adjust to evolving market conditions quickly. Furthermore, these businesses provide you with location and time flexibility. You can move to different places on different days and attend special events to increase your exposure and build networks.

  • Lower startup costs 

Many people are attracted by the mobile business idea because it is cost-efficient. It does not have any infrastructure costs, rent, renovation costs, bills, or property maintenance costs. It does not require a physical storefront. Thus, it allows business owners to channel that money into improving their products or services and enhancing customer experience.

  • Wide customer reach

As it allows you the flexibility to move from one location to another, mobile services can serve a wide range of customers. For example, you can bring local organic food items to people who wouldn’t find them easily in the city.

  • Increase brand awareness

Being visible in different locations and events helps increase your brand awareness and expand your reach. It can help increase leads and build a loyal customer base.

  • Direct customer interaction 

Mobile businesses allow entrepreneurs to interact face-to-face with clients, which helps build good customer relations and get real insights into their products or services.

20 Mobile Business Ideas to Invest in

Ready to go mobile? Below are some of the best mobile business ideas, which require smaller investment and are the most profitable ones-

Mobile Clothing Boutique

If you aspire to open a clothing boutique on a low budget, this can be an excellent idea for you. You can use a truck or van and repurpose it to make a boutique by changing its interior, adding racks, and using some great lights. You can provide customers with fresh and trending styles, eliminating the need to hop from one store to another.

You can sell different items, such as kids’ clothing, wedding wear, vintage wear, etc., whichever interests you. Ensure that you provide the option of custom fittings and alterations wherever you park your vehicle.

Mobile Grocery Services

Due to a busy lifestyle, most people these days prefer easy and quick access to daily essentials, which makes this a lucrative business idea. Your portable trucks will allow customers to purchase reasonably priced groceries in their neighbourhood. Once you get a good response, you can also offer grocery delivery services, which will help multiply your business. 

This can be an even more profitable business if you buy directly from the farmers. You can also make your USP by selling organic goods; it is also a fast-growing market. 

Mobile Photography Services

If you like photography, this can be one of the best mobile business ideas. You can do photography at weddings, family events, corporate events, baby shoots, etc. You can also give an option of doing destination shoots, which many people prefer these days.

Depending on your interest and the audience you want to target, you can also opt for portrait, architectural, fashion, or product photography. To start this business, you will need a camera and a car or any vehicle to visit different locations. The best way to promote this business is by creating a portfolio or website to showcase your work.

Mobile Salon Services

If you want to start a salon, why not opt for a mobile salon service? It can include services like makeup, haircuts, styling, manicures, facials, massages, etc., all at the doorstep of the customer’s home, office, or event. You can partner with different event companies and serve customers at special events or wedding venues.

You just need to set up your business in a repurposed truck or van and plan your route as per the appointments. The investment includes getting licenses for your services and vehicle and investing in beauty tools like rolling carts, mirrors, hair dryers, steamers, etc. 

Mobile Food Business

Starting a food business is one of the most trending mobile business ideas. A mobile food business offers everything, from snacks to main courses and desserts. It is up to you what you wish to provide and who you want to target. You can experiment with the menu as well. Instead of opening a restaurant that would cost you a fortune, you can open a food truck with minimum expenditure and earn good profit.

As a food truck owner, you can sell your creations at numerous locations, events and festivals, and create a diverse customer base.

Mobile Pet Grooming Services

There is a tremendous increase in demand for pet groomers. So, if you love furry friends, this is an excellent opportunity. You can set up a mobile pet grooming service and offer in-home services for pet grooming requirements.

These services include pet bathing, nail trims, haircuts, ear cleaning, etc. You can earn extra money by offering additional services, such as pet photography, selling pet accessories, etc. It is recommended that you provide services for both cats and dogs to expand your market.

Mobile Laundry Services

A laundry or dry cleaning business is a great option; you can offer pick-up and drop-off services to your customers. You can even provide a last-minute delivery system to attract new customers and retain existing clients. Apart from individuals, you can also target businesses that use towels and linens, like restaurants, hotels, and Airbnb apartments. 

You can simplify the process by opting for automatic machines and route optimisation. You need to have good knowledge about chemicals and machines used in cleaning to deliver a satisfactory client experience.

Mobile Coffee Business

If you love preparing coffee and want to open a coffee shop but are low on budget, don’t worry; here is the option. You can open a mobile coffee kiosk and make a good amount of money from this small business. Apart from coffee, you can also sell smoothies, fresh juices, tea, fruit beer, etc. Opening this business requires less cost, but the profits are pretty good.

You will need supplies, equipment, and a truck to start this business. This business mainly depends on your product’s taste; thus, you must be very specific when hiring individuals to make coffees and ensure they maintain consistency.

Mobile Pop-up Events

Setting up pop-up events is a lucrative and in-demand mobile business idea. If you are creative and passionate about event planning, this can be an excellent business idea to help you succeed. It’s a fun business as you will have to travel to different locations to set up your events, such as outdoor cinema setup, yoga event, marriage set up, corporate events, music festivals, etc.   

To start this business, you need to be creative and have an experienced and efficient team that can organise things well and on time.

Refill Station

Wondering what is a refilling station? Well, as the zero waste movement is taking its stride, a lot of people are looking for plastic-free refills for their shampoos, detergents, soaps, cleaners, etc. 

Thus, you can grab this opportunity and start a refilling station on wheels to support the zero waste mission and serve people at the convenience of their location. You can also take your refill station to venues like farmers’ markets to reach your eco-friendly clientele.

Makeup Artist

Clients want their own makeup artist or team, especially for weddings, birthdays, and graduation ceremonies. You can provide them with makeup expertise at the convenience of their location and make your customers feel the best on their special days. 

You can provide your services for weddings, theatre performances, film photo shoots, etc. You can also give a master class and teach how to apply makeup, which can be an additional source of income.

Personal Chef

You can drive to your client’s location and cook cuisines tailored to their tastes and preferences. You can cook and make their events even more special. This mobile business idea is for you if you have cooking knowledge and can make delicious food.

You can create your website and an Instagram page to attract more customers. Upload some delectable dishes you cook on your social media pages, as it is a great way to demonstrate your work and get more orders.

Mobile Baked Goods Business

This can be one of the best mobile business ideas if you love baking. Many people do not have time to make breakfast or evening snacks; this is where you can provide a solution. You can bake cookies, bread, cake, etc., and deliver them to people at their offices, stations, or homes. 

This is a profitable business; the best part is that the investment is meagre. You just require raw materials, packaging stuff, an oven, and a vehicle to deliver the baked goods to start this business.

Nail Manicure Truck

Due to their hectic work schedules, many people do not get time to get manicures done. Therefore, you can take your pretty vehicles directly to the customer for on-the-go manicures. The starting costs are low; you just need the manicure tools and a beautiful-looking truck or van.

Not to miss, you need to learn the skills to do the nail spa or manicure as well. You can also expand your business by starting with nail extensions, which can help you make good money.

Airport Shuttle Services

As the name suggests, airport shuttle services provide rides from and to the airport. You can start this mobile business if you have a driver’s license. Other things required to start this business include the right vehicle, getting the permits needed from the airport, and marketing to be visible.

To increase your reach, you should create a user-friendly website with an easy booking system and ensure it supports diverse payment systems. Always opt for comfortable and spacious vehicles with comfy seats and provide your customers with amenities like air conditioning and Wi-Fi to make their journey pleasing.

Mobile Tech Support

It is one of the most profitable business ideas today. As people have become tech-dependent, whether we talk about businesses or individuals, providing on-site tech support can help you make a good amount of money without any investment. All you need to have is technical knowledge. 

You can travel to your customer’s location, solve their technical issues there and then, and earn good money.

The demand for this business is growing every year as more people become dependent on gadgets. You will be amazed to know that global IT spending is expected to reach around USD 5 trillion in 2024, increasing by 6.8% as compared to 2023. These numbers demonstrate the potential of this vast market where earning possibilities are infinite.

Mobile Car Wash

With the increasing number of cars on the roads and the growing demand for convenience, a mobile car wash service is a lucrative business idea. This business caters to busy car owners who don’t have the time to visit a traditional car wash service and get their car cleaned. 

You can visit your customer’s place with all the types of equipment required for car cleaning. Apart from car washing, you can provide other services, such as car detailing, interior cleaning, dry cleaning, etc.

Children’s Playtank

There are a lot of parents who do not have time to take their kids to a play area or a garden. Why not provide these parents with a solution by starting a mobile business to entertain kids? To start this business, you will need a van or trailer and load it with some fun-filled activities. You can price them on an hourly basis, but you need to ensure that the activities are safe and kid-friendly.

You can create a website and business account on social media pages so people can easily contact you and book their slot.

In-home Care Service

People these days have busy schedules, making it challenging to maintain a work-life balance and take care of their loved ones. There are infants and older people who need attention, but because of time constraints, people are not able to care for them.

You can start offering care services wherein you will have to spend time with them and look after all their needs. This is a susceptible job, but it pays well.

Specialty Fitness Service

People these days have become fitness freaks but do not have time to go to the gym. You can provide them with fitness training at their doorstep. It is one of the best mobile business ideas today as it requires minimal investment and allows you to earn handsome revenue. 

To become a fitness trainer, all you need is a certification and experience.

Depending on your interests, you can choose your niche in the fitness training profession, such as bodybuilding specialist, weight loss specialist, group exercise instructor, strength and conditioning trainer, etc.


These are some of the best mobile business ideas for starting with a limited budget. You just need a robust business plan and perfect execution to succeed. We have helped you with the ideas, but you need to execute them yourself. 

Identify your target market, outline your goals, know your competitors, and then create a strategy to achieve your goals. So, if you are ready to delve in, start crafting your business plan today.

Remember, to have a successful business, it is essential to provide the best-in-class services that your customers can remember for life. 

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