Experience A Smooth Shipping Journey With Shiprocket’s Latest Feature Updates

Shiprocket is strongly committed to making your shipping experience delightful. We introduce new features almost every month to simplify your shipping journey. We hope our last month’s product updates, which included post-ship returns, shiprocket WordPress plugin helped you in shipping your orders even more seamlessly on our platform. We’re back once again with more useful features and updates for all of you. Read further to know about the latest updates that Shiprocket has in store for you!

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Enjoy Hassle-Free Shipping With Latest Feature Updates

We hope our last month’s product updates helped you ship your orders even more seamlessly on our platform. We introduced new features such as Shiprocket Passbook that helps you witness your transaction history in one tab. And we’re back with more of such useful features and product updates for all our sellers.

Let’s get started!

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Product Updates From April That Will Help You Ship Seamlessly

We’ve worked day and night to bring you the best features and product updates from April. While some of these are the latest features and integration on our platform, many of these are updates that will help you ship even more smoothly on our platform.

So, let’s get started!

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A Trip To The All-New Shiprocket Panel

We have some exciting news to share with you. In the past few days, we’ve not just added a couple of new features to our platform but also revamped the left menu in the Shiprocket panel so that your shipping journey is smoother than ever.

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New Features and Updates April Has in Store for You!

A lot happened in March at Shiprocket. We dived further into the hassles that you were facing while shipping your orders and made improvements in key areas. Apart from making our platform more user-friendly, we’ve also launched a few new features for you, that will help you save your time and resources when it comes to shipping your orders.

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