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Product Highlights from May 2023


Shivani Singh

Product Analyst @ Shiprocket

June 6, 2023

5 min read

In the modern era dominated by digital technology, businesses of all sizes rely on e-commerce as a vital platform to enhance their brand visibility and engage with consumers. Shiprocket acknowledges the importance of delivering a seamless and stress-free online experience for both Sellers and buyers.

Hence, we are committed to enhancing our platform and services continually to deliver the best possible outcomes for you. Let’s take a look at what improvements we have made this month to improve your overall shipping experience with us!

Refer and Earn with Shiprocket

Introducing the revamped referral campaign for you, a game-changer that brings exciting benefits for all! Now, when you refer someone to our platform, both you and the person you refer can enjoy incredible rewards.

Here’s how it works: 

When you refer someone to our platform, and they make their first recharge, you will receive a fantastic bonus of INR 250. It’s our way of saying thank you for spreading the word about our services and bringing new members to our ever-growing community.

But that’s not all! We believe in rewarding loyalty and success. Once the person you referred crosses the milestone of 10 shipments, we have a special surprise for you. You’ll receive an impressive bonus of INR 750, recognizing your role in helping them reach this achievement.

This updated referral campaign not only incentivizes your efforts to refer new sellers but also encourages them to engage and succeed on our platform. It’s a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Enhanced KYC Process with Mandatory Live Selfies

We are implementing a significant update to the KYC flow, where live selfies will be made mandatory. Earlier, you had the choice to bypass the live selfie requirement and instead upload any photo from their gallery. 

However, we believe in capturing the real-time essence and ensuring authenticity. Therefore, we will be removing the option to skip the live selfie. Going forward, you will be required to provide a genuine, live selfie during the KYC process.

Extended International Shipment Auto-Cancellation

We have some exciting news to share with all our international sellers! We understand the challenges you face when it comes to shipping custom-made products that require more time for manufacturing and packaging. In light of this, we are thrilled to announce that we have extended the auto cancellation period for international shipments from 15 days to 30 days.

Previously, international shipments were being canceled within 15 days if the pickup was not scheduled. However, we recognize that many of our sellers offer unique and personalized products that require additional time to be meticulously crafted and packaged to perfection. By extending the auto cancellation period to 30 days, we aim to provide you with the flexibility and peace of mind you need to deliver exceptional products to your valued customers.

Introducing Secure Shipment Filter

Experience our new Secure Shipment Filter, revolutionizing the way you sort and find secured shipments for enhanced peace of mind. Simply click the checkbox to easily access a comprehensive list of your secure shipments.

Revamped Early COD Landing Page

Discover the immersive user experience of Shiprocket’s redesigned Early Cash on Delivery (COD) Landing Page. We have elevated functionality and aesthetics to offer you a seamless navigation experience. Now, effortlessly explore key features and gain access to essential information about our COD plans. Find estimated days for payment, transaction charges, and compelling reasons why activating early COD can benefit your business. With a visually appealing layout and user-friendly interface, our revamped landing page empowers you to make informed decisions and optimize your COD strategy.

What’s New in Shiprocket X

Mandatory Product Tax for IGST Tax Payments

Shiprocket has introduced a significant update to ensure greater compliance and transparency in tax payments. With this update, it is now mandatory for you to include product tax while making IGST tax payments. The tax rate is mandatory when creating an international order in both the custom flow and bulk order flow if the IGST payment status is “C.” This means that the tax amount associated with each product must be clearly mentioned and accounted for during the payment process.

Streamlined Communication for Timely Resolution of Weight Discrepancies

We recognize the importance of addressing active weight discrepancies promptly, which is why we are implementing a proactive email system to notify you and prompt you to take necessary actions. By sending targeted emails to their registered email ID, we ensure that you are aware of any weight discrepancies in your active shipments and encourage you to resolve the issue promptly. This initiative not only helps maintain accurate records but also streamlines the shipping process, reducing delays and improving your overall experience. By promptly addressing weight discrepancies, you can avoid potential disputes, enhance your brand reputation, and provide a seamless shipping experience for your customers.

IOSS Format Validation for Streamlined International Shipping

We recognize the importance of maintaining accurate and efficient data in international shipping processes. That’s why Shiprocket has implemented a crucial enhancement by introducing format validation on IOSS (Import One Stop Shop). With this update, all IOSS numbers will be required to adhere to a specific format: starting with “IM” followed by 10 digits. This validation ensures that the IOSS numbers provided are accurate and valid, minimizing errors and streamlining the customs clearance process. 

Final Takeaway!

At Shiprocket, we understand the significance of a smooth and efficient selling process for the prosperity and growth of your business. We are committed to continuously improving our platform and enhancing its user-friendliness to provide you with a hassle-free selling experience. As we continue to innovate and enhance our platform, we will keep you updated with the latest improvements and announcements. We value your business and strive to serve you better.

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