eCommerce Shipping Rate Calculator

If you are an online business owner and trying to figure out how much would it cost you to ship your products via courier to your customers in India, then make use of our courier rates calculator for ShipRocket’s eCommerce shipping services. Our calculator comes with free access to calculate the prices for shipping items based on their weight (per Kgs), COD availability, dimensions, and the distance between the pick-up and delivery locations. Read our guidelines below to know how to make use of the calculator.

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Q: How do I calculate shipping costs for my eCommerce couriers?
A: Our eCommerce shipping rates calculator tool is easy to use, kindly follow these steps to figure out the courier charges for shipping and delivering products:

  1. Enter the 6 digit PIN code of the pick-up location in the ‘Pick-up Area Pincode’ field.
  2. Enter the 6 digit PIN code of the delivery location in the ‘Delivery Area Pincode’ field.
  3. Enter the approximate weight (in Kgs) in the ‘Approximate Weight’ field. For example, if your package is of 1 kg, enter 1. Similarly, if your package is of 500 gms or 300 gms, enter 0.500 or 0.300 respectively.
  4. Enter the dimensions (length, breadth, and height) in centimeters (cms) of your package in the field ‘Dimensions’.
  5. Select ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ from the available options in the ‘COD’ field to let us know if cash on delivery is available or not for this package.
  6. Enter the order value in INR in the field ‘Declared Value in INR’.
  7. Press ‘Calculate’ to get the shipping rates and details of the different courier plans.


Q: How can I lower my shipping costs?
A: By making use of best courier delivery practices you can save money on your shipments and cut down your shipping costs.
Here is a helpful post on the same: How to reduce shipping costs?

Q: What is the cheapest way to ship large items?
A: You can lower down your shipping rates for delivering heavy products to your customers by making use of correct packing methods and choosing best and suitable mode of shipment.

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